150 Best Old Lady Names for Cats: Awesome Ideas for Your Purrfect Kitty

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Woman with a cat, sharing a heartwarming connection

Classic, old-fashioned names have a special place in our collective subconscious. Whether you enjoy the tradition of passing down vintage names and keeping them alive over the years, or you just like the sound of a now rarely used name, vintage names are always fun and often rich in meaning. Here are some “old lady” names for you to use when naming your female kitty.

Best Old Lady Cat Names

  • Ada – A pretty Germanic name that means “nobility,” as well as a Hebrew name meaning “adornment.”
  • Adelaide – An English form of a Germanic name meaning “noble natured” – a fitting name for the reserved kitty.
  • Adele – A nickname for Adelaide.
  • Alice – Another old-lady name meaning “noble.”
  • Alma – A Latin name meaning “kind,” or “nourishing.” It can also mean “young woman” in Hebrew.
  • Agatha – A name of Greek origin that means “good” and “honorable.”
  • Agnes – A name derived from Greek meaning “pure” or “holy.” A cute name for a good-natured kitty cat.
  • Amelia – A name of Latin origin which means “industriousness; fertility.”
  • Aretha – A Greek name that means “excellence” or “righteous.” It’s also the name of one of the most famous singers of the 20th century, Aretha Franklin.
  •  Astrid – A Scandinavian name that means “divinely beautiful,” for that particularly stunning kitty.
  •  Barbara – An ancient Greek name that means “stranger” or “foreign.” Barb makes for a cute nickname.
  •  Beatrice – A French name that means “she who makes happiness.” A name to give a cat that brings you joy!
  •  Beatrix – A Late Latin name that meant “voyager, traveler” and was later associated with the Latin word for “blessed.” A great name to give to a cat blessed with feline luck!
  •  Bernice – This decidedly old-lady name means “bringer of victory.”
  •  Bessy – A shortened name for Elizabeth, which means “God is plentiful.”
  •  Betsy – A popular old-fashioned nickname for Elizabeth.
  •  Betty – Another shortened version of Elizabeth, Betty is a name that recalls actresses and figures from the days of the silver screen – Betty Grable, Betty Page, Bette Davis, Betty White, and more have held this vintage name.
  •  Beverly – An English name that means “dweller near the beaver stream.” We love this name for a cat that enjoys being outside, especially near water.
  •  Blanche – In French, this name means “white.” It also happens to be the name of one of everybody’s favorite gang of old ladies, The Golden Girls.
  •  Bonnie – A Scottish name that means “pretty,” as in “a bonnie lass.” A good old lady name for your beautiful furry girl.
  •  Carol – This name means “joyful song,” and would be fitting for your happy-go-lucky kitty!
  •  Cecilia – A name of Latin origin that means “blind,”  and is the feminine form of Cecil.
  •  Celia – A Latin name that means “heavenly.” Literature fans will recognize the name from characters in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and George Eliot’s Middlemarch.
  •  Clara – A feminine form of the Latin name Clarus which means “clear, bright, famous.”
  •  Constance – If you have a kitty who is a creature of habit, then this classic name could be the one for your cat.
  •  Cordelia – A name with convoluted origins, it could mean “heart” or “daughter of the sea(-god),” or “jewel of the sea” in Welsh. Also the name of the tragic heroine in Shakespeare’s King Lear.
  •  Coretta – An English name that means “from the round hill; seething pool; or ravine.”
  •  Cornelia – An ancient Roman name that means “horn.”
  •  Daisy – A sweet name for a cat that’s as lovely as a daisy flower.
  •  Delphine – An ancient name that means “woman from Delphi.” In ancient Greece, Delphi was a major spiritual center where the Oracle would be consulted at the Temple of Apollo.
Two cats reassuring themselves in a comforting moment

Constance – If you have a kitty who is a creature of habit, then this classic name could be the one for your cat.

