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Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter Review

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Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

Wood pellets are growing in popularity as cat litter due to ability to absorb moisture, control odor, naturally suppress bacteria, and are budget-friendly.

Many cat owners use horse bedding pellets for cat litter, and Tractor Supply’s product is among the most popular, so we put it to the test.

Keep reading on to find out how it compares to typical clumping litters and if it is as safe and effective as Feline Pine.

Here are our ratings for Tractor Supply in these key areas:


  • Variety of Products – 5/5
  • Price Per Pound – 5/5
  • Multi-Cat Formulas – 4/5
  • Clumping Ability – 2/5
  • Long-Lasting Odor Control – 5/5
  • Natural/Alternative Options – 5/5

Overall Score: 4.5/5

How We Tested:

  • We purchased a bag of Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding to test.
  • We spent multiple days testing the litter on several cats.
  • We did not receive these products in exchange for a favorable review and it was purchased with our own money.

Brand Overview

The first Tractor Supply store opened in 1938 in Minot, North Dakota. Today, there are 2,016 Tractor Supply stores in 49 states across the US.

Tractor Supply is a retail store that offers a sizeable mix of products necessary to care for rural lifestyles as well as pets and animals with their exclusive brands. Tractor Supply stores are located mainly in areas outlying major metropolitan markets and in rural communities.

Products Included In This Review
Name Materials Clumping? Life Stage
Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Cat Litter Wood No All

Popular Alternatives To Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Cat Litter

Here are some of our favorite natural cat litter brands you can choose from today. Most offer discounts on your first order so you can see how your cats like it.

Tractor Supply Pine Pellets vs. Feline Pine

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding is made from compressed pine wood fiber. Pine pellets are made from either wood pulp or recycled pine shavings, that is then shaped into pellets. These pellets have a natural wood scent, contain little moisture and turn to dust when they get wet.

Feline Pine natural litter is made from sanitized and pressed wood pulp that is formed into pellets. The wood used comes from sustainably sourced trees that are not cut down. These pellets absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding pellets and Feline Pine litter is made from 100% All-Natural Pine and claim to be chemical-free. Neither has added fragrance is dust-free and highly absorbent.

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Feline Pine does come in clumping and non-clumping formulas. While Tractor supply only offers bedding pellets for multi-purpose use. Feline Pine litter does advertise that their litter is kiln dried while Tractor Supply’s Pine Bedding does not state this anywhere.

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(We did reach out to the manufacturers to ask if Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding was actually kiln dried and were told it is.)

Top Cat Litter Reviewed

The formula we are reviewing here is Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding

Product Name Type Price Overall Rating
Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Pellet $0.17 per lb 4.5/5

#1 Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding

Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

Buy On Tractorsupply.com

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding is made from pine wood which means no dust and has a mild and earthy scent. The high absorbency of wood also helps with the smell, because the pellets quickly soak up the cat’s urine and neutralize its odor.

The company also claims that one pound of Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding can take more than 500% of their weight which means 1 pound of wood pellet cat litter will last you longer than 1lb of clay litter.

Because it is not a clumping formula, it also seems to last much longer than traditional clay-based litters. The pellets do breakdown into a sawdust texture once wet and the solid waste can be removed with a scoop.

We liked that it has a fresh pine scent and that it had little to no dust. It also did not track at all or stick to our cat’s paws.


  • Superior Odor Control
  • Very Inexpensive
  • No Dust
  • No Tracking


  • Not easy to scoop
  • Some cats do not like the texture
  • The pellets do not clump

This litter comes in a 40-pound bag which should last at least twice as long as a clay litter of the same weight.

What Do Customers Think of Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding ?

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Cat Litter did very well with customers, scoring 4.8 stars, on the Tractor Supply Website.

Keep in mind these pellets are used as bedding in horse stalls in addition to litter and this may affect the actual review scores.

Keep reading to read positive and negative reviews for the Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding.

Positive Reviews

“Very good at absorbing urine I don’t have to change their litter boxes as often I don’t smell any pee at all” – by VERIFIED PRODUCT OWNER from Chicago Illinois

“I finally can stop scooping litter, just sift and it’s also lighter than usual litter.” – by Kuroneko from New Brunswick, NJ

“This is the perfect litter for my kitten to use while her paw is healing from an injury and at an amazing price. She’s unable to use clumping litter because it might stick to her injured paw so this pellet litter has been a life-saving alternative!” – by Allisonloveshowl

Negative Review

“The last few bags of horse bedding pine pellets I bought at TSC were darker than usual and contained a lot of dust inside the bags with the pellets. Each time I scoop pellets from a bag a cloud of dust rises. This is not good for me or my cat. Did TSC recently change suppliers or get a bad batch?” – by IvanK

Are Pine Pellets Toxic to Cats?

Not all pine pellets are treated to remove the pine oils from the recycled wood. So, choosing the right bedding pellets for your cat’s litter box is important.

