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Ownat Cat Food Review

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Ownat is a Spanish pet food brand that uses natural ingredients, fresh meat, a slow-cooked process, and no artificial coloring or preservatives. They offer both dry and wet food as well as grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes. Learn more about Ownat cat food in our unbiased review.

​​The Cats.com Standard – Rating Ownat Cat Food on What Matters

We have analyzed Ownat cat food and rated it according to our standards here at Cats.com. Our grades are based on the species-appropriateness of the food, the quality of the ingredients, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. You can read more about our ratings here.

Here are our ratings for Ownat in these key areas:


  • Species-Appropriateness – 8/10
  • Ingredient Quality – 8/10
  • Product Variety – 7/10
  • Price – 8/10
  • Customer Experience – 7/10
  • Recall History – 8/10

Overall Score: 7.67/10

We give Ownat cat food a 46 out of 60 rating (76.67%) or a B grade.

​​About Ownat

Ownat is one of the brands made by Cotecnica SCCL in Bellpuig, Lledia, less than two hours’ drive from Barcelona, Spain.

The company began in 1982 with the centralized manufacture of vitamin supplements and premixes for stock food. They also managed the centralized purchase of cereals, pulses, and other raw materials, providing technological and nutritional support for feed formulation. Today, pet food is a fundamental part of the company’s work.

Other brands produced by Cotecnica include Brokaton, Cotagro, Pylkron, Pylkron Premium, and Pylkron Grain-Free. They previously produced the brand Maxima.

​​Sourcing and Manufacturing

Cotecnica has two factories and specializes in making premium dog and cat foods with fresh meat. They export to 35 markets and make a wide range of products.

Cotecnica has a pet food production center, a compound feed factory, a quality control laboratory, and a research and development center where they house several breeds of dogs and cats.

In the quality control laboratory the company performs quality control checks from the time raw materials are delivered by suppliers. All feeds are analyzed throughout the various stages of preparation to guarantee nutrients are correctly balanced.

The company operates the most advanced extrusion technology currently available to enable the appropriate use of proteins from fresh and natural ingredients such as poultry, cattle, pigs, and fish.

Regarding ingredients, the company states that they are strongly rooted in their region of Spain but they also have an international vision. They don’t provide specifics about where their ingredients are sourced.

Ownat states on their web site that their definition of “natural ingredient” complies strictly with the recommendations of the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation). FEDIAF states that natural pet foods should only contain components to which nothing has been added and have undergone only processing that maintains their natural composition.

​​Has Ownat Cat Food Been Recalled?

We didn’t find any recalls related to Ownat cat foods in Europe. However, our Google searches only return results in English. If there were recalls in Spanish-speaking countries or countries with other languages, they might not show up. We can’t say with certainty that Ownat has never had a recall.

​​What Kinds Of Food Does Ownat Offer?

Ownat has several product lines (or “families,” as they call them) for cats.

Ownat Classic dry cat food is a premium line that uses real fresh meat and natural ingredients. These foods have no added colorants, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The cat food formulas include fish, daily care, light, kitten, sterilized, and hairball.

Ownat Ultra dry cat food is for ultra digestibility. It contains 30 percent fresh meat, low grains (only whole grains), and no added preservatives, colorants, or artificial ingredients. This food is also slow-cooked. The cat formulas include sterilized and chicken & rice.

Ownat Grain-Free dry cat food is free of cereals, rich in proteins, and low in carbohydrates. They come in several formulas. Ownat Just Grain-Free is available in adult chicken and sterilized. Ownat Grain-Free Prime (50 percent fresh meat) is available in adult chicken & turkey; sterilized; sterilized fish; hair & skin formula; and kitten.

