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PetKind Cat Food Review

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PetKind is a family-owned Canadian pet food company that makes green tripe-based foods for cats and dogs. Find out more about their foods for cats in our unbiased review.

The Cats.com Standard – Rating PetKind Cat Food on What Matters

We have analyzed PetKind cat food  and rated it according to our standards here at Cats.com. Our grades are based on the species-appropriateness of the food, the quality of the ingredients, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. You can read more about our ratings here.

Here are our ratings for PetKind in these key areas:


  • Species-Appropriateness – 8/10
  • Ingredient Quality – 8/10
  • Product Variety – 6/10
  • Price – 5/10
  • Customer Experience – 5/10
  • Recall History – 9/10

Overall Score: 6.8/10

We give PetKind cat food a 41 out of 60 rating (68.33) or a B+ grade.

About PetKind Food

PetKind is based in British Columbia on Canada’s west coast. The company (Petkind Pet Products, Inc.) is family-owned and operated by the Wasmuth family.

According to the company, PetKind was started by the family when their mother was showing champion dogs. The brothers (Matthew, Andrew, and James), together with their parents , were inspired to create healthier dog food which led to using green tripe.

According to PetKind, “green tripe stinks but it works.” Tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of ruminants such as bison, deer, and lamb. Tripe from the grocery store is usually white. That’s because tripe for human consumption has been thoroughly rinsed and bleached. This means that it has very little nutritional value for pets.

By contrast, green tripe is not bleach and it’s all-natural. (After all, ruminants mostly eat grass which is green.) That means that the green tripe retains the nutrients that are good for pets.

Make no mistake, green tripe really smells awful so if you buy some, don’t be surprised by the odor. But it is part of the ancestral diet of cats and dogs who would have eaten the stomachs of these wild animals.

PetKind says that green tripe provides pets with seven essential amino acids, the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6, an ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus, and lots of important vitamins and other nutrients.

Their green tripe and all of their pet food is cooked.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

PetKind has a good Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page that provides information about sourcing and manufacturing.

Their Tripe Dry and Canada Fresh foods are made in Canada. Tripe Treats and Tripe Cat are made in the USA.

Tripett and That’s It for sale in Canada are made in Canada. Tripett and That’s It for sale in the United States are made in the U.S.

Most of the company’s ingredients are sourced from Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

  • Beef tripe, bison tripe, bison, turkey, chicken and wild salmon come from Canada.
  • Venison tripe, lamb tripe, lamb, and venison come from New Zealand.
  • Beef tripe and beef come from the United States.
  • Salmon for Canada Fresh comes from the European Union only.
  • Some other ingredients come from Canada and the United States.

All of the ingredients for Canada Fresh are sustainably sourced. PetKind has committed to donating 25 cents from every case sold to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, to help support their conservation work.

Canada Fresh formulas are hypoallergenic, single animal proteins. Their formulas are also grain-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and poultry-free (except for the chicken formula). Each can of Canada Fresh does contain salmon oil.

Has PetKind Cat Food Been Recalled?

We didn’t find any recalls for PetKind in the United States or Canada using the FDA database and other sources.

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does PetKind Offer?

PetKind is mostly known for producing and marketing green tripe for dogs. Most of the images on their web site use dogs. However, they are making cat foods. There are photos of cats on the PetKind Facebook page.

PetKind currently makes several foods for cats. On the PetKind web site, they include Tripett  as a food for cats but it is marked as a dog food. However, this is a complementary food. It might be a food that you could add as a topper or treat to your cat’s diet. The Tripett foods are almost entirely pure meat and green tripe with no added vitamins or minerals.

PetKind makes two dry cat foods called Tripe Dry for Cats. These foods also feature green tripe. The foods are Green Tripe & High Seas Formula and Green Tripe & High Skies Formula. Both foods are complete and balanced for all life stages. These foods contain no artificial preservatives, by-products, corn, soy, wheat, or other grains.

