300 Warrior Cat Names

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Warrior cat names: Canadian Hairless Sphinx male cat, displaying the unique appearance of this hairless breed.


Erin Hunter’s vast and immersive book series Warriors is a dream come true for cat lovers who also happen to be book lovers. The novels detail the adventures and lives of several clans of feral cats living in different territories in the world.

These include the Riverclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan, and Windclan. There are hundreds of named characters throughout the series. These include clanless cats known as “rogues.” And of course, there are the “kittypets,” a term for cats taken in by “Twolegs,” which is how the cats refer to us humans.

The names of the cats in Warriors follow the convention of using a prefix that describes something in nature and a suffix that describes a body part (such as a paw, claw, or fur), or something of significance to that particular cat’s story or personality. The suffix also denotes a rank or personality trait, indicated as follows:

  • Star (Leader)
  • Paw (Apprentice)
  • Claw (Warrior)
  • Tail (Warrior)
  • Heart (Medicine Cat)
  • Whisker (Deputy)
  • Leaf (Medicine Cat)
  • Fur (Loyal)
  • Sky (Fearless)
  • Shine (Optimistic)

As a result of the intricate way in which these names are given in the world of Warriors, the list of potential Warriors-themed cat names is virtually endless. We’ve put together a list of names for cats based on actual Warriors characters, as well as names that would work well in the Warriors universe, so you can find the perfect name to give your own kitty.

Riverclan Cat Names

Warrior cat names: Orange cat relaxing on a bed


A clan of skilled fishers and swimmers, the Riverclan cats make their home in forests near lakes, rivers, and streams. They are known for being sleek and graceful. These are great names to consider for those rare cats who aren’t afraid of getting wet, who like spending their time near shorelines, or who have an air of elegance about them.

  1. Beetlewhisker
  2. ​Birdsong
  3. Brackenpelt
  4. ​Brambleberry
  5. Brightsky
  6. Cedarpelt
  7. Crookedstar
  8. Curlfeather
  9. Dapplenose
  10. Duskfur
  11. Echomist
  12. Fallowtail
  13. Graymist
  14. Graypool
  15. ​Hailstar
  16. Halkfrost
  17. Havenpelt
  18. Heronwing
  19. Icewing
  20. Jayclaw
  21. Lakeheart
  22. Lakeshine
  23. Leopardstar
  24. Lilystem
  25. Lizardtail
  26. Loudbelly
  27. Mallownose
  28. Minnowtail
  29. Mintfur
  30. Mistystar
  31. Mosspelt
  32. Mothwing
  33. Mudfur
  34. Mudthorn
  35. Oakheart
  36. Ottersplash
  37. Owlfur
  38. Owlnose
  39. Pebblefoot
  40. Perchwing
  41. Petalfur
  42. Piketooth
  43. Podlight
  44. Pouncetail
  45. Rainflower
  46. ​Reedwhisker
  47. Rippleclaw
  48. ​Riverstar
  49. Shellheart
  50. Shimmerpelt
  51. Silverstream
  52. Sneezecloud
  53. Stonefur
  54. Tanglewhisker
  55. Timberfur
  56. Troutclaw
  57. Willowpelt
  58. Willowshine

Shadowclan Cat Names

Warrior cat names: Bengal kitten jumping off a kitchen table


These cats live in the marshlands and the pines. They are sneaky hunters that move stealthily through the shadows as they stalk their prey. If your cat is fiercely loyal, proud, and a bit haughty, then these names are worth considering.

