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Thevets.com Review – Is It the Best at Home Pet Care?

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  • Ease Of Use – 9/10
  • Services Offered – 8/10
  • Website – 10/10
  • Convenience – 10/10
  • Price – 7/10

Overall Score: 8.2/10


The Vets is personalized, in-home vet care service that is available for both cats and dogs. They use their skills to evaluate your pet, make diagnoses, and treat a wide range of conditions as well as provide vaccinations.

The Vets have been operating since 2021 and are currently serving Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, Sacramento, California, Phoenix, Arizona, San Diego, California, and New York. By the end of 2022, they plan to be servicing 22 cities across the country.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We tested The Vet’s services on our pets and went through the entire process from beginning to end. We booked an appointment and allowed their team to come into our home to meet our pets in order to write this review.

The Vets performed a full check up, vaccinations and answered our questions and concerns regarding our pets.

What Do The Vets Offer?

The Vets is an innovative veterinary care provider, that provide services for your pets in the comfort of your home. They provide a comprehensive exam to make sure your pet is healthy and well. This experience means your pet is relaxed which saves time, and reduces stress.The Vets offers a team of industry-leading veterinarians supported through training, and modern medical technology to provide your cat with blood work, skin scraping, urine samples, vaccinations, microchipping and even health certificates.

The Vets Pet Specialists are available to discuss and advise you on your pet’s health and need, even after regular business hours. Also, if your pet suddenly seems sick, you can book a same-day or next-day appointment.

How To Schedule An Appointment With Vets?

Setting up an appointment is as easy as going to the Vet’s website and clicking on the “schedule appointment” button in the top right corner. You will be routed to a screen that asks for your zip code to in order to verify you are in the areas served currently.

A phone number will pop up for you to call and schedule an at-home visit if you are in one of the cities The Vet’s currently serves. When you call you will be greeted by a customer service representative.

You will be asked a series of questions about your cat, including breed, age, whether he is spayed or neutered, and any current health conditions. You will be asked for the name of your cats most recent vet and so that they can get the records prior to the visit. If you have paperwork you can email it or show it to the vet during the appointment.

The customer service representative with then offer several dates and times that they have for your area and that work best with your schedule. Dates and times do vary by city and they usually ask for some flexibility with the appointment which could be a 30 minute window.

Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email and text message ( if you opted in) confirming the date and time as well as another the day of your appointment.

How Does The Vets Appointment Work?

Genghis being bribed with treats for weigh in

You will receive a text asking you to confirm and complete some online questions about your pet the day of your scheduled visit. These are similar questions to those you answered when you set up the appointment and if anything has changed since scheduling the appointment. You will also be asked to confirm the appointment.

When The Vets vet and their vet tech are in route to your home, you will receive another text with an estimated time for their arrival. They ask that you to close your cat in a bathroom so that he won’t wander off or hide when his appointment is scheduled to begin.

The vet and vet tech will arrive with big bags and scales and need a clear area to work in. The first unpack their equipment starting with a scale to weigh your kitty. Next, they scan your cat checking for a microchip, and if your cat does not have one they can do that for you. They also bring lots of treats to keep your cat happy and cooperative during the visit.

Once your cat is weighed they will perform a basic exam checking the eyes, ears, teeth, and nose. Then they listen to the heart, lungs, and check the skin bumps or fleas. Last they take your cats temperature to rule out any illness.

While this is being performed the vet tech will ask questions about when your cat last received their boosters, and vaccines if records were not provided prior to the appointment. They will offer a list of services at this time like cutting the nails, cleaning the teeth or flea treatment to name a few.

The vet tech will have a list of services with the cost next to each of them on a tablet. You can choose the services you want to be done, and it will be added onto the exam fee. You then sign to confirm and pay via credit card on the spot.

If you select to have vaccinations or other optional services done they have everything they need in their bags and perform it on the spot. The vet tech holds your cat while the vet gives the injection or treatment. Blood work can not be tested on the spot and will have to be sent to a lab.

Once the appointment is complete you will receive an email record and an invoice showing services done and payment.

What Types of Concerns Can the Vets Treat?

The Vets offers a full range of treatments for your cat, all in the comfort of your own home.

  • Wellness Exams – Comprehensive nose-to-tail exams are performed to be sure your cat is well.
  • Vaccinations – The Vets offers Rabies 1 & 3, Feline Distemper, Leptospirosis, and Feline Luekemia vaccines for cats.
  • Sick Visits – If your cat is feeling sick, you can book a same-day or next-day appointment for an extra fee.
  • Home Lab Tests – The Vets offers all types of lab tests: from blood work to skin scraping and urine samples. This is not done during home visits.
  • Microchipping – This is offered to be sure your cat doesnt wander too far. Microchipping greatly improves your chances of finding your cat in the event he goes missing.
  • Health Travel Certificates – The Vets is authorized to provide pet health certificates, to help you travel with your kitty.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Vets personal home visits cost $75 (the weekend home visit fee is $95), regardless of the number of pets seen during that visit.

