250 Best Korean Cat Names With Meaning

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If you are searching for Korean cat names to honor your and your cat’s culture or heritage you have come to the right place.

Traditional Korean names are often selected based on the Chinese zodiac and are associated with water, earth, wood, metal, or fire. Other names are full of meaning and deeply rooted in Korean tradition.

What Is a Good Korean Name for a Cat?

You will notice that some names are hyphenated and made up of two elements, each with separate meanings. This means many names are made up of two or more elements. You can also combine names to create your own meaning and perfect cat name.

In this article, we have picked 150 of the best Korean cat names with their meanings to make your search easier.

Best Korean Male Cat Names

  • Bae (배) – This name means “inspiration”.
  • Bon-Hwa (본화) – This name means “glorious”.
  • Bong (봉) – This means Phoenix.
  • Chin-Hwa (진화) – This name means “most wealthy”.
  • Chin-Mae (진매) – This name means “truth”.
  • Chul (철) – This name means “firm”.
  • Chung-hee (정희) – This means righteous and dutiful
  • Daeshim (대심) – This means the greatest mind
  • Dak-Ho (닥호) – This means “deep lake”.
  • Dong-Sun (동선) – This means “Eastern integrity”.
  • Eun (은) – This means kindness.
  • Gi (기) – This means “brave”.
  • Hak-Kun (학근) – This means “rooted in intelligence”.
  • Han-gyeol (한결) – This means uniformity.
  • Haneul (하늘) – This means ‘sky or heaven’.
  • Hei (희) – This means ‘wisdom or intelligence’.
  • Hyun-ki (현기) – This means wise and astute.
  • Hyun-woo (현우) – This name means wise and house.
  • In-Su (인수) – This name means “preserving wisdom”.
  • Ji-hoon (지훈) – This name means wisdom and rank.
  • Ji-Hyun (지현) – This means “ambition”.
  • Ji-Tae (지태) – This means ‘wisdom, reason, or intellect’.
  • Ji-Woo (지우) – This means ‘ambition or purpose’. Other spellings include Jee-Woo and Chi-Woo.
  • Ji-Woong (지웅) – This means ‘wisdom is a male’ .
  • Ji-Yeon (지연) – This means ‘wisdom, support, or happiness’ .
  • Ji-Yoo (지유) – This means ‘wisdom’ and rich.
  • Ji-Yoon (지윤) – This means ‘good fortune, posterity, or purpose’.
  • Jieun (지은) – This means “hidden”.
  • Jimin (지민) – This name means “quick”.
  • Jiwoo (지우) – This name means “mercy”.

Jieun – This means “hidden”.

  • Joon (준) – This means ‘exceptionally talented man’.
  • Jung-hoon (정훈) – This means honest and rank.
  • Kang-dae (강대) – This means mighty and strong.
  • Ki (기) – This name means “strong”.
  • Kija (기자) – Kija was a legendary king who brought Chinese culture to the Korean people a millennia ago.
  • Kim (김) – This means “gold”.
  • Kim Soo-hyun (김수현) – This means ‘excellent, virtuous, or gold’.
  • Korain (광황) – This name means luminous and glorious.
  • Kwan (관) – This name means ‘one who is strong or wild’.
  • Kwang-Sun (광선) – This means “wide goodness”.
  • Kyong (경) – This name means “brightness”.
  • Kyung-Hu (경후) – This name means “just”.
  • Mal-chin (말친) – Means to persist until the end.
  • Man-Shik (만식) – This name means “deep rootedness”.
  • Minjun (민준) – This name means ‘clever, talented, and handsome’.
  • Moon (문) – Moon means “learned” or “literate”.
  • Mun-Hee (문희) – This means ‘shiny, and literate’.
  • Nam-Gi (남기) – This means ‘southern rise’.
  • Ryung (령) – This means ‘shiny and bright.
  • Saja (사자) – This name means “lion”.
  • Sam (삼) – This means “third child”.
  • Sang-hoon (상훈) This name means benevolent and rank.
  • Sang-ook (상욱) – This means the one who is forever well and healthy.
  • Seok (석) – This means “stone”.
  • Seong-Su (성수) – This name means both “success” and “sacred”.
  • Seoul (서울) – This is the capital of South Korea.
  • Seung (승) – This name means “inherit”.
  • So (소) – This name means “smile”.
  • Suk-chin (석진) – This means the unshakable rock.
  • Sung-ho (성호) – This name means successor and greatness.
  • Sung-Mo (성모) – This means ‘wrath or anger’.
  • Tae-Hyeong (태형) – This means ‘exalted or a superior person’.
  • U-Jin (우진) – This name name means an enduring show of gratitude.
  • Ulsan (울산) – This is a small city in South Korea.
  • Whan (확대) – This means “enlarging”.
  • When Yeong (웬 영) – This means “reflective shadow”.
  • Won-Chul (원철) – This means “wise”.
  • Won-Shik (원식) This name means “head of the family”.
  • Woo-Jin (우진) – This means ‘protected house, or family treasure’.
  • Woo-Sung (우성) – This means ‘wrath or anger’.
  • Woong (웅) – This means “magnificence”.
  • Yong-saeng (영생) – This name means “to live forever”.
  • Yong-Sun (용선) – This means the “Dragon in the first position”.
  • Yoon-Suh (윤서) This name means “thank you”.
  • Young-Jae (영재) – This name means “Mountains of prosperity”.

