Do Cats Actually Have 9 Lives ? Here’s Nine Reasons Why They Really Do

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Why Do They Say Cats Have 9 Lives?

This myth dates back to ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptians loved and worshiped their cats as if they were gods. Do cats have nine lives, or do they really have seven?

In many countries such as Germany, Spain and Turkey, the Common Belief is that cats actually have 7 lives. But we are going to follow the ancient Egyptians and say our cats have 9.

They say Curiosity kill cats, but it turns out it’s actually a lot harder than That. Even going way back to the 1st century when they were thrown from towers, cats have had a habit of cheating death. Does a cat have 9 lives? went out and did some research to find what makes cats super survivors.

Here Are 9 Secret Reasons Why Cats Really Have 9 Lives.

1. Cats Always Land on Their Feet.

cat have 9 lives

2. Cats Are Modern Day Ninjas.

3. Even Though Small, Cats Are Likely To Take Out a Much Bigger and Scarier Animal.

4. Cats Belong to a Very Special Family They Have the Power of Lions, Tigers, and Cheetahs in Their Soul.

5. They Have Extremely Good Agility.

cat balance

6. Cats Are Very Clean, Therefore Less Susceptible to Diseases Other Animals.

7. Cats’ Special Sixth Sense Knows Keeps Them Out of Harm’s Way.

8. They Are Superior Hunters.

9. They Always Find Their Way Home.

A cat might stray far away from home, but it will almost always know how to find his way back. This is even true at night due to their ability to see adequately in the dark. All these quality are what makes cats truly unique.

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives? Well Here Are Some Amazing Videos to Proof Just That

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What Does It Mean Cats Have Nine Lives?

Throughout history, cats have been said to have nine lives. Do they real have nine lives? What does it mean cats have nine lives? Keep on reading to find out…

To your amazement, “cats have nine lives” is a myth. But why was it associated with cats and not any other animal or pet? Truth be said, a cat is a unique animal, he can jump from the top of a two-storey building and land safely, look at you and walk away just as if he jumped from a sofa.

Their abilities to safely jump from high places and their tendencies to escape deleterious catastrophes could have led to people thinking they have multiple lives.

Why “Nine” and Not Any Other Number?

Well the phrase “cats have nine lives” is an ancient one and can be traced to those times when magic was popular.

History has it that nine is a magical number and this could be the reason why nine was the most appropriate to associate to cats. Additionally, since time immemorial, cats have been feared for being magical. Here is the truth about cats…

Cats are not immortal, just like us, they have only one life. However, unlike humans, cats have more vertebrae.

This means that when he jumps or accidentally falls from high places, he is able to twist his body around so as to land right on his feet. Scientists call this “righting reflex”. Cats also have super-flexible bones with a light structure and a thick fur all which they use to their advantage.

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