Ownat Wetline is 100 percent natural, with high percentages of fresh meat and fish. These foods are grain-free and slow-cooked in their own juices. They contain no artificial coloring or preservatives. Current offerings include sterilized chicken & turkey, sterilized chicken & salmon, and sterilized turkey & tuna; veal & turkey, chicken & shrimps, turkey & chicken, kitten salmon & turkey, and salmon & herring. These recipes are sold in pouches and cans.

Ownat Cat Food– Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

Product Name Food Type Primary Protein Calories Price Our Grade
Ownat Wetline Veal and Turkey Grain-Free Cat Food Wet Veal, Turkey 1005 kcal per kg


Ownat Grain-Free Prime Hair & Skin Cat Food Dry Chicken, Turkey

4190 kcal per kg


Ownat Ultra Sterilized Cat Food Dry Turkey 3680 kcal per kg



#1 Ownat Wetline Veal and Turkey Grain-Free Cat Food Review

Buy on Ownat.com

Ownat has previously been known for their dry foods (for both cats and dogs). Their wet foods are a new addition.

Ownat describes their Wetline products as containing 100 percent natural ingredients. They also state that they use fresh ingredients that come from the local “proximity.” Ownat doesn’t go into detail about where their ingredients are sourced but this suggests that the ingredients, such as meat and fish, may be regional.

They state that they use real muscle meat and no meat meal or bone meal. They also use olive oil and salmon oil in their wet foods. Their wet foods contain no cereals/grains. And, they have no artificial flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, or chemical additives.

In addition, the wet foods are cooked slowly in their own juices with natural broth. This retains flavor and nutrients.

You can read the nutrients and ingredients for all of the Wetline foods here.

According to all of the information provided, Ownat Wetline Veal and Turkey Grain-Free Cat Food looks like a good quality wet food for cats.

Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 1005 Kcal/Kg.


Veal (35%), Turkey (35%), Broth (28.7%), Minerals, Salmon Oil, Rosehips (0.1%).

Ingredients We Liked: Veal, turkey, salmon oil, rosehips

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: None

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 10.6%
Crude Fat: 6%
Crude Fiber: 0.3%
Moisture: 79%
Ash: 2.3%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 50.48%
Fat: 28.57%
Fiber: 1.43%
Carbs: 8.57%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 39.3%
Fat: 54.03%
Carbs: 6.67%


  • Contains a large percentage of meat protein
  • Salmon oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acid which is good for the skin, coat, and heart
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives


  • The broth is not specified but the food is cooked in its own juices so it is likely from the veal and turkey

#2 Ownat Grain-Free Prime Hair & Skin Cat Food Review

Buy on Ownat.com

Ownat Grain-Free Prime Hair & Skin Cat Food is one of several formulas offered in the grain-free Prime cat food line. This line of cat food from Ownat is very high in protein though not all of the protein is of animal origin. These foods do contain 50 percent fresh meat and they are low in carbohydrates.

The grain-free Prime formulas are also available in several specialized formulas: sterilized, sterilized fish, adult chicken and turkey, kitten, and hair & skin.

The hair & skin formula is especially suitable for the care of a cat’s skin and hair. It contains a balanced combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids along with a complex of vitamins A, E, biotin, and the minerals selenium and zinc to provide for healthy skin and a thick, shiny coat.

The food also contains 79 percent meat, fish, and eggs, with 21 percent fruits, vegetables, and plants. It has zero grains. It contains 50 percent fresh chicken and turkey.

The ingredients include some interesting items such as cassava root which is a good source of resistant starch which supports gut health and helps manage blood sugar levels. It also contains vitamin C. Linseed is more or less the same as flax seed. It can be a good source of dietary fiber. It is also a source of plant protein. Alfalfa is a legume, though it’s also considered to be an herb. It can be a source of vitamin K, vitamin C, some minerals and some plant compounds such as flavonoids and saponins.

Finally, marine algae has become increasingly popular in some pet foods as a substitute for fish oil. It contains DHA, omega-3 fatty acid, and vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene. It’s been suggested that it may be particularly helpful for older pets and especially pets with thinning hair.