  1. Applefur
  2. Archeye
  3. Berryheart
  4. Blackstar
  5. Boulder
  6. Brackenfoot
  7. Brokenstar
  8. Cedarstar
  9. Cloverfoot
  10. Crowfrost
  11. Crowtail
  12. Dawnpelt
  13. Deerleap
  14. Featherstorm
  15. Ferretclaw
  16. Flametail
  17. Foxheart
  18. Grassheart
  19. Hollyflower
  20. Ivytail
  21. Kinkfur
  22. Littlebird
  23. Littlecloud
  24. Lizardfang
  25. Mistcloud
  26. Nightstar
  27. Oakfur
  28. Olivenose
  29. Owlclaw
  30. Pinenose
  31. Poolcloud
  32. Raggedstar
  33. Ratscar
  34. Redwillow
  35. Rippletail
  36. Rowanstar
  37. Runningnose
  38. Russetfur
  39. Sagewhisker
  40. Scorchfur
  41. Shadowstar
  42. Shrewfoot
  43. Silverflame
  44. Smokefoot
  45. Snowbird
  46. Sparrowtail
  47. Spikefur
  48. Stoatfur
  49. Stonetooth
  50. Stonewing
  51. Stumpytail
  52. Tawnypelt
  53. Tigerheart
  54. Tigerstar
  55. Wasptail
  56. Whitewater

Skyclan Cat Names

Warrior cat names: Fluffy cat rests on a orange blanket


This clan of Warriors cats dwells near lakes and lives near the other clans. They are known for their powerful jumping and climbing abilities, as well as their hardiness that allows them to travel across rugged terrain. If you have a climber or a jumper cat on your hands, they might fit in well with the Skyclan cats. This list of names also arguably has some of the cutest names in the Warriors universe.

  1. Beepaw
  2. Beetlepaw
  3. Bellaleaf
  4. Blossomheart
  5. Cherrytail
  6. Cloudmist
  7. Cloudstar
  8. Dewspring
  9. Duskkit
  10. Echosong
  11. Fallowfern
  12. Fidgetflake
  13. Firestar
  14. Frecklewish
  15. Gravelnose
  16. Harrybrook
  17. Hawkwing
  18. Kitescratch
  19. Leafstar
  20. Mintfur
  21. Nectarsong
  22. Needleclaw
  23. Nettlesplash
  24. Palesky
  25. Pebbleshine
  26. Pigeonfoot
  27. Plumwillow
  28. Quailfeather
  29. Rabbitleap
  30. Reedclaw
  31. Ridgekit
  32. Rootspring
  33. Sagenose
  34. Skywatcher
  35. Sparrowpelt
  36. Sunnypelt
  37. Tinycloud
  38. Turtlecrawl
  39. Violetshine
  40. Wrenflight

Thunderclan Cat Names

Warrior cat names: Domestic cat peacefully asleep on the windowsill, immersed in a serene slumber while framed by natural light


The Thunderclan cats dwell in forests. They are known for being peaceful and taking in cats who don’t have a clan. They are also known for being strong, courageous, and loyal

  1. Adderfang
  2. Ambermoon
  3. Berrynose
  4. Birchfall
  5. Blossomfall
  6. Bluestar
  7. Brackenfur
  8. Bramblestar
  9. Briarlight
  10. Brightheart
  11. Brindleface
  12. Bumblestripe
  13. Cherryfall
  14. Cinderheart
  15. Cinderpelt
  16. Cloudtail
  17. Dappletail
  18. Darkstripe
  19. Dewnose
  20. Dovewing
  21. Dustpelt
  22. Featherwhisker
  23. Ferncloud
  24. Fernsong
  25. Firestar
  26. Foxleap
  27. Fuzzypelt
  28. Goldenflower
  29. ​Goosefeather
  30. Graystripe
  31. Hollyleaf
  32. Hollytuft
  33. Honeyfern
  34. Icecloud
  35. Ivypool
  36. Jayfeather
  37. Larksong
  38. Leafpool
  39. Lightningtail
  40. Lilyheart
  41. Lionblaze
  42. Lionheart
  43. Longtail
  44. Molewhisker
  45. Moonflower
  46. Mousefur
  47. Mousewhisker
  48. Mumblefoot
  49. Patchpelt
  50. Pinestar
  51. Poppydawn
  52. Poppyfrost
  53. Purdy
  54. Redtail
  55. Robinwing
  56. Rosepetal
  57. Runningwind
  58. Sandstorm
  59. Seedpaw
  60. Smallear
  61. Snowbush
  62. Snowfur
  63. Sorrelstripe
  64. Sparrowpelt
  65. Speckletail
  66. Spottedleaf
  67. Squirrelflight
  68. Stonepelt
  69. Stormcloud
  70. Stormtail
  71. Sunstar
  72. Swiftbreeze
  73. Swiftpaw
  74. Tawnyspots
  75. Thornclaw
  76. Thrushpelt
  77. Thunderstar
  78. Weedwhisker
  79. Whitestorm
  80. Whitewing
  81. Windflight