Best Korean Female Cat Names

  • Aengcho (앵초) – This means “primrose” flower.
  • Ailiseu (아이리스) – This means “iris” flower.
  • Akasia (아카시아) – This name means “acacia” flower.
  • Ara (아라) – This means “beautiful”.
  • Areum (아름) – This means “beauty”.
  • Beullubel (블루벨) – This name means “bluebell” flower.
  • Bitna (빛나) – This means “shining”.
  • Bo-Bae (보배) – This name means a precious treasure.
  • Bong Cha (봉자) – This means the “ultimate girl”.
  • Chija (치자) – This means “gardenia” flower.
  • Cho (조) – This name means “beautiful”.
  • Chun (정의) – This means “justice” or “spring”.
  • Dae (대) – This name means greatness.
  • Dallia (달리아) – This means “Dalia” flower.
  • Deiji (데이지) – This name  means “daisy” flower.

Bong Cha – This means the “ultimate girl”.

  • Desuli (데수리) – This means “periwinkle” flower.
  • Digitalliseu (디지털리스) – This name means “foxglove”.
  • Dongbaeg (동백) – This means “camellia” flower.
  • Eunjoo (은주) – This means “little flower”.
  • Geobela (거베라) – This means “gerbera” flower.
  • Geum-Eocho (금어초) – This means “snapdragon” flower.
  • Geumsonghwa (금송화) – This means “calendula” flower.
  • Goo (구) – This means the one who completes you.
  • Gwa (국화) – This means “aster”.
  • Hae-Won (해원) – This means ” graceful garden”.
  • Hae (해) – This means “she is like the ocean”.
  • Hana (하나) – This name means “my favorite” and will give your child full bragging rights.
  • Haw (허아우) – This means “young beautiful flower”.
  • Hei-Ran (희란) – This means “graceful orchid” flower.
  • Heonbyeong (헌벽) – This means “snowdrop”.
  • Hiasinseu (히아신스) – This means “hyacinth” flower.
  • Hiseu (히스) – This means “heather”.
  • Holli (홀리) – This means “holly”.
  • Hwa-Young (화영) – This means “beautiful flower”.
  • Hyeobjugdo (혀업주그도) – This means “oleander” flower.
  • Hyun-Ki (현기) – This means wise and pearl all in one.
  • Indongdeong-Gul (인동덩굴) – This means “honeysuckle” flower.
  • Jaeseumin (재스민) – This means “jasmine” flower.
  • Jang-Mi (장미) – This means “rose” flower.
  • Jebikkoch (제비꽃) – This means “violet” flower.
  • Jia (佳) – This means “beautiful”.
  • Jimin (지민) – This name means quick, clever intellect.
  • Jin (진) – This means both “jewel” and “truth” for strength and sparkle.
  • Jindallae (진달래) – This means “azalea” flower.
  • Jiyoung (지영) – This means “flower”.

Hiseu – This means “heather”.

  • Joo (주) – This means “precious”.
  • Keullematiseu (클레마티스) – This means “clematis”.
  • Keullobeo (클로버) – This means “clover”.
  • Kyung-Soon (경순) – This means “honored and mild”.
  • Labendeo (라벤더) – This means “lavender” flower.
  • Loteoseu (로터스) – This means “lotus”.
  • Mee (미) – Mee means “beautiful”.
  • Mi-Hi (미희) – This name means “beautiful joy”.
  • Minali (미나리) – This means “buttercup”.
  • Mindeulle (민들레) – This name means “dandelion” flower.
  • Molan (모란) – This means “peony” flower.
  • Nancho (난초) – This name means “orchid” flower.
  • Nari (나리) – This means “lily flower”.
  • Nari (나리) – This name means “lily”.
  • Paenji (팬지) – This means “pansy” flower.
  • Pityunia (피튜니아) – This means “petunia”.
  • Pugsya (푸크시아)  – This name means “fuschia” flower.
  • Sang (상) – This means “always” and “mutual”.
  • Sena (세나) – This name means “world’s beauty”.
  • Soo-A (수아) – This means “perfect lotus flower”.
  • Soo-Gook (수국) – This name means “hydrangea” flower.
  • Soo-Yun (수연) – This name means “perfect lotus flower”.
  • Sook (숙) – This name means “pure”.
  • Sulegughwa (수레국화) – This means “cornflower”.
  • Tyullib (튤립) – This name means “tulip” flower.
  • Yang-Gwibi (양귀비) – This means “poppy” flower.
  • Yeong (영) – Yeong means “one with courage”.
  • Yon (연) – This name means “lotus blossom” flower.
  • Young-Hee (영희) – This name means “flowers”.
  • Yuri (유리) – This name means “crystal”.

