Interview with Jeff Parks, co-author of You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…

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You Know Your Cat Loves You Because… are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really cool for you guys, Jeff Parks is the co-author of a new  book titled “You Know Your Cat Loves You Because… ” . We caught up with Jeff to hear more about what appears to be a project we should definitely pay attention to in the near future.

Q1: Please Introduce Yourself to Our Community

My name is Jeff Parks. I’m a writer living in Temecula, California with my beautiful Tuxedo cat, Mac.

Q2: Tell More About the Inspiration for You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…

I was inspired by the bond I had with my two cats. That bond made me think about the ways my cats showed affection and love for me, so I decided to Google, “How do you know if your cat loves you?” There were about 700  millions results and countless articles on the subject.

I used to write and perform comedy so I started to write out silly and ridiculous ways cats showed love for their owners. I also started writing silly ways dogs show their owners love. The original idea was to have a book featuring cats and dogs on alternate pages. However, the decision was ultimately made to give each animal their own book.

Another big decision was to move away from all humor and have a mix of panels that got at the heart of the bond between owners and cats.The book features a nice blend of humor, scientific and sweet. If you own a cat, you’ll identify with each type of panel.

Q3: Tell us what you hope the book will achieve?


My hope is that the book will bring cat lovers some added joy in their life. There are some interesting facts in the book that many cat lovers may be unaware of. Of course, I also want to see sales, but what would make me ecstatic is hearing from cat lovers who bought the book and loved it. We were intent on making a book every cat lover could identify with and that treated the bond with their cats respectfully. We also made sure it was entertaining, original and wasn’t a retread of the unfortunate archetype of cats being aloof all the time. I feel like we achieved that.

Q4: Will there be a sequel in the future?

Well for now, we’re prepping the companion book for the dogs and then I’ll be busy promoting both of those books. If we get the response we hope to get, then we would absolutely consider a sequel.

Q5: Where can we buy the book?

You Know Your Cat Loves You Because…
Currently, we have an exclusive deal with, so they can buy it here. The book will soon be at other online retailers like Goodreads. Also, a charitable foundation has been set up and a portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to charities involved in the welfare of cats.

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