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Zesty Paws CBD Review

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Kate Barrington / Cats.com

We’ve rated Zesty Paws on price per mg. CBD, product variety, quality/safety, and more. Read our Zesty Paws CBD review to learn how this brand stacks up.

The Cats.com Standard – Rating Zesty Paws on What Matters

We’ve rated this CBD brand on six criteria for quality. Here’s how it rates in each of these six crucial areas.


  • Price (per mg. CBD) – 8/10
  • Product Variety – 8/10
  • Smell/Flavor – 9/10
  • Dosing Instructions – 7/10
  • Quality/Safety – 8/10
  • Customer Service – 8/10

Overall Score: 8/10

In total, we’ve given Zesty Paws a 48 out of 60 rating or a B grade.

About Zesty Paws

When it comes to pet supplements, Zesty Paws is one of the biggest brands in the business. It’s this company’s mission to make the lives of pets as happy as they make us – it’s why they’ve created premium product and supplements designed to help pets feel their best.

At Zesty Paws every decision is made out of a passion for pets. This company knows there’s nothing more special than the bond you share with your pet, so they make it their goal to ensure you get to enjoy your pet’s company for as long as possible. Plus, they use only the highest quality ingredients, the best flavors, and research driven formulas to do it.

Additionally, Zesty Paws offers the 100% Zesty Guarantee which guarantees the following:

“We’ll do whatever it takes to keep your bestie feeling zesty. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.  We promise that our products are made with one goal in mind—to keep your pet as strong as the bond they share with you.”

In 2020, Zesty Paws welcomed Steve Ball as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board Member. With over 20 years of management and brand-building experience – including tenure as CEO and Co-founder of I and Love and You – Ball is at the head of Zesty Paws’ rapid growth. Today, Zesty Paws offers a wide variety of pet nutrition supplements that offer functional benefits and powerful health solutions.

When it comes to their CBD products, Zesty Paws sells under the brand name CBDistillery. This company was founded in 2016 by a group of Colorado natives and it has grown into one of the largest, fastest growing, and cost-effective brands in the CBD marketplace.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

At CBDistillery, it’s all about quality and transparency. Every label includes the information customers need to know including the CBD content in the product as well as other ingredients. Every order comes with an informational insert that provides deeper insight into what CBD is and the benefits it provides. Their packages also have a QR code you can scan to view third-party test results.

In terms of quality, CBDistillery follows the most stringest industry guidelines set forth by the FDA. This company is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority and their product seals feature ISO 9001, Natural Farming Practice, Lab Tested Potency & Purity, and the U.S. Hemp Authority.

Here’s what CEO Chase Terwilliger has to say about the quality of CBDistillery products:

“With so many CBD companies emerging, it can be challenging to verify and trust the quality or amount of CBD in your products. With CBDistillery™, you can trust that we will provide you the highest quality CBD product on the market.”

What Kind Of CBD Products Does Zesty Paws Offer?

CBDistillery offers the highest-quality pet CBD products made with non-GMO industrial hemp grown through natural farming practices. Everything is formulated with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and designed for easy digestibility. These products are also designed to give pets relief and ease.

Here’s a list of the pet CBD products CBDistillery has to offer:

  • Zesty Paws CBD Mobility Bites Soft Chews
  • Zesty Paws CBD Cognition Bites Soft Chews
  • CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (150mg)
  • CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (600mg)
  • CBDistillery Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Pack
  • CBDistillery Extra Strength Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Pack

Many CBD companies have started to offer products for pets but, in some cases, they seem to merely repackage their low-strength human products rather than formulating products specifically for pet use. CBDistillery has a unique process through which they create their pet tinctures to ensure optimal bioavailability and easy digestibility.

All CBDistillery pet products start with naturally cultivated, non-GMO industrial hemp extracted using the CO2 extraction method. Their full-spectrum pet tinctures offer superior quality, and they are blended with hemp seed oil as a carrier oil.

In addition to their individual products, Zesty Paws offers a S-Paw Day Kit that includes their new Hemp Elements Plus soft chews and lavender essential oil. Kate Barrington / Cats.com

What Do Customers Think Of Zesty Paws CBD?

When shopping for pet CBD products, it’s important to do your research. In addition to making sure you choose a reputable company; you should also look into customer reviews.

Customer reviews are a great resource for finding out about a company’s customer service and important information about how well the products work. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find many reviews specifically for Zesty Paws’ pet CBD product outside of the CBDistillery website.