Cute Korean Names for Cats

  • Dalnim (달님) – Means “moon,” perfect for a cat with a gentle presence.
  • Byul (별) – Translates to “star,” ideal for a shining and playful cat.
  • Mochi (떡) – A cute and sweet name, inspired by the rice cake treat.
  • Choco (초코) – Short for chocolate, suitable for a brown-colored cat.
  • Yuri (유리) – Means “glass,” reflecting a delicate and transparent nature.
  • Gureum (구름) – Translates to “cloud,” perfect for a fluffy and dreamy cat.
  • Dalkom (달콤) – Means “sweet,” great for an affectionate and charming cat.
  • Jjingjjingi (징징이) – A playful and cute name for an energetic cat.
  • Haru (하루) – Translates to “day,” suitable for a lively and bright cat.
  • Nabi (나비) – Means “butterfly,” a whimsical name for an agile cat.
  • Miri (미리) – Translates to “future,” perfect for a forward-looking cat.
  • Bomi (보미) – Means “spring,” fitting for a cat with a lively and playful nature.
  • Gimbap (김밥) – Inspired by the Korean rice roll, a unique and cute choice.
  • Cherry (체리) – A sweet and delightful name for a lovable cat.
  • Dudu (두두) – A cute and affectionate name, perfect for a cuddly cat.
  • Podo (포도) – Translates to “grape,” ideal for a small and sweet cat.
  • Miru (미루) – Means “look” or “see,” suitable for an observant cat.
  • Jagi (자기) – A term of endearment, similar to “honey” or “darling.”
  • Bbam (빰) – Translates to “night,” perfect for a cat with a mysterious aura.
  • Ppang (빵) – A cute name, inspired by the Korean word for “bread.”

Korean Food Names for Cats

  • Bibimbap (비빔밥) – A colorful and well-mixed meal, fitting for a vibrant cat.
  • Kimchi (김치) – Inspired by the iconic Korean fermented cabbage dish.
  • Tteokbokki (떡볶이) – A spicy and chewy rice cake dish, perfect for a lively cat.
  • Sundubu-jjigae (순두부찌개) – Soft tofu stew, great for a soft and gentle cat.
  • Mandu (만두) – Korean dumplings, suitable for a playful and bite-sized cat.
  • Japchae (잡채) – Stir-fried glass noodles, ideal for a cat with a sleek and shiny coat.
  • Banchan (반찬) – Refers to a variety of side dishes, great for a cat with diverse charm.
  • Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) – Grilled pork belly, fitting for a cat with a hearty appetite.
  • Yakgwa (약과) – Honey cookies, sweet and perfect for an affectionate cat.
  • Haemul Pajeon (해물파전) – Seafood pancake, great for a cat with a mix of colors.
  • Jajangmyeon (자장면) – Black bean noodles, ideal for a sleek black cat.
  • Bokkeumbap (볶음밥) – Fried rice, suitable for an energetic and playful cat.
  • Hotteok (호떡) – Sweet pancakes, perfect for a cat with a sweet disposition.
  • Gimbap (김밥) – Rice rolls, fitting for a well-rounded and adorable cat.
  • Galbi (갈비) – Grilled ribs, ideal for a cat with a strong and muscular build.
  • Sujeonggwa (수정과) – Cinnamon punch, great for a warm and comforting cat.
  • Baesuk (배숙) – Steamed pear dessert, suitable for a cat with a delicate nature.
  • Dakgangjeong (닭강정) – Sweet and crispy chicken, perfect for a lively cat.
  • Janchi Guksu (잔치국수) – Banquet noodles, ideal for a sociable and friendly cat.
  • Patbingsu (팥빙수) – Shaved ice dessert, great for a cool and refreshing cat.

Korean Names for Grey Cats

  • Duru (두루): Smooth and graceful gray feline.
  • Bori (보리): Resilient and charming kitten.
  • Nabi (나비): Elegant cat resembling a butterfly.
  • Gureum (구름): Soft as a cloud, gentle kitty.
  • Bam (밤): Mysterious and nocturnal companion.
  • Choco (초코): Sweet, chocolate-colored Korean cat.
  • Gaji (가지): Graceful and slender grey beauty.
  • Bom (봄): Playful and lively spring kitten.
  • Heul (흘): Silver-gray, with silky fur.
  • Chu (추): Adorable and affectionate grey friend.
  • Noksaek (녹색): Grey cat resembling greenish hues.
  • Bandal (반달): Crescent-shaped, charming feline.
  • Gwihan (귀한): Precious and distinguished gray cat.
  • Dangsin (당신): Your special, beloved Korean cat.
  • Ggomul (꼬물): Cute and mischievous little cat.
  • Hayan (하얀): Light-grey, with a pure essence.
  • Jjing (징): Calm and collected grey companion.
  • Eodum (어둠): Dark and mysterious Korean cat.
  • Sseul (쓸): Sleek, with a shiny grey coat.
  • Nunmul (눈물): Grey cat with teardrop-like markings.