Their “nose-to-tail” exam is $80 per pet and offers you a variety of options for additional treatments as mentioned above.

If you live right outside of their service area, you will have to pay a $50 service fee. There is also a medical waste fee of $5 for items that needs disposing of during the visit.

If you choose to have vaccinations done, they can range from $29 to around $69 but every service area may be slightly different.

How Do Prescriptions Work?

If your cat needs a prescription after being examined, there are a few options. Their vet can have a team member call it in to a local pharmacy or an order can also be placed online and once it is placed a member of their medical team can approve it.

Is A Service Like The Vets Worth It?

If you are looking for convenience then yes it is worth it. However, this is not a budget friendly option especially considering veterinary charges are already considered pricey.

If the thought of taking your cat to the vet and transporting him in an uncomfortable pet carrier, then sitting in a busy waiting room stresses you out, then this is the perfect solution. Also, the added stress on your cat can cause incorrect diagnosis during a check up, which may result in missing an important issue all together.

Having an at-home veterinary visit will eliminate the added stress and anxiety of battling your cat into a carrier and cooperating once in the vets office. And when you consider they use state of the art technology and advanced medical equipment they get the job done quick and effectively.

Overall Impressions

The Vets offers excellent customer service from the representative who sets the appointment to the in home vet and vet tech. They meet the needs of cat parents who put off appointments because of the time and stress involved in getting their pet there.

Our overall impression of The Vets is whole heartedly positive. The vet and vet tech were so patient and loving with my cat as well as informative and explained all their services in detail. My cat loved the attention they gave him as much as the treats.

To date, The Vets has completed more than 12,000 appointments and served more than 11,000 pets in the United States which is about 1000 pets per month. The Vets also offers their veterinarians a 4-day work week and a daily appointment limit to ensure their well-being is in check.

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15 thoughts on “Thevets.com Review – Is It the Best at Home Pet Care?”

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  1. Debbie Callaway

    The Vets told me that they would mail me a hard copy of my Dog’s multiple vaccinations this last March 2022. I never received the hard copy of his $300 plus vaccination records. All I received was a pdf. that did not work!!! Stay away from” the Vets” if you don’t want to be ripped off.

    1. Novembre

      A pdf can be printed on any standard printer, which if you don’t have one at home, you could do at work or FedEx or maybe even a library. Not sure why that’s an issue?

  2. Lisa

    This is a complete sham. The vet and helper came to my house. Took five tries to get blood out of my cat. It’s 2:00 next day, haven’t received a call about test results and number says all vets are offline for the day. Don’t use this business.

  3. Tab Manning

    Still haven’t received my cats lab work. It’s been over two days. I spent $525. Very dissatisfied. I will take my cat into a vets office today.

  4. Mike Davis

    The Vets is a totally incompetent service that canceled on me twice and then had the audacity to ask if I would reschedule after they didn’t contact me until 20 minutes after their scheduled appointment time. What a waste of my precious time!
    If their veterinary skills are as bad as their customer service skills avoid them like the plague.

  5. J MIRO

    DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! My kitten was microchipped, and I paid to have a good kitten visit. The exam and shots were almost $400. I asked PLEASE CHECK THE microchip and make sure her number matches. The vet and tech said yes, it does. IT DID NOT! A month after registering as the kitten’s owner (wrong kitten) and paying $26 I had another vet check, and IT WAS THE WRONG NUMBER. WE COULD HAVE LOST HER FOREVER! They are negligent and do not provide the minimum of proper care. After days of straightening this out and the other kitten getting microchipped twice, costing the shelter money…. customer service said we are sorry, but we will do nothing to compensate you, and all you deserve is a disingenuine apology. So if you want a service that doesn’t care about your kitten or its customers, this is where you can overpay and get no accountability. Buyers beware if your pet is lost, it could be their fault it would not be found, and they would not care AT ALL!

  6. Tiff

    I had a good experience. Less stress on my sick cat and they filled the prescription from van and gave me those items. Yes it is more expensive but you are paying for ease and less stress. The only frustrating thing is that the medication is liquid and they didn’t show me how to administer. I now have a cat that won’t accept the medication. Hopefully I’ll get this figured out. They were very good at explaining what my cat may have, lots of ifs but starting with the least invasive is best. I would recommend. Just clear some room on the credit card.