  •  Dixie – A French name that translates to “tenth,” and is popular in the old American south. Perfect for your little Southern belle.
  •  Dolores – A Latin name that translates to “lady of sorrows.” A serious little kitty cat might fit this name and it comes with the cute nickname, Lolita.
  •  Doris – From the Greek word meaning “bountiful.”
  •  Dorothy – A name that can be traced back to Greece, which means “God’s gift.” Made perhaps most famous by the main character Dorothy, a young farm girl lost in a strange world in The Wizard of Oz. And of course, it’s one of the names of The Golden Girls.
  •  Edith – This popular old-lady name comes from Old English meaning “riches; blessed,” with adorable nicknames such as Dita, and Edie.
  •  Edna – A Hebrew word meaning “rejuvenation, delight,” and can be traced back to the name of the Garden of Eden.
  •  Eleanor – A name with Greek and French origins meaning “light-hearted; shining light.” This name recalls one of America’s most fascinating and popular first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt.
  •  Eloise – An Old German name that means “healthy” and “wide.” A good name for your hearty kitty cat.
  •  Elsa – A derivative of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which was recently revived in popularity thanks to the massively popular character of the same name from the Disney hit, Frozen.
  •  Estelle – Meaning “star,” this name is great for the cat that is as precious to you as the sun and the stars in the sky.
  •  Esther – A biblical Persian name that means “star.”
  •  Ethel – A Germanic name that means “noble.” Also the beloved neighbor and best friend of Lucy in the 50s television show, I Love Lucy.
  •  Etta – A shortened version of Henrietta, which means “the ruler of the house,” which seems a rather accurate name for how most cats see themselves.
  •  Evangeline – A Greek name that means “good news.”
  •  Evelyn – This unique name appears to be a blend of Eve, meaning “life” in the Anglicized Hebrew, and Lynn, meaning “lake” in Welsh.
  •  Fern – Name your kitty after this beautiful green plant, especially if she loves lounging in such a plant’s shade.
  •  Flora – A pretty, feminine-sounding name that means “flower.”
  •  Florence – Another floral name that means “blossoming” in Latin.
  •  Frances – A French name that simply means “from France” or “free one.” It could be a cute old lady name for a kitty that loves her freedom.
  •  Georgia – A Greek name that means “agriculture.” It’s also the name of the southern American state that is known exactly for that: its lush and plentiful farming land.
  •  Gertrude – A Germanic name that means “spear” and “strength.”
  •  Gilda – A name that means “gilded” or “gold.” A good name for a blonde cat.
  •  Ginger -A great name for orange cats, and perhaps one with a ‘spicy’ personality. It is also the name of the famous silver screen American dancer-actress, Ginger Rogers.
  •  Gladys – A Welsh name meaning “royalty” – a cute old lady name for your little queen.
  •  Gloria – A Latin name that means, quite as simply as it sounds,glory.”
  •  Goldie -A Yiddish name that, not surprisingly, means “made of gold.”
  •  Greta – A pet version of Margaret, but it also has origins in Persian, meaning “creature of light.”
  •  Gretchen – A German version of Greta.
  •  Harriet – A Germanic name that means “the ruler of the house.”
  •  Hattie – A cute nickname from the name Harriet.
Beautiful Korean cat in a captivating pose

Ginger -A great name for orange cats, and perhaps one with a ‘spicy’ personality. It is also the name of the famous silver screen American dancer-actress, Ginger Rogers.

