70 Best Names For White Cats

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It can be tough picking out the perfect name for your cat, but if you have a white cat, then we have bunch of suggestions for you. We certainly hope that one of these is a great fit for your pet.

Male Names For White Cats

Bear- Pick this one when your cat reminds you of a polar bear.

  1. Blizzard- The power of a snowstorm is an evocative name for a male kitty.
  2. Blofeld- The white cat belonging to James Bond’s nemesis has no name, so why not go for the owner’s moniker?
  3. Casper- The friendly ghost offers another good name for pop culture lovers.
  4. White Lightning- This is another powerful name that is fitting for a white, male cat.
  5. Ice Man- Whether you are naming your cat after a character from the X-Men or from Top Gun, the name fits white cats.
  6. Bear- Pick this one when your cat reminds you of a polar bear.
  7. Yeti- You could choose a name that belongs to the abominable snowman.
  8. Snoopy- Why not pick the name of a famous white dog for your white cat?
  9. Everest- You could name your cat after the highest peak in the world.
  10. Avalanche- The falling wall of snow and ice is another strong snow name for cats.
  11. Nimbus- You may want to name your cat after the fluffy, white cloud.
  12. Stormy- Strong weather names make great choices for male cats.
  13. Q-Tip- This is a fun name for any white cat.
  14. Blanc- It’s French for white.
  15. Shiro- This one means white in Japanese.

Female White Cat Names

Bianca- It means white in Spanish.

  1. Lily- The white flower is a perfect namesake for your female cat.
  2. Misty- This name lends an ethereal quality to these often-mysterious creatures.
  3. Ororo- You could go with the civilian name of the X-Men character Storm, who often dresses in white.
  4. Luna- If your white cat reminds you of the moon, then you could pick the Spanish name for that heavenly body.
  5. Angel- Traditionally, angels dress in white, and your cat just might fit the namesake.
  6. Snow White- The fairy tale character’s name perfectly describes many white cats.
  7. Elsa- The Disney princess loves ice and snow, making the name a perfect fit for white cats.
  8. Bianca- It means white in Spanish.
  9. China- This one is ideal when your cat reminds you of fine china.
  10. Daisy- Pick this one for beautiful cats that are as pretty as the white flower.
  11. Pearl- The precious substance is an ideal cat name.
  12. Isa- In Norwegian, it means ice.
  13. Crystal- This is a lovely name that evokes human qualities and, of course, brings to mind the precious stone.
  14. Queen- If you have a regal cat, why not name her after royalty?
  15. Ice Princess- Or, you could go with the next step down in the royal family.

Unisex White Cat Names

Fluffy- This is the perfect name for an adorable, furry cat.

  1. Snowflake- Snow names are simply the best for white cats.
  2. Snowball- This one is perfect for cuddly cats.
  3. Powder- What could be a better name for a soft, adorable cat?
  4. Tic Tac- You could name your cat after the white mint we all know and love.
  5. Ghost- If you want your cat to have a bit of mystery and danger to it, then this name is perfect.
  6. Spirit- Any ghostly sort of name will do for white cats.
  7. Frosty- Does it describe your cat’s color or their disposition?
  8. Vanilla- This sweet flavoring is an ideal name for sweetly tempered cats.
  9. Ivory- The material that makes up the tusks of elephants is smooth and elegant, just like many cats.
  10. Fluffy- This is the perfect name for an adorable, furry cat.
  11. Marshmallow- Your cat may be sweet and soft, like this dessert food.
  12. Glory- It’s short for morning glory, a white flower.
  13. Eskimo- This is ideal for cats that are fluffy like Eskimo clothing.
  14. Yuki- It’s Japanese for snow.
  15. Boo- When your cat is white like a ghost, you pick a name that says so.
  16. Whiskers – A classic name for a cat with long, prominent white facial hair.
  17. Mittens – A cute name for a cat with white paws that look like they’re wearing mittens.
  18. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, great for a white cat with a mighty presence.
  19. Socks – Another name for a cat with white paws, inspired by the pattern of socks.
  20. Coconut – A fun and tropical name for a white cat that’s playful and energetic.
  21. Alba – A Latin name meaning “white,” perfect for a cat that’s pure and bright.
  22. Nimbus – Inspired by the cloud-like appearance of white cats, perfect for a cat that seems to float on air like a nimbus cloud.
  23. Magnolia – A cool name for a white cat with a gentle and refined nature.
  24. Puffin – A whimsical and lighthearted name for a white cat that’s fun-loving and adventurous.
  25. Silky – Great for a white cat that’s sleek and elegant.
  26. Angel–  An angel is an excellent being in the world literature.
  27. Alaska– Alaska is an outstanding state of the United States. And you will love it.
  28. Alpine– This name is related to something high. Your white cat is high in your esteem too.
  29. Arctic– The Arctic is a far away place where you can spend the night of your life.
  30. Avalanche– An avalanche suggests unrest and adventure at the same time.
  31. Chalky– If you love classrooms, this name is for your cat right away.
  32. Christmas– This time of the year is truly amazing, and your cat will love it.
  33. Blacky– One of the most popular name for black cats, which would male a funny contrast for a white cat.
  34. Cloud– A cloud is a great symbol of the greatness of nature as a whole(Perfect for gray cats)
  35. Boss– Another great name that your white cat.
  36. Malachi – “Messenger of God.” A name of one of the Biblical prophets with its roots in the Hebrew word for “angel.”
  37.  Matan – The perfect name for a white cat, which means “gift.”
  38. Solomon – The anglicized name of King Shlomo, Solomon is known for his vast wisdom.
  39.  Tzvi – A name for an elegant and graceful white cat that means “deer.”
  40. Yakar – A name meaning “precious.”

That was our list, and we hope you found some names you like. Be sure to check out our other lists if you have cats of a different color.

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2 thoughts on “70 Best Names For White Cats

  1. Teresa

    Hey. I have had long-haired white cats all throughout my life. They have the most excellent disposition. My white cat names have been: Tuffy, Flash, Zoey, Arion, and now Ori. My elderly mother calls him Oreo, after the white filling of an Oreo cookie.


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