Tortoiseshell Cat Names – 101 Unconventional Ideas

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Tortoiseshell cats have a unique look to them that’s a mottled collection of black, orange, grey and brown, giving their fur the appearance of a turtle shell. That interesting mix opens them up to some unconventional and fun names, and here are our top picks.

Boy Names

Tiger- A ferocious name for your little feline.

  1. Leonardo– After the ninja turtle.
  2.  Copper– After the copper coloring of your cat.
  3. Tiger– A ferocious name for your little feline.
  4. Tigger– A more affectionate version named after the Winnie the Pooh character.
  5. Shere Khan– You could go the other route and choose a much scarier literary character.
  6. Motley– A play on the word mottled.
  7. Verdun– This word meaning green describes the color that tortoiseshell cats seem to have.
  8. Jupiter– These cats look similar to the muddled appearance of the planet.
  9. Rocky– A tough name for a cat whose coat looks like a pile of rocks.
  10. Rorschach– Like the psychological test that uses mottled designs.
  11. Picasso– Or you could go for the artist that used odd shapes and colors in his work.
  12. Ninja– Perfect for if you have a darker cat.
  13. Midnight– Also a great name for dark cats.
  14. Coal– Good for darker cats.
  15. Shadow– Another fitting pick if your cat has darker coloring.
  16. Croc– Works well for cats with a mud-like coloring.
  17. Blaze– Good for cats with some orange coloring.
  18. Julius– Like Orange Julius, because of your cat’s coloring.
  19. Blade– In case your cat likes to scratch.
  20. Felix– A great name for cats no matter what their color is.
  21. Mogwai– Like the cute creature from Gremlins.

Girl Names

Sable- A strong name for cats of any color.

  1. Cinnamon– Food names are perfect for cats with sweet dispositions.
  2. Dotty– The patchwork colors of your cat are similar to a dotted pattern.
  3. Amber– A beautiful girl’s name for your beautiful feline.
  4. Honey– Sweet names work great for most cats.
  5. Pumpkin– Referring to the orange in your cat’s coat.
  6. Penny– Due to the slight copper coloring these cats have.
  7. Domino– Good for any multi-colored cat.
  8. Sable– A strong name for cats of any color.
  9. Autumn– A cute name for cats with orange in their coat.
  10. Tigress– A strong name for female cats.
  11. Stardust– A unique name for cats with some color in their coats.
  12. Harlequin– The doll is known for its different colors, just like this cat breed.
  13. Faith– A lovely name for cats of any color.
  14. Shelly– A play on the word “tortoiseshell”.
  15. Clementine– Like the orange.
  16. Nova– Space names are superb for colorful cats.
  17. Cinna– Short for cinnamon.
  18. Peppy– A play on “pepper”, which is similar to your cat’s coloring.
  19. Daisy– We love this name for cats of any color.
  20. Glitter– The perfect name for your colorful cat.
  21. Taffieta– A fun name for cats with some brown or orange in their fur.

Unisex Names

Pebbles- For the pebbled look of their fur.

  1. Carmel– For the orange-brown color they have.
  2. Butterscotch– A sweet name for your sweet cat.
  3. Sandy– A fairly common name that’s appropriate to tortoiseshell cats.
  4. Pebbles– For the pebbled look of their fur.
  5. Patches– Tortoiseshell cats can look patchy in a good way.
  6. Pepper– A good choice due to the multi-colored look of your cat.
  7. Jellybean– The assorted colors of this candy are similar to your cat’s coloring.
  8. Nectarine– After the orange color in your cat’s coat.
  9. Oreo– Great for any cat with more than one color.
  10. Rainbow– Odd but fitting name for multi-colored cats.
  11. Coco– As long as there is some brown in the coat, this is a perfect name.
  12. Coffee– Your cat may help you wake up in the morning, just like the beverage.
  13. Expresso– You can reserve this for more energetic cats.
  14. Twix– Due to the caramel color mixed into the cat’s coat.
  15. Snickers– Your cat’s coloring may remind you of the chocolate bar.
  16. Speckles– Any name that means different patterns or colors is a good fit.
  17. Checkers– The checkerboard pattern is a fitting name for a tortoiseshell.
  18. Spotty– It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Marbles- A great choice for colorful felines.

