125 Best Russian Blue Cat Names And Their Meanings

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Russian cats are among the most popular cat breeds around the world. These  majestic and mysterious creatures are taking cat owners by storm.

Some of the most beautiful and famous cat breeds originate in Russia. Top Russian cat breeds such as the beautiful Russian Blue, and the extraordinary Petersberg Sphynx with is long and narrow head, very large ears, and hairless with a Siamese-like body shape.

Congratulations for on your new Russian kitten, but now it time to find the perfect name for the gorgeous creatures. We did some research and came up with our list of popular and famous Russian russian cat names with meanings.

Popular Male Russian Blue Cat Names

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Dmitry– name of kings and a variation of the names of early saints.

  • Maximilian– “The great,” often shortened to “Max.”
  • Aleksander– A ferocious name, “Defender of Man,” may be shortened to, “Alek.”
  • Boris– A “Fighter,”common in Russia.
  • Czar– means, “Emperor.”
  • Edvard– The “Rich Guard”, often associated with wealth.
  • Igor– “Warrior of Peace,” also the name of the famous Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky.
  • Ivan– “Gracious gift from God”, simple, short and beautiful.
  • Dmitry– name of kings and a variation of the names of early saints.
  • Yuri– similar to the name, George, also the name of the first Russain in space.
  • Vladimir– Slavic name origins shared with Soviet state founder, Vladimir Lenin.
  • Viktor– the “Conqueror,” also shared with Viktor Krum. A character from the Harry Potter Series.
  • Sergei– “Protector or Shepherd”
  • Rasputin– associated with Mysticism and inner power.
  • Nikolai– This is a common name meaning, “Victorious.”
  • Mikhail– “God like.”
  • Norm– This name means from the North.
  • Axel– This cool name means someone who likes peace.
  • Zane– Is a Hebrew form of John.
  • Orion– This is the name of a mightier hunter in astronomy.
  • Rocco– This tough-sounding Italian name actually means rest.
  • Xander– This is short form of the Greek name Alexander.

Popular Female Russian Blue Cat Names

Karina– Scandinavian origin and means, “Pure.” This name is often used for the free-spirited.

  • Anastasia– “Resurrection” name of the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, last Russian emperor
  • Babushka– “Granny” in Russian
  • Nina– Slavic word for “Dreamer” or “Dream,”
  • Olga– “Holy”
  • Oxana– popular Russian name of Ukrainian origins
  • Eva– Latin name meaning “Living one.”
  • Sveta– This name has Polish variation and means “Saint”
  • Iva– “Gift from God.”
  • Karina– Scandinavian origin and means, “Pure.” This name is often used for the free-spirited.
  • Katja– also means “Pure”, But it has Greek origin and is used for those who deeply desire love.
  • Kira– This Russian name means “Ruler,” or “Beloved.”
  • Yelena– Russian form of the Greek name, “Helen”, or “Helios/Sun”.
  • Vera– means “Faith”
  • Tasha– pretty abbreviation of the Russian name, “Natasha.”
  • Sabina– feminine form of Sabinus orginated in acient Rome
  • Selina– The secret identity of the infamous Catwoman.
  • Katana– Here is a Japanese word for sword.
  • Guinevere– This was the name of King Arthur’s wife.
  • Angelika– This is a form of the word angel.
  • Sophia– It is derived from Greek language and it means wisdom.
  • Amelia– This name is present in many languages and its Latin origin refers to “Strive”.
  • Victoria– In Latin it means victory whereas in Roman mythology, it was the name of the goddess of victory.
  • Aria– It may refer to the song in the Opera but in Hebrew it is derived from the word Ariel which means “Lion of God”.
  • Layla– This is derived from Russian  Language in which it means “Night”.
  • Zoey– It’s a Russian baby name which means “Life”.
  • Luna– Luna is the Russian name for baby girls which means “The Moon”.
  • Stella– Stella is–Z the Latin word for Star.
  • Pinky– Refers to the color pink but may refer to the little finger in your body.
  • Olivia– It is derived from the Russian word “Oliva” which means Olive.
  • Mia– Some may think it is short form of Missing in Action but it also represents beauty and sensuality.
  • Antoinette– This French name means very praiseworthy.

Layla– This is derived from Russian  Language in which it means “Night”.

Russian Cat Names for Grey Cats

  • Ash – Sleek and subtly mysterious allure.
  • Blitz – Quick and stealthily charming nature.
  • Cloud – Fluffy and mysteriously ethereal charm.
  • Ember – Warm and smolderingly captivating presence.
  • Gizmo – Quirky and playfully enigmatic demeanor.
  • Haze – Misty and delightfully elusive charm.
  • Jett – Dark and sleekly mysterious allure.
  • Luna – Mysterious and serenely captivating nature.
  • Misty – Softly hued and mysteriously charming aura.
  • Neptune – Aquatic and mysteriously enchanting charm.
  • Orion – Celestial and subtly captivating allure.
  • Pixel – Tiny and charmingly elusive charm.
  • Ripple – Fluid and mysteriously captivating presence.
  • Shade – Shadowy and enigmatically captivating allure.
  • Smokey – Hazy and mysteriously charming aura.
  • Storm – Darkly atmospheric and intriguing nature.
  • Whisper – Soft and mysteriously elusive charm.
  • Wisp – Delicate and charmingly elusive allure.
  • Zen – Calm and mysteriously serene demeanor.
  • Zephyr – Breezy and mysteriously captivating presence.

More Good Names for Russian Blue Cats

  • Asher – Sophisticated and subtly enigmatic allure.
  • Aurora – Celestial and elegantly enigmatic charm.
  • Caspian – Mysteriously charming and quietly regal.
  • Celeste – Heavenly and quietly enigmatic presence.
  • Dimitri – Regal and subtly enigmatic persona.
  • Evelina – Elegant and mysteriously alluring nature.
  • Frost – Cool and subtly enigmatic charm.
  • Giselle – Graceful and elegantly enigmatic demeanor.
  • Ivanova – Regal and quietly enigmatic allure.
  • Jasper – Polished and mysteriously captivating charm.
  • Larissa – Graceful and subtly enigmatic presence.
  • Luna – Mysterious and serenely captivating nature.
  • Nikolai – Dignified and subtly enigmatic persona.
  • Olga – Elegant and mysteriously charming allure.
  • Ruslan – Stately and elegantly enigmatic persona.
  • Sabrina – Enchanting and subtly enigmatic charm.
  • Sasha – Endearing and quietly enigmatic nature.
  • Silver – Shiny and subtly enigmatic allure.
  • Tatiana – Graceful and subtly regal charm.
  • Valentin – Charismatic and elegantly enigmatic presence.

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