Canada Fresh  is a line of single-animal meat protein cat foods (with the exception of the red meat formula). They are complete and balanced for all life stages. PetKind especially recommends them for cats with food allergies and sensitivities. These are limited ingredient formulas that contain 95 percent fresh meat.

PetKind also makes treats for dogs but they state that, with the exception of their 100% Natural Green Beef Tripe Treats and their Pork Tripe Treats, all of their Tripe Treats are suitable for cats. That leaves venison, bison, lamb, and regular beef tripe treats  which could be fed to cats.

PetKind Cat Food – Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

Product Name Food Type Primary Protein Calories Price Our Grade
PetKind Canada Fresh Cat — Beef Formula Wet Beef 111.5 kcal per 100g $0.68 per oz B+
PetKind Tripe Dry for Cats – Green Tripe & High Skies Formula Dry Beef 3512 kcal per kg $6.69 per lb B+
PetKind Green Lamb Tripe Treats Dry Lamb 391 Kcal per 100g $2.34 per oz B

#1 PetKind Canada Fresh Cat – Beef Formula Cat Food Review

$48.61 At Chewy

It’s not a secret that cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs can get by with some plant protein (though animal protein is better) and digest starches in their diet but your cat honestly requires meat protein. That’s why cat foods that use good meat protein are better for your cat.

PetKind’s Canada Fresh Cat features 95 percent fresh meat. This is a complete and balanced food for cats of all life stages so you don’t have to add anything else.

Canada Fresh Cat comes in six recipes: Beef, Lamb, Salmon, Chicken, Duck, and Red Meat. All of these formulas with the exception of the Red Meat are single meat protein recipes. That makes them especially good for cats that have food sensitivities or allergies to certain animal proteins.

Along with beef as the first ingredient, the beef formula contains beef broth, peas, salmon oil, and added vitamins and minerals. It is considered to be a limited ingredient food.

This food is higher in fat than many wet cat foods so this is something to consider if your cat needs to avoid foods that are high in fat.

Along with providing healthy cat food, every time you buy Canada Fresh, PetKind donates a small portion of the proceeds to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to support their work and help conserve the country for generations to come.

Calculated calorie content: (ME): 13 oz: 411 kcals/can, 111.5 kcals/100g ME
5.5oz: 173 kcals/can, 111.5 kcals/100g ME


Beef, Beef Broth, Peas, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Agar-agar, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Salmon Oil, Choline Chloride, Salt, Taurine, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (Source Of Vitamin C), Zinc Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Ferrous Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Copper Proteinate, Vitamin A Supplement, Selenium Yeast, Manganese Sulfate, Manganese Proteinate, D-calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin B12, Calcium Iodate, Folic Acid.

Ingredients We Liked: Beef, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Peas

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 9.5%
Crude Fat: 8.5%
Crude Fiber: 1%
Moisture: 78%
Ash: 1%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 43.18%
Fat: 38.64%
Fiber: 4.55%
Carbs: 9.09%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 29.56%
Fat: 64.22%
Carbs: 6.22%


  • High in protein
  • Canada Fresh uses a single meat protein
  • Canada Fresh wet foods are grain-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and poultry-free (except for the chicken formula)
  • The company is transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing


  • The Canada Fresh formulas are higher in fat than some other wet cat foods. This could be a problem for cats that are already overweight; but it could be beneficial for cats that need to gain weight

#2 PetKind Tripe Dry For Cats – Green Tripe & High Skies Formula Cat Food Review

Buy At Petkind

Many people who feed green tripe are convinced that it’s the cat’s meow. They claim that it keeps the skin and coat healthier, encourages pets to eat better (even picky eaters), and it’s good for digestive health. They also say that it’s good for maintaining a healthy weight, increasing stamina, and for muscle recovery after illness or surgery.

PetKind has a new dry food for cats that has green tripe as the first ingredient: Tripe Dry for Cats – Green Tripe & High Skies Formula. It joins their other dry cat food, Green Tripe & High Seas Formula. According to PetKind, their Tripe Dry foods are the first dry cat foods to feature the superfood green tripe as the number one ingredient in their formulas.