Ownat Grain-Free Prime Hair & Skin Cat Food appears to be a good quality food that might be helpful for cats that suffer from skin and coat problems. This is a dry cat food so you would need to make sure that your cat has easy access to plenty of water. If your cat has continuing skin or hair problems, it’s a good idea to see a veterinarian.

Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 4190 Kcal per kg.

You can review all of the Grain-Free Prime recipes in this link.


Fresh Chicken And Turkey Meat* (Min. 50% Before Extrusion), Dehydrated Meats (20%), Cassava Roots*, Poultry Fat (Preserved With Natural Antioxidants), Whole Peas*, Dehydrated Fish (Anchoveta, Horse Mackerel And Mackerel), Dehydrated Potato*, Beet Pulp, Dried Egg*, Brewer’s Yeast*, Hydrolysed Chicken Protein, Fish Oil (Preserved With Natural Antioxidants), Linseed*, Fresh Apple* (1%), Rock Salt*, Dehydrated Alfalfa*, Fructo- And Mannan-oligosaccharides, Dehydrated Marine Algae*, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Yucca Schidigera, Cranberries*, Thyme*, Camomile Flower*, Fennel*, Echinaceas*, Green Tea*. *natural Ingredients

Ingredients We Liked: Fresh chicken and turkey meat, casssava roots, beet pulp, dried egg, fish oil, fresh apple, fructo- and mannan-oligosaccharides, dehydrated marine algae, glucosamine, chondroitin

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Dehydrated meats (unspecified), whole peas

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 40%
Crude Fat: 20%
Crude Fiber: 3%
Moisture: 8%
Ash: 8.5%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 43.48%
Fat: 21.74%
Fiber: 3.26%
Carbs: 22.28%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 36.67%
Fat: 44.53%
Carbs: 18.8%


  • Very high in meat protein
  • Contains ingredients, vitamins, and minerals which would be beneficial for skin and hair problems
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Grain-free


  • Contains some unspecified ingredients such as dehydrated meats
  • Contains several sources of peas and legumes

#3 Ownat Ultra Sterilized Cat Food Review

Buy on Ownat.com

Most sterilized (spayed or neutered) cats have a slower metabolism than cats that are unsterilized. There are always individual cats that don’t fit this profile, but in many cases the change in hormones will slow down the metabolism after sterilization. That’s why it’s often a good idea to feed your spayed or neutered cat a food that is formulated for a sterilized cat. These foods usually have fewer calories and a little less fat. They may have a little more protein. They can help your cat remain healthy without getting pudgy.

Ownat Ultra Sterilized Cat Food is formulated for spayed and neutered cats. It has fewer calories and plenty of protein to help cats maintain an ideal weight.

Ownat’s Ultra formulas use natural ingredients with high ratios of fresh meats and limited cereal content. They only use whole grains. Their foods are slow-cooked at a low temperature to retain nutrients and provide better digestibility.

The Ultra recipes contain 30 percent fresh meat. They only use rice, barley, or small amounts of oats. They make up less than 15 percent of the ingredients. They use no corn (maize), wheat, or soy. They contain no added colorants or artificial preservatives.

You can read the entire nutrient list for Ownat’s Ultra foods here.

Ownat Ultra Sterilized Cat Food appears to be a good quality dry cat food with lots of fresh turkey meat and a low grain content. It is high in protein and comparatively low in calories. Many sterilized cats should do well eating this food. This is a dry food so make sure that you provide your cat with access to plenty of water.

Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 3680 Kcal per kg.