Though there are hundreds of customer reviews on the CBDistillery website, almost all of them are 4- or 5-star reviews. It’s difficult to tell whether customers are really that happy with the products or whether the company removes low ratings from the site.

That being said, here are some customer comments:

“I have been using these products for over a year. I wasn’t sure that they were really working so I took a week off. I realized they were working very well. I recommend this to anyone. And I’m confident with the quality and potency from this company.”-Kelly L. reviewing CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture 150mg

“My 17-year-old kitty has been noticeably slowing down in the last 6 months or so. After about 10 days on just a few drops a day of the 600mg, he is so comfortable that he is rolling on his back again for us to rub his belly! It’s been years! He is playing and stalking things and asking for food again.”-Rachel L. reviewing CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture 600mg

“I’ve used other CBD products for my dogs in years past. This product is amazing. Using it for my 3-month-old puppy. It helps her focus and relax. Very pleased and so glad you are carrying products for pets now!”-Stef reviewing Zesty Paws CBD Cognition Bites Soft Chews

Zesty Paws CBD – Top 3 Products Reviewed

Product Name Type Concentration Price Price per Mg. CBD
Zesty Paws CBD Mobility Bites Soft Chews (225mg) Treat 225mg $35 $0.16/mg
CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (150mg) Tincture 150mg $30 $0.20/mg
CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (600mg) Tincture 600mg $44 $0.07/mg

Available in two formulas, Zesty Paws CBD-infused soft chews support mobility and cognition. Kate Barrington / Cats.com

#1 Zesty Paws CBD Mobility Bites Soft Chews (225mg)

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These soft chews are formulated to support joint health and function. In addition to joint-supporting ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, these soft chews also contain hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD. Each chew contains about 5mg of CBD.

Though these treats are formulated for dogs rather than cats, they don’t seem to contain any ingredients considered harmful for cats. They have a strong meaty aroma and roast beef flavor.

A single bag of Zesty Paws CBD Mobility Bites Soft Chews retails for $35 which is pretty pricey for a bag of treats. You can save 20% by starting a regular subscription, with shipping every 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks. You can also make a one-time purchase at the full price.

On top of active ingredients like glucosamine, OptiMSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and CBD, these treats contain other natural ingredients like chickpea powder, coconut glycerin, flaxseed, and sunflower oil. These treats are made with natural flavors as well as organic vegetarian roast beef flavor.

The calorie content of these treats isn’t listed, but the feeding recommendations suggest 1 soft chew for pets up to 25 pounds, 2 for pets 26 to 75 pounds, and 3 for pets over 75 pounds.


Glucosamine (Vegetable Source), OptiMSM® (Methylsulfonylmethane), Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source), Hyaluronic Acid, Plant-Based Cannabinoids (CBD) from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Chickpea Powder, Coconut Glycerin, Dried Vinegar, Flaxseed, Natural Flavors, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Organic Vegetarian Roast Beef Flavor, Sunflower Lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Flour.

Product Facts

Active Ingredients Other Ingredients Total Volume CBD Concentration CBD per Ml.


Chondroitin Sulfate

Hyaluronic Acid

Plant-Based CBD

Chickpea Powder

Coconut Glycerin

Dried Vinegar


Natural Flavors

Mixed Tocopherols

Organic Vegetarian Roast Beef Flavor

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower Oil

Tapioca Flour

5.5 ounces
(45 soft chews)
225mg 5mg/chew


  • Formulated with high-quality broad-spectrum hemp CBD
  • Supports hip, joint, and muscular function
  • Mouthwatering flavor, soft texture (easy to chew)


  • Not formulated for cats, only recommended for dogs

CBDistillery pet CBD tinctures are made with broad-spectrum, non-GMO industrial hemp CBD. Kate Barrington / Cats.com

#2 CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (150mg)

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Formulated for both cats and dogs, this 150mg CBD oil tincture comes in a 30mg (1-ounce) bottle. This CBD oil is made with cold-pressed hemp seed as the carrier oil to improve bioavailability and ensure easy digestion for your pet.

This CBD oil tincture is made with non-GMO hemp oil and contains no other added ingredients besides the carrier oil. CBDistillery has all of their products tested by a third-party lab to ensure potency and purity, plus their hemp is produced using natural farming methods and is ISO 9001 certified.