These dry cat foods are made in Canada from ingredients sourced in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

Tripe Dry cat food never contains artificial preservatives, byproducts, corn, soy, or wheat.
Along with green beef tripe, the Green Tripe & High Skies Formula features turkey meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, oats, and several kinds of vegetables. It also contains cranberries and blueberries which are good sources of antioxidants. They are believed to help with urinary tract health.

This formula is complete and balanced for cats of all life stages.

PetKind is proud of their dry cat food. They say that it’s the best cat food made in Canada so this might be a food that you should try.

Calculated calorie content: (ME): 3512 kcal/kg (456 kcal/cup)


Beef Tripe, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Turkey, Chicken, Sweet Potato, Potato, Flaxseed, Oats, Barley, Pea Protein, Green Lentils, Chicken Fat, Duck, Squash, Spinach, Carrot, Broccoli, Cranberry, Apple, Blueberry, Banana, Natural Flavour, Taurine, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, A-tocopherol Acetate, Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Dried Bifido Bacterium Bifidium Thermophilum Fermentation Product, Dried Streptococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Yucca Schidigera, Rosemary, Cayenne, Peppermint, Thyme, Green Tea Extract.

Ingredients We Liked: Beef Tripe, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Turkey, Chicken, Chicken Fat, Duck, Cranberry, Chelated Minerals

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Pea protein, Green lentils, “Natural Flavor,”

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 30%
Crude Fat: 14%
Crude Fiber: 3.4%
Moisture: 10%
Ash: 8%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 33.33%
Fat: 15.56%
Fiber: 3.78%
Carbs: 38.44%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 30.43%
Fat: 34.48%
Carbs: 35.09%


  • Good ratios of protein, fat, and fiber
  • Good sources of animal protein
  • Fermentation products/probiotics may help the digestion of some cats


  • Pea protein and green lentils boost the protein percentage
  • Despite claims on the PetKind site about not using grains, their dry cat foods contain oats and barley (cereal grains). Oats and barley are not bad ingredients and companies have to use something when making dry food. But PetKind shouldn’t be misleading about not using any grains

#3 PetKind Green Lamb Tripe Treats Cat Food Review

$13.99 At Chewy

PetKind doesn’t make a lot of cat foods at the moment but perhaps that will change in the future. The company states on their site that some of their complementary foods and treats are also made for cats. For example, they make Tripe Treats with green tripe as the first ingredient.

According to PetKind, cats should NOT eat the 100% Natural Green Beef Tripe Treats or the Green Pork Tripe Treats. However, cats can safely eat all of the other kinds of Tripe Treats.

All of the formulas that are safe for cats mention cats (and dogs) on the front of the bags.
If your cat is put off by the bad smell of other tripe foods, she might like Tripe Treats. They have a “friendlier” scent. They are also easy to break into small pieces.

Tripe Treats are also good for picky eaters and cats that have a sensitive stomach.
With the Green Lamb Tripe Treats recipe, after green lamb tripe as the first ingredient, the treats contain chicken, potato, and a few other ingredients to make them tasty. They do not contain any added vitamins or minerals.

These are treats so they are not a complete food. They are safe for cats to eat but don’t expect them to be very nutritious.

Your cat may enjoy these green lamb Tripe Treats or one of the other Tripe Treats that are safe for cats to eat.

Calculated calorie content: 391 Kcal/100g


Green Lamb Tripe, Chicken, Potato, Beet Syrup, Pure Vegetable Glycerin, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Garlic.

Ingredients We Liked: Green Lamb Tripe, Chicken

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: Beet syrup

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 28%
Crude Fat: 15%
Crude Fiber: 1%
Moisture: 15%
Ash: 5%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 32.94%
Fat: 17.65%
Fiber: 1.18%
Carbs: 42.35%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 27.88%
Fat: 36.27%
Carbs: 35.85%


  • Treats are small (13-15 cm) and easy to break
  • Good for picky eaters and cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Tripe Treats smell better than other green tripe foods


  • Expensive

What Do Customers Think of PetKind Cat Food?