  1. Confetti– For colorful cats that are true party animals.
  2. Mudball– An affectionate name for cats with muddy coloring.
  3. Tortie– Short for tortoiseshell.
  4. Turtle– Since their fur looks like a turtle shell.
  5. Marmalade– A fun name for cats with similar coloring to the jam.
  6. Nutmeg– Another food name that refers to your cat’s coloring.
  7. Skittles– We love candy names for colorful cats.
  8. Marbles– A great choice for colorful felines.
  9. Boots– For cats with different colored feet.
  10. Mittens– If your cat has feet that look like little gloves, then this is a great name.
  11. Oriole– For cats with some orange on them.
  12. Pixel– Great for multi-colored cats.
  13. Cosmo– Space names are also good picks for unusual cat breeds.
  14. Milky Way– We just love this original name for tortoiseshells.
  15. Agate– Like the colorful rock.

Mandarin- Another orange-themed name.

  1. Dapple– Means “patchy or spotted”.
  2. Phoenix– Great for cats that have some orange in their fur.
  3. Tangerine– Orange names are fitting for tortoiseshells.
  4. Mandarin– Another orange-themed name.
  5. Kaleidoscope– Colorful names are so appropriate for these cats.
  6. Quasar– A fun space name for a cat.
  7. Toast– A quirky but suitable name for your cat’s color.
  8. Buttons– A cute name for a cute cat.
  9. Carrot– This is a fun food name for cats with some orange.
  10. Cuddles– Just the sweetest name.
  11. Dusty– For cats with some grey in their coat.
  12. Echo– A fun and quirky name.
  13. Lucky– This may be common, but it’s popular for a reason.
  14. Jigsaw– Refers to the patchwork coloring of your cat.
  15. Sparkles– Magical names have a colorful feel to them.
  16. Mage– You could use this for any cat to give it an edgy moniker.
  17. Granola– This odd name refers to the mottled coloring of your cat.
  18. Puzzle– Another odd one, but suitable as well.
  19. Rusty– The reddish orange color of your cat requires an appropriate name.
  20. Taffy– Candy names befit cats with sweet demeanors.
  21. Toffee– Due to the brown-orange color of your cat.
  22. Zodiac– Adds an air of mystery and magic to your cat.
  23. Whisper– For cats with some grey in them.
  24. Tortilla– A fun play on “tortoise”.
  25. Sweetie– For the friendliest, most lovable cats.
  26. Streaky– Describes the patterns of colors on your cat.

Those were our picks for tortoiseshell cat names, and hopefully one of them is just what you wanted for your cat.

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13 thoughts on “Tortoiseshell Cat Names – 101 Unconventional Ideas

  1. Adrianna

    My Tortishell is pregnant and I am coming up with all these boy names but it is very uncommon to find a boy so this really helped with the girls

      1. Ericka G

        Very rarely are there male Calicos or Tortishell cats. This coat pattern is X (sex) linked meaning you have to have two copies of the X chromosome. The only way you can have a male with this pattern is if it is XXY, which is Klinefelter syndrome. They are sterile.

  2. Simon Bernstein

    My second Tortie! Names please you ask? My first Tortie was named QT. She blessed me with 12 great years that flew by too fast. QT crossed that rainbow bridge last October.
    Several weeks later and God brought my second tortie into my life. Her name? QT2. My religion we honor our beloved both two and four legged by naming our children after them.

  3. Simon Bernstein

    Oops forgot, I considered “Chewey,” and “Pusheen.” But I was 99.9% her name woud be QT2. Once you go Tortie, fasten your seatbelts, she’s going to have you LYAO and love attacks galore.
    Not sure how I can attach pics of QT and QT2.

  4. Michelle Duquette

    I just got my first little Tortie kitten in September, and I just love her!!
    She is feisty and soooo very beautiful, yet, at the same time, shows lots of love and very little of the kitty cat aloofness.
    She gets more colorful makings the older she gets!!
    I get so much joy the longer I have her!

    I love being on her Staff!!!


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