Korean Names for Black Cats

  • Heuk (흑): Sleek and mysterious black cat.
  • Gumiho (구미호): Resembling a mythical nine-tailed fox.
  • Bomul (보물): Treasure-like, a precious black kitten.
  • Gureum (구름): Cloud-like, soft and dark beauty.
  • Ogam (어둠): Symbolizing darkness, a mysterious feline.
  • Ddang (땅): Grounded and elegant black cat.
  • Misty (미스티): Like the mist, elusive and black.
  • Yami (야미): Japanese-Korean, meaning darkness.
  • Byul (별): Black as the night sky, a starry cat.
  • Gom (곰): Cute and cuddly black bear-like cat.
  • Moonji (문지): Mysterious with a moonlit appearance.
  • Bulkkot (불꽃): Sparkling black, like flames.
  • Geom (검): Elegant and graceful black beauty.
  • Nuri (누리): Shiny and black, reflecting light.
  • Saekdong (색동): Black cat with colorful charm.
  • Gwiyeoun (귀여운): Adorable and charming black kitten.
  • Gomdol (곰돌): Round and cuddly black cat.
  • Charmi (참이): Charming and elegant black feline.
  • Yuryeong (유령): Ghost-like, mysterious black cat.
  • Mureup (무릎): A black cat that loves to sit on laps.

Korean Names for Orange Cats

  • Daegal (대갈): Bright and radiant orange kitty.
  • Yeondu (연두): Resembling the vibrant color of leaves.
  • Podo (포도): Grape-like, sweet and orange.
  • Banji (반지): Symbolizing a ring of warm orange fur.
  • Tangerine (탱젠트): Citrusy orange, lively and fresh.
  • Hodu (호두): Walnut-colored, a charming orange cat.
  • Jubu (주부): Pumpkin-like, a round and orange companion.
  • Yang (양): Bright and sunny, like the sun.
  • Mandarin (만다린): Citrus-inspired, bright orange fur.
  • Milkyway (밀키웨이): Creamy orange, like the Milky Way.
  • Yuja (유자): Resembling the vibrant color of yuzu fruit.
  • Jaran (자란): Growing, vibrant orange kitten.
  • Chulbalm (철발름): Harvest-like, a warm orange feline.
  • Haneul (하늘): Sky-colored, a bright orange cat.
  • Gokseong (곡성): Vibrant and colorful, like a rainbow.
  • Yangyang (양양): Sunny and lively orange companion.
  • Maeil (매일): Everyday joy, like the orange sunrise.
  • Gyeran (계란): Egg-like, a warm and orange cat.
  • Yeonwoo (연우): Resembling the warmth of fire.
  • Haru (하루): Bright and lively, like a sunny day.

Korean Names for White Cats

  • Hayan (하얀): Pure and snowy white feline.
  • Gureum (구름): Soft as a cloud, elegant white cat.
  • Milky (밀키): Creamy and adorable white kitten.
  • Baekho (백호): Resembling a white tiger, strong and majestic.
  • Bomul (보물): Treasure-like, a precious white cat.
  • Seulgi (설탕): Sugar-like, sweet and white.
  • Nun (눈): Snowy, like the pure white snow.
  • Hwanhui (환희): Joyful and bright, a white companion.
  • Baek (백): Clean and bright, symbolizing purity.
  • Gyepi (계피): Cinnamon-colored, a warm white cat.
  • Bom (봄): Fresh and lively, like springtime.
  • Ipseok (입석): Pearl-like, shining and white.
  • Anguk (안국): Peaceful and calm, a serene white cat.
  • Goyangi (고양이): Classic “Cat” in Korean, simple and cute.
  • Dalbit (달빛): Moonlight-like, glowing and white.
  • Yuri (유리): Crystal-like, transparent and white.
  • Banila (바닐라): Vanilla-flavored, sweet and white.
  • Chorok (초록): Green-colored, unique name for a white cat.
  • Baekhyun (백현): White and bright like the moon.
  • Arum (아름): Beautiful and elegant white feline.

Korean names continue to evolve due to so many hybrid options, yet still pay homage to the traditional names. Many Korean names are also gender-neutral which means you have even more of a selection when choosing a name for your kitty.

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