PetKind foods are widely available in the United States and Canada. We found many positive reviews. On Chewy.com, about 80 percent of customers said that they would recommend the food. Compared to similar cat foods, PetKind was markedly higher in the United States.

Several customers made reference to the cost of the food which might have played a role in their opinions.

Positive Reviews

My cat, Oliver, can be picky when it comes to food. I’ve tried different brands before and he usually takes a long time to get used to it. When I tried out this food, he started eating it right away! I even gave some to my sisters cat who is a big fan! They both try to bite the bag open and always rub up against it. My cat loves tripe and it’s good for him too! I’d recommend it for sure!- (Tripe Dry for Cats) by CatNamedOliver on Jan 19, 2020

My very picky cat who can only eat certain , specific proteins, loves this food. She must have a limited ingredient canned food, and this beef helped her gain back lost weight from a strictly salmon-limited-ingredient diet, plus she was on Pred. for a long time. She loved this stuff. So glad I found it here on Chewy!– (Canada Fresh Beef) by LucyC on Aug 6, 2018

Negative Reviews

I have been trying new foods out for my kitties that don’t contain poultry and decided to give this one a try. My kitties are picky and even turned their nose to Orijen! There was only one review for this food, but it was a glowing one, so I decided to take a chance. My kitties picked on this for a couple of days, but now they won’t touch it and are wailing for their evening canned meal as early as 2pm. I’m sure it’s good for some, but not my princesses.- (Tripe Dry for Cats) by Lils on Dec 31, 2019

Ingredients look good. I have extremely finicky cats. They all ate with gusto the first day. Now it’s hit or miss. They won’t eat the same thing twice in a row. Their preferred flavor is beef so hoping they will start eating this more. Of course I have a case of it, it could take awhile.- (Canada Fresh Beef) by Paula on Apr 12, 2021

How Much Does PetKind Cat Food Cost?

The 4-lb bag of Tripe Dry for Cats is about $31.00 on Chewy.com. The 11-lb bag is approximately $62.00. Prices are slightly lower if you use autoship. The cost may be a little lower in Canada. These costs are higher than many other dry cat foods on Chewy.com.

Canada Fresh canned cat food costs approximately $49 for a case of 24 (3-ounce cans). A case of 24 (5.5 ounce cans) costs about $58. And, a case of 12 (13-ounce cans) costs about $55. These costs are higher than similar canned cat foods.

Green Lamb Tripe Treats (and other Tripe Treats) cost approximately $18 for a 6-ounce bag on Chewy.com. That is much higher than most other pet treats.

Overall, Is PetKind Cat Food a Good Choice?

Yes, based on the ingredients and their reputation, we think PetKind does make good foods. They are better known for making dog foods than cat foods but their cat foods appear to be just as good as their dog foods.

PetKind foods may cost less in Canada. In the United States PetKind is very expensive even compared to some of the most well-known brands. Some people may also be a little reluctant to buy green tripe for their cats when they don’t know if their cats will eat the food.

If you have a chance to try one of these foods, especially if it’s on sale, see if your cat likes it. These are nutritious foods from a good company.

How Do You Order PetKind Cat Food?

In North America you can order PetKind from Chewy.com and directly from PetKind.
PetKind also has a store locator on their web site. Their foods are widely available at many brick and mortar pet stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Note: The values in our nutrient charts are automatically calculated based on the guaranteed analysis and may not represent typical nutrient values. This may lead to discrepancies between the charts and the values mentioned in the body of the review.
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  1. Jane

    My three cats eat Canada Fresh chicken cat food almost a year. It was really good food. But in 2021 they changed formula twice. Now it has different texture and smell and two of my cats dont like it any more. Third cat barely eats it.
    Last January I spent $ 450 on it and every single can has some black pieces of something and it makes me scare what my cat eats.
    I tried to contact Petkind twice but they did not respond. Have to find something new.