22 Fun Facts About Kittens

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If there’s one thing that cat lovers cannot resist, it’s kittens. These babies of the cat world pull at our heartstrings and captivate our attention whenever they are near. Those little meows, those tiny bellies, and the miniature toebeans are enough to make our hearts skip a beat.

While kittens are effortlessly precious and adorable, there are actually a lot of fun facts to learn about them. If you want to add to your budding index of cat knowledge, you’ve landed in the right place.

Keep Reading to Learn 22 Fun Facts About Kittens…

We’ve rounded up a bunch of interesting kitten facts for both kids and new owners a like.  Keep on reading below.

1. All kittens, regardless of breed, are born with blue eyes. By 7-12 weeks, the pigment will begin to transform from blue to their true color (should their mature eye color be different from the blue eyes you find in Siamese and Ragdoll cats, for example).

2. Some cats take longer to reach maturity. The Maine Coon cat, for example, doesn’t reach maturity until three to four years of age. So you get to have a Maine Coon cat as a kitten three times as long!

3. A kitten’s teeth are much sharper in comparison to an adult cat’s teeth, which are actually blunt at the edges. This is why those little poky razor fangs hurt so badly when they sink into your flesh!

4. Newborn kittens don’t have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. They rely on their cat mama to help keep them warm.

5. Newborn kittens are blind and deaf until they reach two-to-three weeks of age.

6. Even as wee kittens, they possess a super strong sense of smell. And they rely on this sense to help them navigate the world until they have the ability to hear and see.

7. Kittens are surprisingly easy to potty train. Now puppies? That’s a whole other story!

8. Female kittens can become pregnant at only five months of age—so always have your kittens spayed from an early age! Eight weeks is the common age when many cats are spayed/neutered at animal shelters.

9. Around four weeks of age, kittens learn the ability to retract their claws.

10. On record, the largest litter of kittens born to a female cat was 19.

11. You can successfully wean a kitten at eight weeks of age.

12. Most Siamese kittens are born completely white in color. They won’t

13. start to develop color points till around one month of age.

14. Kittens weigh approximately three to four ounces at birth.

15. Newborn kittens can’t go to the bathroom on their own. They rely on their mothers to lick them to help stimulate them to go after nursing sessions.

16. Kittens learn to meow to humans from a very early age.

17. A kitten will often take their first step around 18-21 days after birth.

18. A kitten’s first tooth will erupt by their third week of life.

19. Kittens of the same litter can have different cat fathers.

20. The average litter of kittens in one litter is four. However, it’s been reported that purebred cats often produce larger litters of kittens.

21. If you were to compare a kitten’s development to a human, a kitten’s first year of life is equivalent to a human’s first 15 years of life.

22. A group of kittens is referred to as a kindle.

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  1. Chris

    We just brought home a 7 week old kitten. We also have a two year old cat who we truly love. We got her after the death of our daughter. She is everything to us.


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