When it comes to the benefits of their pet CBD tinctures, CBDistillery claims their product supports the endocannabinoid system in pets to help regulate pain, immune system function, inflammation, emotional responses, digestion, and more.

CBDistillery recommends serving their CBD oil tinctures at mealtime twice a day. The suggested dosage is 0.5ml for pets under 25 pounds.


Hemp Seed Oil, CO2 Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts).

Product Facts

Active Ingredients Other Ingredients Total Volume CBD Concentration CBD per Ml.
CO2 Hemp Extract Hemp Seed Oil 30mg 150mg 5mg/ml.


  • Formulated with cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Broad-spectrum hemp CBD, non-GMO
  • Easy to administer using the included dropper


  • Dosing instructions are a little vague
  • More expensive per mg of CBD than higher concentrations

#3 CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture (600mg)

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This CBD oil tincture is nearly identical to the previous product in all but the concentration of CBD. While the previous product contained 150mg in a 30ml. bottle, this one has 600mg. That averages to about 20mg per 1ml. serving and an average cost of $0.07 per ml. of CBD.

Not only is this product very similar to the previous, but the dosing instructions are the same as well. This is a little concerning since the product is four times as concentrated. The dosing instructions recommend 0.5ml for pets under 25 pounds but that equates to about 10mg of CBD. Other CBD companies recommend just 1 to 5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

Another way to purchase these CBD tinctures for pets is as part of the Man’s Best Friend CBD Oil Pack which includes a bottle of the pet CBD tincture as well as a more highly concentrated tincture for human use. Choose from the original pack with a 1,000mg human CBD tincture paired with the 150mg pet tincture or the Extra Strength pack with a 2,500mg human tincture paired with the 600mg pet oil.


Hemp Seed Oil, CO2 Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts).

Product Facts

Active Ingredients Other Ingredients Total Volume CBD Concentration CBD per Ml.
CO2 Hemp Extract Hemp Seed Oil 30mg 600 20mg/ml.


  • Made with CO2 extracted broad-spectrum hemp CBD
  • No added ingredients aside from carrier oil
  • Helps support the endocannabinoid system in pets


  • Dosing instructions don’t vary from 150mg concentration
  • May be too highly concentrated for small pets

Join your pet on a s-paw day with CBDistillery’s Man’s Best Friend pack which includes both human and pet CBD oil tinctures. Kate Barrington / Cats.com

How Much Does Zesty Paws Cost?

When it comes to pricing pet CBD products, it all depends on the type of product and the concentration of CBD. Zesty Paws offers two pet CBD treat options – one for mobility and one for cognition – along with a selection of CBD oil tinctures.

Zesty Paws CBD soft chews are priced at $35 for a 5.5-ounce bag that contains around 45 soft chews. CBDistillery CBD oil tinctures come in two concentrations for pets – 150mg and 600mg. When you break it down into price per milligram of CBD, these products are competitively priced. The lower 150mg concentration averages $0.20/mg while the 600mg concentration is just $0.07/mg.

Where Can You Buy Zesty Paws?

In the United States, you can only purchase Zesty Paws products online. The best place to shop is the Zesty Paws website, or you can find most of their products on Amazon, Chewy, iHerb, VitaCost, PetFlow, Healthy Pets, and Target. Click here to shop Zesty Paws online.

Overall, Is Zesty Paws A Good Choice?

Zesty Paws is one of the biggest names in pet supplements and CBDistillery is one of the most reputable CBD companies on the market. Together, they offer a limited selection of pet CBD products including two types of CBD soft chews and two pet CBD tinctures.

Though their product variety is somewhat limited, CBDistillery’s pet CBD tinctures are affordably priced, and they appear to offer excellent quality. We love that this company uses broad-spectrum hemp CBD which eliminates the risk for intoxication with THC and we like that they use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil because it is highly digestible for pets.

In terms of pricing, CBDistillery products are competitively priced with their products averaging $0.20 or $0.07 per mg of CBD, depending on the concentration. Zesty Paws’ CBD soft bites are more expensive, but you’re also paying for active ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin.

The primary concern we have with CBDistillery pet products is that their dosing instructions are a little too general for our liking. It makes sense given their CBD tinctures are formulated for both cats and dogs, but we’d prefer to see more specific dosing instructions for pets weighing 10 pounds (like cats) and not just a general recommendation for pets under 25 pounds.

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