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Amore Cat Food Review

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Amore Pet Foods, the maker of Amore cat food, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their foods are made in-store. As the company states, the food has the benefits of raw and the convenience of kibble. They offer a wide range of air-dried and frozen foods for cats and dogs. Learn more about Amore cat food in our unbiased review.

The Cats.com Standard – Rating Amore Cat Food on What Matters

We have analyzed Amore cat food and rated it according to our standards here at Cats.com. Our grades are based on the species-appropriateness of the food, the quality of the ingredients, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. You can read more about our ratings here.

Here are our ratings for Amore in these key areas:


  • Species-Appropriateness – 8/10
  • Ingredient Quality – 8/10
  • Product Variety – 8/10
  • Price – 7/10
  • Customer Experience – 8/10
  • Recall History – 9/10

Overall Score: 8.0/10

We give Amore cat food a 49 out of 60 rating (81.67) or an A grade.

About Amore

Amore Pet Foods makes foods that are locally-sourced and human grade. According to the company, their food is 100 percent natural. They make both dog and cat food. They offer foods that are air-dried and raw-frozen. They use no additives in their foods.

The company states that it prides itself on using only quality ingredients and having quality controls that ensure a safe, high quality, nutritious product. All meats are bought whole, not ground.

Amore Pet Foods is owned by Barbara Fellnermayr. From the information we found online, the company started around 2005. According to the company, Fellnermayr is passionate about caring for animals. She has been the manager of the Vancouver City Pound and the Coquitlam City Pound. During her time, the City of Vancouver declared its no-kill policy. Coquitlam City Pound did the same when Fellnermayr worked there. Today she supports rescue groups.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Per Amore, 100 percent of their foods and treats are made in-house at the company store in Burnaby Heights near downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Air drying raw food preserves the nutrition of the ingredients, removing only water. Your cat gets maximum nutrition while you can store the food on a shelf without having to thaw it.

Amore specializes in making the highest quality dehydrated dog and cat food. (They prefer the term “cool air-dried” because of the special process they use.)

All ingredients are purchased locally from known farmers. They are the same farms and suppliers that supply local restaurants and grocery stores.

If you live in the Vancouver area, you can pick up food at the Amore store. They also have a free tasting bar (for dogs) in the store so dogs can sample the various foods to see which foods they prefer. Perhaps they will add a tasting bar for cats, too.

Amore will also create custom blends on orders of 200 pounds of frozen food or 50 pounds of air-dried food. Frozen orders must be picked up in store or the customer must arrange for shipping.

Free samples of Amore’s Mega Morsels are available for cats or dogs if you live in Canada. They charge $5 for shipping. If you live in the U.S., you can call the company toll free and request a sample. Limited supplies. Amore’s Mega Morsels is a cool air-dried food.

Has Amore Cat Food Been Recalled?

We didn’t find any recalls for Amore pet foods in the United States or in Canada. Do keep in mind that there really were no meaningful lists kept for recalls prior to around 2007-09 so it’s hard to be completely certain that a company has never had a recall before that time.

What Kinds Of Food Does Amore Offer?

Amore makes both food and treats for cats.

Cat Food

  • Mega Morsels Quail (for cats)
  • Mega Morsels Rabbit & Salmon (for cats)
  • Mega Morsels Turkey (for cats)
  • Mega Morsels Beef (for cats)
  • Mega Morsels Chicken (for cats)
  • Mega Morsels Salmon & Whitefish (for cats)
  • Free Sample Mega Morsels


  • Mega Treats – Beef
  • Mega Treats – Lamb
  • Mega Treats – Chicken
  • Mega Treats – Camel
  • Mega Treats – Chicken & Salmon
  • Mega Treats – Turkey
  • Mega Treats – Salmon & Whitefish
  • Love Bites – Beef
  • Love Bites – Chicken
  • Love Bites – Buffalo
  • Mega Squares – Double Buffalo Liver
  • Mega Squares – Double Beef Liver
  • Mega Squares – Double Chicken Liver
  • Salmon Skin Treat

Amore Cat Food – Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

Product Name Food Type Primary Protein Calories Price Our Grade
Amore MEGA Morsels™ – Rabbit & Salmon (for Cats) Air-Dried Rabbit 144 kcal per ounce $57.38 per lb A
Amore Mega Morsels – Beef (for Cats) Air-Dried Beef 465 kcal per 100g $46.58 per lb A
Amore Love Bites — Chicken Air-Dried Chicken 100 kcal per ounce $582.36 per lb A-

#1 MEGA Morsels™ – Rabbit & Salmon (For Cats) Review

Buy on AmorePetFoods.com

Many people like the idea of air-dried or dehydrated pet food, especially when it is made from good quality ingredients. It has the nutritional benefits of a raw food without the mess. It’s also easy to store, like a kibble. Kept in a cool, dry place, you can keep it on hand longer than food in your refrigerator.