  •  Hazel – The herb witch hazel has long been used in herbalism for health and spiritual benefits. It would also be a fitting name for a cat with striking hazel hued eyes.
  •  Hedy – A shortened name for Hedwig, which means “warrior.”
  •  Helen – A Greek name that means “shining light,” and recalls the legendary beautiful Helen of Troy in Greek mythology.
  •  Ida – An ancient Germanic name that means ‘industrious’ or ‘prosperous.’
  •  Imogen – The Celtic word for “maiden,” this name also has Greek origins and means “beloved child.”
  •  Ingrid – This Old Norse name means “beloved; beautiful.”
  •  Irene – If your kitty is the great peacekeeper in your home, then consider the ancient name of this Greek goddess of peace.
  •  Iris – A Greek name meaning “rainbow,” and also the name of a beautiful flower.
  •  Ivy – A plant with beautiful decorative vines that is rich with symbolic meanings of love, the passage of time, vitality, and life.
  •  Jacqueline – The French and feminine version of Jacob, which means “holder of the heel.” Also the name of former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
  •  Jean – A French name meaning “God is gracious.”
  •  Josephine – The feminine of Joseph, which means “God will increase” in Hebrew. Josie is also a cute nickname for it.
  •  Joyce – A feminine Latin name that means “lord.”
  •  Juanita – The Spanish version of Jean.
  •  Kitty – Well, we can’t think of a more straightforward old lady cat name than this!
  •  Lillian – A Latin name that means “purity,” and has a beautiful, floral ring to it.
  •  Lois – A Greek name that means “most beautiful.”
  •  Loretta – A name that is derived from the name of the laurel tree, which is symbolic of victory.
  •  Lottie – An adorable diminutive of the name Charlotte which means “little and womanly,” and is a great name for a dainty, feminine cat.
  •  Louisa – A German name that means “renowned warrior.”
  •  Lucille – A French name derived from Lucia, meaning “light.”  It’s also the name of beloved comedian and actress, Lucille Ball. A cute name for a funny cat.
  •  Lucy – The diminutive of Lucille.
  •  Mabel – An English name derived from the Latin, meaning “lovable, dear”.
  •  Macy – An old French name that means “weapon” in Old French.
  •  Mae – A name with Roman origins, which also belongs to the goddess of spring and growth.
  •  Maeve – A traditional Irish name that means “the intoxicating one” or “she who rules.” In Irish mythology, Maeve or Mab is the queen of the fairies.
  •  Maggie – A lovely diminutive of Margaret.
  •  Margaery – This name is derived from Margaret, which means pearl.
  •  Margaret – A name that means “pearl” in Greek.
  •  Margot – The French version of Margaret.
  •  Maribel – A name that begins in Latin and means “star of the sea” with a little French on the end of it, which means “beautiful.”  
  •  Marge – A nickname for Margaret or Margaery. If she’s a big gal, Large Marge would make for a fun nickname.
  •  Martha – A name that means “the mistress” or “the lady” in Aramaic. We are sure that your cat would approve of being referred to as the mistress of the home.
  •  Marilyn – A beautiful name that means “star of the sea.” A name that recalls the iconic queen of the silver screen, actress Marilyn Monroe.
  •  Marlene – A Germanic version of Marilyn, which was by the stunning classic German actress, Marlene Dietrich.
  •  Matilda – The  Anglicized form of a Germanic name that means “mighty in battle.”
  •  May – If your cat is as calm and sunny as a warm spring day, consider naming her May!
  •  Meredith – A Welsh name that means “great ruler.”  
  •  Mildred – An Anglo-Saxon name that means “gentle strength.”
  •  Millicent – A German name that means “strong in work.”
  • Millie – A sweet little nickname for Millicent.
  • Minnie – A cute, shortened version of Minerva. Also the name of Disney’s iconic Minnie Mouse.
  • Myrtle – One of the ancient trees that symbolize victory, a myrtle bush.
  • Nell – A variant of the Latin name Cornelia, the Greek names Eleanor and Helen, and the English name Nelly.
  • Nora – A nickname for Eleanor, which means “light.” A pretty name for the little light in your life.
Curious kitten with headphones, exploring its surroundings

Marilyn – A beautiful name that means “star of the sea.” A name that recalls the iconic queen of the silver screen, actress Marilyn Monroe.