Fresh Turkey Meat* (30% Min. Before Cooking), Dehydrated Meats (19%), Whole Peas*, Dehydrated Sweet Potato*, Whole-grain Rice*, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Natural Antioxidants), Whole-grain Oats*, Beet Pulp, Brewer’s Yeast*, Cassava Roots*, Hydrolysed Chicken Protein (2%), Linseed*, Salmon Oil (Preserved With Natural Antioxidants), Fresh Apple* (1%), Fresh Carrot* (0.5%), Fresh Broccoli* (0.5%), Rock Salt*, Chicory Roots (Fos)*, Yeast Extract (Mos), Dehydrated Marine Algae*, Glucosamine, Yucca Schidigera, Chondroitin Sulphate, Cranberries*, Green Tea*, Echinacea*, Camomile Flower*, Fennel*. *natural Ingredients

Ingredients We Liked: Fresh turkey meat, chicken fat, whole grain oats, beet pulp, cassava root, salmon oil, chicory root, dehydrated marine algae, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Dehydrated meats (vague), whole peas

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 33%
Crude Fat: 12.5%
Crude Fiber: 3.5%
Moisture: 8%
Ash: 7.5%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 35.87%
Fat: 13.59%
Fiber: 3.8%
Carbs: 38.59%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 33.38%
Fat: 30.71%
Carbs: 35.91%


  • Contains 30 percent meat protein
  • Low grain (less than 15 percent) – only whole-grain rice and whole-grain oats
  • No artificial colorants, flavorings, or preservatives


  • Contains dehydrated meats (vague)
  • Contains whole peas as the third ingredient

​What Do Customers Think Of Ownat Cat Food?

Most of the reviews we found online for Ownat cat foods were very positive. Lots of people gave the foods four or five stars but they didn’t leave a written review. Some people left reviews in Spanish or Italian. We’re posting the reviews we found in English.

Positive Reviews

My 5 cats are good after having this !!! because of the high protein and low fat, this is very good for the fur and cats’ health! I recommend this!! – jglzdc reviewing Ownat Cat Food on May 17, 2022

Very good! Best value for grain-free food. – Henning F. reviewing Ownat Cat Food a year ago

Negative Reviews

None to show.

​​How Much Does Ownat Cat Food Cost?

We found prices all over the map, depending on which product line we checked. Ownat Classic, which uses maize (corn) and wheat, was the lowest-priced food but even it varied depending on the recipe. A 4kg bag of Ownat Classic Daily Care cost $12.07 at the online site Miscota.com.

Ownat Ultra was €14.77 on Pet4people.com. A 1kg bag of Ownat Grain-Free Prime Hair & Skin Care on the same site was €11.80.

We found the Wetline foods sold in pouches (12 x 85 grams) for €20.80 on Masdemascotas.com or €1.75 each. Prices vary so check around. The Wetline foods also come in cans but they contain more and also cost more.

​​Overall, Is Ownat Cat Food A Good Choice?

Yes, we do think that Ownat is a good brand. The Wetline foods, in particular, look like they are top notch. The Ultra and Grain-Free Prime recipes have high meat protein contents. The ingredients look like they have been carefully formulated. We are not a fan of peas and legumes but the good ingredients in these dry foods appear to outweigh the use of the whole peas.

Ownat also makes Ownat Classic which uses corn (maize) and wheat. This is a more average dry cat food though it is very popular. We found it sold widely at all of the popular online pet food retailers and it had lots of positive ratings.

As for comparisons, Ownat Wetline foods would probably be similar to Tiki Cat. Their dry foods are reminiscent of Nature’s Variety Instinct Original.

​​How Do You Order Ownat Cat Food?

Ownat doesn’t appear to sell their foods through their web site. We only found their foods through online retailers by searching for the different product lines.

Ownat says that their foods are available in 35 markets. We found them in Ireland, parts of Europe, Malta, and parts of Asia. They may be for sale in the UK but the foods didn’t come up for us in a search on Amazon.co.uk.

Note: The values in our nutrient charts are automatically calculated based on the guaranteed analysis and may not represent typical nutrient values. This may lead to discrepancies between the charts and the values mentioned in the body of the review.
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    My cat is obsessed with their dry food.
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