Amore uses a cool, air-dry process to remove the water from raw food for its Mega morsels for cats. All of their ingredients are human-grade. They are purchased locally in the Vancouver area. Meats are bought whole and ground in their own facility. Vegetables are delivered fresh weekly. They use no additives, preservatives, coloring, or synthetic ingredients.

You can feed their dehydrated foods dry or (recommended) rehydrated. Add equal parts water and Mega Morsels. The food does best if you allow it to sit for two hours to soak up the water for full rehydration. (One place on the web site says to let the food rehydrate for 15 minutes; the package label says it should rehydrate for two hours. A customer review (below) is clear that you should let it rehydrate for the longer time.)

Amore currently offers six protein varieties for their Mega Morsels. Their rabbit and salmon formula contains the following ingredients to start: rabbit (muscle meat, bones, liver, and heart), wild salmon, carrots, squash, and yams as the first five ingredients. Amore provides lots of animal protein for your cat. Using meat, bones, and organs in the food provides your cat with the nutrients he needs in a fresh form that is natural for cats. Only the water is removed during air drying. There is no cooking.

The company points out that they do not add taurine to their foods because they use animal hearts in their recipes which are a natural source of taurine.

The food does contain a lot of vegetables which may or may not be to your cat’s liking. While it sounds healthy and nutritious to humans, it probably serves as fiber in the food.

We do wish that Amore included the complete guaranteed analysis for the food. On their web site they have left out the figures for fiber and moisture, as well as ash.

We think that MEGA Morsels™ – Rabbit & Salmon (for Cats) looks like a good food with very good ingredients that many cats will enjoy. Not all cats will accept a dehydrated/rehydrated food but if you think your cat might like it, we recommend giving it a try. Amore offers sample packs so you can see if your cat likes Mega Morsels.

Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 506 kcal/100 grams; 144 calories per ounce of food


Rabbit (Muscle Meat, Bones, Liver, And Heart), Wild Salmon, Carrots, Squash, Yams, Kale, Parsley, Parsnips, Free-range Eggs, Salmon Oil & Kelp.

Ingredients We Liked: Rabbit (muscle meat, bones, liver, and heart), wild salmon, free-range eggs, salmon oil, kelp

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: None

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 40.6%
Crude Fat: 26.7%
Moisture: 7%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 43.66%
Fat: 28.71%
Carbs: 27.63%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 30.96%
Fat: 49.44%
Carbs: 19.6%


  • Rabbit and salmon are good sources of animal protein
  • Amore uses no additives, preservatives, coloring, or synthetic ingredients
  • Made from locally-sourced, human-grade, cool air-dried ingredients
  • Offers free sample packs so you can see if your cat likes the food


  • Not all cats like dehydrated/rehydrated food, regardless of the quality
  • Amore is expensive

#2 Amore MEGA Morsels™ – Beef (For Cats) Review

Buy on AmorePetFoods.com

If you check most pet food sites online, they automatically give high marks to foods that are dehydrated/freeze-dried/air-dried. In fact, like any pet food, the food always depends on the quality of the ingredients. It does seem like companies that go to the trouble and expense to use these processes often use good quality ingredients, but it’s never guaranteed.

In the case of Amore, the ingredients certainly do appear to be top quality. They use locally-sourced ingredients from the same farmers who supply local grocery stores and restaurants. There are no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones in the meats they use. They use no flavorings, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients. They buy whole meats and grind them in their own store. You can even go to their shop and see them prepare the food. Check this page for pictures of their food preparation.

We wanted to take a look at Amore Mega Morsels – Beef (for Cats) since it was one of the foods that had a customer review on the company site. The first ingredients in this food are: Free-range non-medicated beef (meat, liver and heart), carrots, squash, yams, and kale. The food also contains free-range eggs and salmon oil. There are no added vitamins or minerals. In a pinch, you could probably at this food yourself (though we don’t recommend people eat pet food even if it’s “human-grade”).