  • Octavia – A Latin name meaning “eight.”
  • Odette – A unique name of French and German origin, meaning “wealthy.”  
  • Ophelia – A Greek name that means “aid” or “benefit,” Ophelia is best known as the name of Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in Hamlet.
  • Paloma – A Latin name that means “dove,” a symbol of peace.
  • Pauline – The French form of Paulina, which is the feminine version of Paulinus, which means, quite adorably, “the little.”
  • Patience – A great old lady name for your ever-patient kitty.
  • Patsy – A shortened name for Patience.
  • Patty – A shortened name Patience.
  • Pearl – A beautiful name for the cat that is precious to you, like a perfect pearl.
  • Peggy – A diminutive of Margaret.
  • Phyllis – A Greek name that translates to “greenery” and “foliage.”
  • Polly – A name with debated roots, it could be a variant of Molly, meaning “star of the sea,” or in Latin, it could mean “many.” Whatever the case, it’s an adorable old lady name.
  • Rita – A diminutive of the Latin Margarita, which means “pearl.”
  • Roberta – A name of English origin meaning “bright fame.” Bobbie, Robbie, and Bertie are all possible fun nicknames.
  • Rosalie – One of the many versions of names that come from the most beautiful flower.
  • Rosalyn – The English version of “rose.”
  • Rose – We love this simple yet elegant name, and as far as old lady names go, who could forget the beloved Betty White character of the same name on The Golden Girls?
  • Rosemary – This beautiful and fragrant herb is popular in cooking, andherbalism and is said to have metaphysical protective properties.
  • Rosie – Just a sweet nickname for Rose.
  • Ruby – A name of a semi-precious stone that is most commonly known for its vibrant red color.
  • Ruth – A name of Hebrew origin, this biblical name means “friend.” If your kitty is your bestie, then you can’t go wrong with this name!
  • Sally – This name is derived from the classic Hebrew name Sarah, which means “princess.”
  • Shirley – A pretty name derived from the Old English words for “shire” or “bright, clear” and “wood, clearing, meadow, enclosure.”
  •  Sigrid – This Old Norse name is a blend of the words for “victory” and “beautiful.” Common short forms include Siri, and Sigi.
  • Sophie – From the Greek for “wisdom.” Sophia is also a good variant name. Some famous Sophias include director Sophia Coppola, and actresses Sophia Loren and Sofía Vergara.
  •  Stella – A beautiful name that means “star.”
  •  Sybil – A Greek name that means “prophetess, oracle.”
  •  Sylvia – A whimsical Latin name that means “spirit of the wood.”
  •  Temperance – A name that denotes the virtue of restraint.
  •  Tess – An Old English name that means “to harvest.”
Joyful and contented cat in a delightful moment

Sigrid – This Old Norse name is a blend of the words for “victory” and “beautiful.” Common short forms include Siri, and Sigi.

  •  Thelma – This name was popularized by Victorian writer Marie Corelli who wrote a book named after the title character, Thelma. It may be related to a Greek word meaning “will, volition.” A great name for a willful kitty cat.
  •  Theodora – A Greek name meaning “gift of God.”
  •  Thora – The feminine version of Thor, the Norse god of Thunder.
  •  Trudie – A nickname of Gertrude.
  •  Uma – A unique Sanskrit name that means “tranquility; splendor.”
  •  Una – A Latin name that means “one” and “only.” Such a sweet name for your little one and only.
  •  Veda – A Sanskrit name that means “knowledge” or “wisdom.” The Vedas are  sacred Hindu texts.
  •  Violet – A beautiful name of a beautiful flower, for a beautiful cat!
  •  Virginia – A Latin name that means “maiden,” literature buffs will think of classic literature author Virginia Woolf with this name.
  •  Vivienne – A French name that means “alive.”
  •  Wanda – A Polish name that means “from the Vandal tribe.” The Vandals were an ancient Slavic tribe who lived near Germanic settlements.
  •  Winifred – A sweet name that means “friend of peace.” Winnie is a very cute nickname.
  •  Zelda – A Yiddish nickname for the Germanic Griselda, which may originally have meant “grey battle maiden.” The Legend of Zelda is a favored Nintendo video game franchise featuring a princess of the same name.
  •  Zola – A Latin name that means “mound of earth.”
  •  Zora – An exotic name that means “sunrise.

“Old lady” names for cats are just fun. Not only do you get to christen your feline with a name that is rich in meaning and history, but you and your cat play some small role in revitalizing these old, traditional names, keeping them alive. We hope you and your old lady cat enjoy this list!

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