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Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews Review

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Vets Preferred offers premium-quality pet supplements without the need for a prescription. In this review, we take a look at this brand’s urinary health supplement and evaluate whether or not it’s an effective, healthy choice for your cat.

The Cats.com Standard – Rating Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews

We have analyzed Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews and rated it according to our standards here at Cats.com. You can read more about our ratings here.

Here are our ratings for Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews in these key areas:


  • Species-Appropriateness – 8/10
  • Ingredient Quality – 7/10
  • Product Variety – 6/10
  • Price – 6/10
  • Customer Experience – 9/10
  • Recall History – 9/10

Overall Score: 7.5/10

We give Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews a 45 out of 60 ratings (75) or a B grade.

About Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews

Vets Preferred products are designed to fill a gap in the market and meet the needs of today’s pet owners.

Vets Preferred states they are determined to offer your pet safe, high-quality products that help them live a happy and healthy life. These are all veterinarian-grade, over-the-counter products that do not require a prescription. Each of their products was developed to address one specific use case as successfully as possible.

Vets Preferred is part of the One Pet family of brands, which includes Honest Paws, one of the leading pet CBD and wellness brands.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Vets Preferred products are formulated by veterinarians and made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. Products are manufactured in a cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility to guarantee testing and safety.

All of their products not only fall under very specific guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification, but are also recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These systems ensure that all certified products are consistently produced and controlled according to very exact standards of quality. It is also designed to reduce the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

Have Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews Been Recalled?

We didn’t find any recalls for Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews online.

What Kinds Of Products Does Vets Preferred Offer?

According to the Vets Preferred website, they offer pet health and wellness solutions. These products include shampoos, toothpaste, eye wash, and supplements. Their UT Care urinary tract chews are their only product made and sold exclusively for cats.

Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews Review

#1 Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews

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Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews’ active ingredients include licorice root, astragalus root, cranberry fruit, and nettle leaf to support a healthy urinary tract and maintain normal kidney function.

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Nettle Leaf is a beneficial ingredient that helps your pet get rid of waste from the body, while cranberry fruit assists in preventing bladder stones and urinary tract infections caused by certain strains of E. coli. The inclusion of astragalus root purportedly enhances immune system function and may support urinary tract health as well.

This product is to use on cats that are 12 months or older, any size or breed, and should not replace the need to see a veterinarian.


Cranberry Fruit, Astragalus Root, Nettle Leaf, Licorice Root, Carob Powder, Catnip, Chicken Liver, Chicken Meat, Garbanzo Flour, Glycerin, Palm Fruit Oil, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Yellow Pea Flour

Ingredients We Liked:

  • Cranberry Fruit
  • Licorice Root
  • Catnip

Ingredients We Didn’t Like:

  • Carob is not particularly healthy for cats.
  • Garbanzo flour is made from chickpeas and is not very healthy for cats.


  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients that helps support healthy urinary tract function
  • Ingredients include natural plant-based ingredients offering a healthy balance to the urinary tract
  • Mix of cranberry and astragalus to help support kidney function


  • Some cats refuse to eat the chews
  • More pricey than other supplements

What Do Customers Think Of Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews?

The majority of customers on Amazon left 5-star reviews for the product. However, there are not many reviews to consider at this point.

Positive Reviews

My male stud gets repeated UTI’s. Studly is on Urinary health and sensitive stomach food. Studlly did not react well to the most recent medicine given for the last UTI. Studly foamed at the mouth and emptied his stomach with every dose and he got horrible diarrhea with the veterinary medicine given for his UTI. Studly is now getting Urgent Care wet food with probiotics and his stool is finally almost normal. Studly will be having another urine sample checked soon but in the meantime these Urinary Tract chews might be the ticket to Studly’s continued Urinary Tract health. Studly would not eat the chew straight up but he did eat the chew mixed in some wet food and he did not have any negative reaction to the chew. 60 chews at two a day. I will update this review in a month! So far, so good with the chews. – Daniel D.B. on June 11, 2022

Like most cat owners I consider my cat a part of the family and want to make sure that he stays healthy and happy. So, when I saw these urinary tract health cat soft chews from Vets Preferred I knew my cat Max needed them as he has had urinary tract issues in the past and that he would enjoy them as well and he definitely does! My cat loves these treats so much the very first day after trying 2 (he weighs 10 pounds so 2 a day according to the directions on the side of jar) he proceeded to try and open them himself even pushing them on to the floor hoping the jar would open! But he definitely loves them and I am happy that he does. I like how they have a safety seal on the inside of the jar. I like how they don’t have a strong order to them, are easy for him to chew and digest and come in Chicken flavor which is one of his favorites. A great healthy chew that me and my cat Max highly recommend to any cat owner. 5 out of 5 stars from both of us. – James Quinlan on June 24, 2022

Half the battle for me is getting the kitties to eat the treats that they need to maintain good UT health. They like these treats and Feel good knowing I’m giving they a product packed with natural ingredients to help maintain a healthy UT. – P. Marelli on July 11, 2022

Negative Reviews

All 5 of my cats have turned their noses away from these treats. I have tried crushing them, adding water to them, adding them to food, mixing them with other treats, adding catnip, and many different ways to try to entice them to try these, but they pick them or spit them out. Most of the time, they walk away without trying them at all if they smell them. I was very disappointed, especially considering the expense. – CF on July 4, 2022

What Did Our Cats Think Of Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Chews?

Genghis loves his “treat”.

My cats are very picky about treats and chews. My feral cat, Khan, refuses anything that is not almost 100% meat.

I was a little worried about the size of the little cubes, wondering if my cats would have a hard time eating them. But they are fairly soft and have a faint “meaty” smell but not too strong.

Both of my cats were immediately interested when I opened the jar. I gave each the recommended dosage based on their size. One of my cats, Genghis, ate them up fast while the other sniffed them and walked away.

The final verdict for me was 50/50. One cat refused the chews and the other ate them and wanted more.

How Much Does Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews Cost?

A 60-count jar of Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews currently cost $19.97 on Amazon but has been seen for $15.98 on daily deals and Prime specials. This saves you 20%.

Each container contains 60 chews that are 1 gram each.

Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews are not available on the Vets Preferred website yet.

Overall, Is Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews A Good Choice?

Vets Preferred’s goal is to bridge the gap between expensive prescription treatments and safe, effective, over-the-counter options that are recommended by veterinarians.

Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews can be used to give your cat’s health some help in the right direction. With a combination of supplements and non-prescription foods your cat and wallet may be spared from extra trips to the vet and pricey prescriptions.

Remember to provide plenty of water at all times when giving your cat this supplement.

Vets Preferred recommends the following when administering : Cats up to 5 pounds get 1 soft chew per day, 5-10 pounds – 2 soft chews per day, 11-19 pounds – 3 soft chews per day, and over 20 pounds get 4 soft chews per day.

How Do You Order Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews?

You can buy Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews on Amazon currently. They do have other products available on their website.

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