The food is high in protein (36.83 percent according to the guaranteed analysis). It has slightly fewer calories than some of the other Mega Morsels for cats recipes such as the MEGA Morsels™ – Rabbit & Salmon (for Cats) reviwed above.

Since Amore doesn’t added vitamins or minerals, they have to come from the ingredients used. The meat, liver, and beef heart are good sources of these nutrients. The eggs and vegetables also provide nutrients. Since the food is cool air-dried and not heated, the nutrients from these ingredients should remain – more so than if they were highly processed.

We are still left wondering about some of the nutrient analysis. Amore provides the protein and fat percentages, along with some of the mineral percentages. However, they do not provide the fiber or moisture percentages. These percentages are required under AAFCO guidelines but at this time Amore is not sold in the United States so they do not seem to be required to provide them on their label. We have provided an estimate for the moisture content in the guaranteed analysis but it is only an estimate.

Based on the ingredients, we think Amore Mega Morsels – Beef (for Cats) looks like a good food for cats. Some cats like air-dried/rehydrated food more than others. You can order a free sample pack Amore Mega Morsels – Beef (for Cats) to see if your cat likes this kind of food if you live in Canada. If you live in the United States, you will have to call the company to request a sample pack.

Calorie Content (ME Calculated): Metabolisable Energy 465 kcal/100 grams


Free-Range Non-medicated Beef (Meat, Liver, Heart), Carrots, Squash, Yams, Kale, Parsley, Parsnips, Free-range Eggs, Salmon Oil & Kelp

Ingredients We Liked: Free-range non-medicated beef, free-range eggs, salmon oil

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: None

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 36.83%
Crude Fat: 15.6%
Moisture: 3.5%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 38.17%
Fat: 16.17%
Carbs: 45.67%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 31.01%
Fat: 31.89%
Carbs: 37.1%


  • Beef is a good source of animal protein for cats
  • Amore uses no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones in their meats; they use no flavorings, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients
  • Salmon oil is good for your cat’s skin, coat, and heart
  • Ingredients comes from local farmers


  • Some cats do not like air-dried/rehydrated foods
  • Amore is expensive

#3 Amore Love Bites – Chicken Review

Buy on AmorePetFoods.com

Air-dried/dehydrated foods also make good treats for pets. In the case of treats and snacks, it’s important to remember that they are not formulated to be complete meals for your cat. They may contain high quality ingredients but they don’t necessarily have the nutrient balance that your cat needs for a complete diet. Be sure to feed your cat a balanced diet and use treats as a special reward or snack.

Amore makes Mega Treats, Love Bites, and Mega Squares for cats. Mega Squares contain oats, free-range eggs, and chicken broth, as well as large amounts of liver. They are baked and appear a little like liver brownies.

Mega Treats have ingredients similar to Amore’s Mega Morsels but they are packaged as dehydrated  slices. They contain 80 percent meat.

Love Bites are available in chicken, beef, and buffalo. The chicken contains free-range chicken liver and heart. The beef contains organic beef liver, heart, and tongue. Buffalo contains organic buffalo liver, heart, and tongue. There are no additives, preservatives, colors, or flavorings. Love Bites are dehydrated without using heat.

All of Amore’s products are made using human-grade ingredients.

Amore doesn’t provide calorie or nutritional information for Love Bites. Most of us like to have this information even for treats.

In general, air-dried chicken livers have the following nutritional analysis: protein 58.1%, fat 17.4%, fibre 0.1%, ash 4.0%, moisture 18.2%. Dehydrated chicken hearts have about 67% protein, 9% fat, 1.5% fiber, and 13% moisture (varies). The calorie content for the chicken liver and heart is about 100 kcal per ounce. These are only estimations and may not apply to Amore’s Love Bites.

We do think that Amore Love Bites would make a good treat or snack for cats. They do not have to be rehydrated. Some cats may like them more than others.


Free-Range Chicken Liver And Heart

Ingredients We Liked: Free-range chicken liver and heart

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: None

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 58.1%
Crude Fat: 17.4%
Crude Fiber: 0.1%
Moisture: 18.2%
Ash: 4%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 71.03%
Fat: 21.27%
Fiber: 0.12%
Carbs: 2.69%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 56.65%
Fat: 41.2%
Carbs: 2.15%


  • High in protein and other nutrients
  • Amore uses no additives, preservatives, colors, or flavorings
  • Human-grade ingredients


  • Amore provides no guaranteed analysis (or any nutrient analysis)
  • Amore states that this product has an “overwhelming smell! (it’s stinky)”

What Do Customers Think Of Amore Cat Food?