Though pine and other woods naturally contain phenol, which is toxic to cats, a majority of wood pellets are treated with a process called kiln drying. This means pine is safe if kiln dried because heat treating causes pine to release the phenols.

Cats can develop allergies to pine cat litter which results from left-over pollens, mold, and dust during the manufacturing process. If your cat begins to excessively groom, wheeze, or itch, you may want to discontinue the use of pine litter.

Are Pine Pellets Better for Cats?

Pine pellets are a great solution for your cat’s litter box because they are designed to absorb moisture and prevent odor in horse habitats and barns. Pine pellets are a more environmentally friendly option, but are they a better litter choice than clay litter?

Clay cat litter is a more popular option because of its clumping ability. This litter is made from bentonite clay which absorbs liquid, or your cat’s urine, once it has been detected. However, clay litter is not biodegradable, so it will not decompose in a landfill.

Pine Bedding pellets are100% natural, free of chemicals and a better choice than wood stove pellets because they usually do not contain potentially dangerous chemicals. Always look for pellets that are kiln-dried. Pine pellets are also biodegradable and compostable.

The ingredient that makes clay litter clump is called sodium bentonite is actually harmful to the environmen and is collected via strip mining. Also, ingesting sodium bentonite can cause intestinal obstructions and some brands use chemicals for odor control, which can make your cat sick.

How Much Does Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Cost?

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding for cat litter is probably the least expensive natural litter choice on the market. Also, its long-lasting usage and high absorbency adds even more to its exceptional value.

A 40-pound bag of Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding costs $6.99. This breaks down to 0.17 cents per pound.

When compared to clumping clay litter, which costs anywhere from 50 cents to $1.30 per pound, it is much more affordable.

Overall, Is Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding a Good Choice?

Yes, especially if you are looking for a natural and cost-effective alternative to clay litters. Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Wood pellets may seem like an unusual material to use as cat litter, but it is a favorite among many environmentally conscious cat owners.

The Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding lasts much longer than traditional clay-based litters, saving you a lot of money. A bag of Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding cat litter lasts up to 2 times longer than clumping clay cat litter since the amount you will need to use is far less.

These pine pellets are much better at absorption than traditional cat litter and can absorb 500% of its weight. Once these pellets get wet, they turn to dust which can work well with sifter-type litter boxes.

Our only complaint is that the Tractor Supply Natural Pine Bedding bag does not state whether it is kiln dried but we did confirm with the manufacturer that it is.

Where Is Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding Sold?

Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pelletized Bedding is sold online through the Tractor Supply website or can be purchased in their stores.

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  1. June szeider

    I was told that it is no longer 100 percent kiln dried but rotary dried so if it’s safe for cats now is a question I cannot seen to find an answer for

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      It is a difficult question to find answers for—I’d like to do a full investigation of this at some point soon. For now, I assume that any type of drying will remove the problematic resin, and the focus on the “kiln drying” phrase is a meme that’s been passed around in the cat community, but I understand being extremely cautious as well.

        1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

          Really, I can’t assume that it is safe. However, I have gathered that the drying process is universal among pine pellets, and this should remove most of the resin that could be harmful to cats. However, after talking to several people from facilities that process sawdust and make pellets, as well as Feline Pine, I’ve yet to get solid information that makes me feel entirely confident about it.

          1. Elizabeth A Adams

            I have been using bedding pellets from tractor supply for years. It seems to have more odor control than any clay or mixture of the stuff with crystals and clay. What I really love is that it can be recycled. It gets dumped outside and after sometime, I can use it around plants. I don’t immediately use it because of the cat ammonia will kill plants, but I use it for mulch.

  2. Donna Gerhold

    We’ve been using Tractor Supply pelletized bedding for probably two years now, but have noticed a definite difference recently. The pellets from the last bag seem to break down much more quickly than previously. Interestingly, our cat will not defecate in the pellet litter box, so we keep a second litter box with clumping litter.

    Donna G.

    1. Jo

      You should probably keep multiple litter boxes in general. My wife and I take in multiple strays we’re at 18 cats right now and it’s quite funny how they are with litter boxes. A few of them are dedicated to urination and others they will not urinate in the ones they go #2 in. It seems random but always the same when they’re all cleaned out, We keep about 9 boxes for them in their room and two are always urine only.

  3. Robert

    I use the pine pellets in place of baking soda and top off with non clumping clay litter. I scoop the poop and the smell from the urine is way down.

  4. Brittany

    We have used these for many years for our cats. When first switching you may need to mix with regular litter until they get used to it. We don’t scoop or sift ours, we just dump the litter box. It’s cost effective so I don’t mind and usually necessary with 3 cats. The used litter is much lighter than used clay when emptying the boxes. My mom who doesn’t have pets says she doesn’t smell the cat boxes at all at our house, especially compared to other people’s homes.