Windclan Cat Names

Warrior cat names: Tabby Kitten eating from orange Bowl


These cats like to live out in open spaces and are known for running as fast as the wind. While quick-witted and clever, Windclan cats are also a bit skittish and are careful of any perceived dangers.

  1. Antpelt
  2. Appledawn
  3. Ashfoot
  4. Aspenfall
  5. Barkface
  6. Breezepelt
  7. Cloudrunner
  8. Crouchfoot
  9. Crowfeather
  10. Dawnstripe
  11. Deadfoot
  12. Emberfoot
  13. Flailfoot
  14. Flamepelt
  15. Gorsestar
  16. Gorsetail
  17. Halkheart
  18. Harespring
  19. Heatherstar
  20. Heathertail
  21. Hickorynose
  22. Krestrelflight
  23. Leaftail
  24. Lilywhisker
  25. Meadowslip
  26. Mistmouse
  27. Morningflower
  28. Mudclaw
  29. Nightcloud
  30. Onestar
  31. Owlwhisker
  32. Palebird
  33. ​Plumclaw
  34. Redclaw
  35. Reedfeather
  36. Runningbrook
  37. Sandgorse
  38. Sedgewhisker
  39. Sunstrike
  40. Swallowtail
  41. Tallstar
  42. Tornear
  43. Weaselfur
  44. Webfoo
  45. Whiskernose
  46. Whiteberry
  47. Whitetail
  48. Windstar
  49. Woollytail

Strong Cat Names Inspired by Warriors

Warrior cat names: White cat sitting beside a window at home


While not names of actual Warriors cats, these names follow the convention of the Warriors naming style. If you don’t see a name here for your cat, then give the naming style a try yourself. There are endless possibilities.

  1. Birchpaw
  2. Blazeheart
  3. Brambletail
  4. Briarclaw
  5. Emberfur
  6. Fireheart
  7. Foxear
  8. Goldenshine
  9. Hollyfur
  10. Ivywhisker
  11. Leafsong
  12. Lionfang
  13. Mistysong
  14. Moonshine
  15. Rainstar
  16. Raventail
  17. Silverpelt
  18. Smokestar
  19. Sparrowpelt
  20. Starshine
  21. Stonefur
  22. Stormclaw
  23. Thistleclaw
  24. Thornstrike
  25. Willowtail
  26. Featherpaw

Whether you are a fan of the Warriors literary universe or are just looking for a name for your cat that is descriptive and unique, the Warriors naming conventions are a fun, creative, and expressive way to celebrate what makes your cat so special.

Whether you use the name of your personal favorite Warriors cat or find one here that just describes your cat so perfectly, we hope you found a fitting name that captures your cat’s unique personality and traits.

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  1. Anonymous

    It probably would have been best to do research on the book series before making this..

    -star is for leaders
    -paw is for apprentices
    -kit is for kittens

    Any other suffix can be given regardless of rank. I have no idea where you got the information that “-heart is for medicine cats” or any of that other stuff.

  2. Anonymous

    I found this artical very helpful when writing my own Warrior cat book! I found some of the prefixes and suffixes and mixed ’em up-and no, I am not here to steal Erins work-once I did that, I add the characters names and personalities, then writes chapters, fun facts/giveaways in the book, etc. After that I let my heart spill out and write creative story. (⚡NONE OF MY CHARACTERS ARE FROM THE REAL BOOK!⚡)