Amore is a Canadian brand and seems to have a low profile, mostly serving local pet lovers in the Vancouver area. We had a hard time finding many reviews. Most of the reviews we did find were very positive. For the most part, they came from Google Reviews.

Positive Reviews

Good store, great staff, absolutely wonderful owner! Gotta go and get your babies samples, too! – by X Xx reviewing Amore Cat Food a year ago.

Quite literally the only thing my girls would eat on a regular basis! Will turn their nose up to Everything but Amore products. I have tried everything from home cooking recipes, to Raw, and freeze dried diets , all flavours and kinds of kibbles to no avail. once they discovered Amore the ate daily and still do! Best discovery I found for my divas! Thank you Amore. – by Collin Jamaal Capron reviewing Amore Cat Food 3 years ago.

Negative Reviews

… So then this happened. When I offered the dry pieces, Mo sniffed it and turned his head. Kismet sniffed it and poked it off my hand, and when it fell on the floor (the way she likes to eat stuff, rather than out of hands), she hopped over it and left. I have it mixed in with their wet food now, which is the chicken dinner Friskies tonight. There’s some moist stuff mixed in, and some dry stuff as toppers. Mo sniffed it a bit and walked away. He’s a glutton and desperate for food when I first put meals down, but he does not seem into this. I held the plates to both of their faces and even with the Friskies, they’re uninterested. Mo has grazed a bit, of course on Kismet’s food, but neither are wolfing it down …

EDIT; as the most subservient cat owner, I went out and took their wet food dishes to each cat where Mo lapped up a bunch, but he seemed to lick around the turkey as he found it. Kismet was taking bites of her food, and even picked up and bit the turkey pieces alone, and nearly cleaned her plate. I think a combination of letting it sit and absorb water longer, and have the wet food juices add flavour made the morsels a little more appealing. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. – by pinkdagger reviewing Amore Pet Food on June 9, 2014

Our cats eat it but doesn’t seem like it’s their favourite food. bits of food will be usually left in the plates, which never happens with their fav foods. One of my cat threw up every time she eats this but another cat is completely fine. Also, I wish that 3lb package comes with closable tops – by Ellie Milner reviewing Mega Morsels Organic Beef on July 17, 2022

How Much Does Amore Cat Food Cost?

As you might expect with dehydrated human grade ingredients, Amore is pricey. 100 grams of Love Bites Chicken is $12.99. The cost goes up to $128.39 for 1 kg.

Mega Morsels – Beef (for cats) starts at ½ pound for $23.29 and goes up to $132.09 for 3 pounds.

Mega Morsels– Rabbit & Salmon (for cats) starts at $28.69 for ½ pound and goes up to $168.89 for 3 pounds.

Although Amore is expensive, it is important to keep in mind that you are buying dehydrated food. The water has been removed and it has to be rehydrated. That means that you only give your cat a very small amount at feeding time. The food tends to last much longer than kibble or wet food.

Overall, Is Amore Cat Food A Good Choice?

Yes, we do think Amore cat foods are a good choice. The ingredients are superior, coming from local farmers who supply Vancouver restaurants and grocery stores. Everything Amore sells is made in their own store.

We would like to see more nutrient information provided on their labels. Otherwise, we think these are excellent cat foods. Some customers did say their cats were not enthusiastic about the food but most customers raved about Amore.

We have rated this food highly based mostly on the very good ingredients. The questions about the guaranteed analysis raise questions about who is formulating the food.

Compared to other cat foods, Amore most closely resembles some of the Honest Kitchen dehydrated foods that include animal protein. We would give the nod to Amore because they can customize meals for your cat upon request. You can also view the food being prepared if you are in the Vancouver area. On the other hand, Amore has a limited selling area compared to Honest Kitchen.

How Do You Order Amore Cat Food?

If you live in the Vancouver area you can buy the food directly from the Amore store in Burnaby, British Columbia. If you live in Canada, contact Amore and ask about the closest store in your area that carries their food.

You can also order from them online or over the phone. They deliver Mega Morsels and frozen foods in the Lower Mainland of Canada and Mega Morsels across Canada.

If you live in the United States, call for information.

Their phone number in Canada is (778) 892-6673.

Note: The values in our nutrient charts are automatically calculated based on the guaranteed analysis and may not represent typical nutrient values. This may lead to discrepancies between the charts and the values mentioned in the body of the review.
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