101 Most Popular Calico Cat Names

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Calicos are some of the most colorful and playful cats. As kittens, they love to get into mischief and run around, while as adults, they are great hunters and loyal companions.

These cats tend to have orange, black and white markings, though there can sometimes be other colors in there as well.

This means that there are all sorts of names that you could pick for them that relate to their individual colors or the patchy look of their coats.

Boy Names

  1. Rocket– We love how fiery and energetic this name sounds, and it fits the fiery orange color of calicos.
  2. Firebrand– This strong name is great for cats that have a lot of orange in them and that have a mischievous or energetic streak in them.
  3. Patches– The mottled look of the calico makes this the perfect moniker.
  4. Mosaic– Calicos are like a painting, and the mottled look of mosaics matched their patterns nicely.
  5. Mandarin– Like the orange.
  6. Julian– Like the mango.
  7. Boots– If your calico has colored feet, then this would be ideal.
  8. Mittens– The same reasoning as Boots is used for this one.
  9. Socks– Another option for cats with colored feet.
  10. Blaze– This fiery name is great for calicos.
  11. Rusty– Another orange-themed winner.
  12. Buddy– An affectionate name for an affectionate cat.
  13. Zodiac– A mystical name for your colorful feline.
  14. Felix– Means lucky.
  15. Fox– The orange coloring in your cat’s coat may resemble a fox.
  16. Scrappy– Reminiscent of scrap work.
  17. Pirate– For calicos with a black patch on their eye.
  18. Jack– Like a Halloween jack-o-lantern.
  19. Patrick– A version of Patches.
  20. Julius– Like the orange juice.
  21. Rudy– Because of the orange color of your cat.
  22. Russet– Like the red terrier.

Girl Names

Scarlett- Red names work well for orange cats.

  1. Catty– This is a fun name that’s a play on words, and it works for any cat.
  2. Daffodil– A sweet flower name is great for cats. And this one is based on the orange color of calicos and the flower.
  3. Pumpkin– The orange vegetable fits these orange cats nicely.
  4. Peachy– There are different variations of this that you can use, such as Peaches and Peach.
  5. Mango– There is really no end to the cute, orange-themed named you can use for cats.
  6. Apricot– Even just fruit-themed names are a long list, and this is one of the best, we think.
  7. Penny– A cute name for cats with some orange in them.
  8. Penelope– A longer form of Penny.
  9. Felicity– Means lucky.
  10. Amber– Another great orange-themed name.
  11. Taffieta– A play on taffy that sounds sweet on its own.
  12. Taffy– A sweet, candy name for a sweet cat.
  13. Caramel– Sweet and beautiful, just like your cat.
  14. Butterscotch– Candy names for cats are just so delicious.
  15. Ginger– A girl’s name that fits the orange theme.
  16. Cinnamon– Great for cats with darker orange or some brown in their coats.
  17. Speckles– Perfectly describes your cat’s patterning.
  18. Honey– The warm coloring of calicos make this a perfect name for a sweet cat.
  19. Seline– You could name your cat after the comic book character Catwoman’s alter ego.
  20. Precious– Because your cat most certainly would be.
  21. Cuddles– Calicos are very loving cats.
  22. Snuggles– Great for cat’s that like to curl up with you.
  23. Callie– A playful version of Calico
  24. Autumn– Fall names work great for calicos.
  25. Holly– Short for Halloween.
  26. Mary– Short for Maryland, where the organ-suited Orioles play.
  27. Trixie– A feminine name for your colorful cat.
  28. Pixie– A magical name for a magical creature.
  29. Mystique– Another magical name.
  30. Clementine– Like the orange.
  31. Valencia– Another type of orange.
  32. Sweetie– Because your cat is just the dearest.
  33. Darling– Another very sweet name.
  34. Nutmeg– Because your cat is colored like the spice.
  35. Meg or Megan– A version of nutmeg.
  36. Scarlett– Red names work well for orange cats.
  37. Sunflower– Due to your cat’s color.
  38. Tiger Lily- A play on the tiger colors of your cat.

Unisex Names

Cocoa- Great for if your cat is warm and snuggly.

  1. Whiskers– This basic name is great for any kind of cat, and it can be used as a girl or boy name.
  2. Carrot– Another great orange name that’s kind of unique.
  3. Crisscross– A great way to describe your cat’s mottled colors.
  4. Patchwork– You can use this for any cat with multiple colors.
  5. Patch– Another version of patchwork.
  6. Cookie Dough– A fun name that reminds you of a favorite ice cream.
  7. Cocoa– Great for if your cat is warm and snuggly.
  8. Jigsaw– This cool name describes your cat’s mottled appearance.
  9. Tortie– A great name since calico cats have similar coloring to tortoiseshell cats.
  10. Marbles– This fun name describes your cat’s coloring.
  11. Mocha– If your cat reminds you of coffee, then go with this one.
  12. Mud pie– It’s cute but fun in a way that describes calico coloring nicely.
  13. Sandy– Due to the orange coloring.
  14. Sandra– Another version of sandy.
  15. Pudding– Brings to mind a sweet, mixed dessert.
  16. Saffron– The yellow-orange spice makes for a cute name.
  17. Sunny– You could also go with Sunshine or Sunbeam.
  18. Sundae– The cat’s coloring may remind you of the dessert.
  19. Tangerine– Like the orange.
  20. Tiger– The coloring is very similar between calicos and tigers.
  21. Lion– To call attention to the arena-yellow color of the cat.
  22. Skittles– Speaks to the colorful nature of your cat.
  23. Butterball– Perfect for larger cats.
  24. October– Calicos are Halloween cats.
  25. Maple– Like the leaf.
  26. Molasses– Sweet like your cat.
  27. Sorghum– A type of molasses.
  28. Brown Sugar– Could the name be much sweeter?
  29. Camo– Short for camouflage.
  30. Oriole– Because of their orange coloring that resembles the Oriole bird.
  31. Mixit– Because of the mixture of colors.
  32. Butterfinger– Like the candy.
  33. Reese– Like another candy.
  34. Taco– A colorful food name for your colorful cat.
  35. Cayenne– Like the pepper
  36. Chili– Also like a pepper.
  37. Citrus– A great name for orange cats.
  38. Marmalade- Named after the jam.
  39. Firestar– A fiery name for your energetic pet.
  40. Creamsicle– These ice cream-popsicles are orange and white many times.
  41. Gingerbread– Yet another sweet cat name.

We hope one of these options will inspire you with the right name for your calico beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I name my calico cat?

Choose a lucky name for your calico cat, such as Lucky, Neapolitan, or Penny. Get creative with unique names like Megumi, Ottilie, and Radha, or go bold with Badass Names like Elektra or Rebel. Or pick something cute like Mittens, Gato, or Patches.

Are female calico cats rare?

Female calico cats are not rare, but male calico cats are very rare. The coloring of calico cats is not something that can be bred and only happens by chance, as the dilution gene is a recessive gene.

Therefore, female dilute calico cats are particularly rare.

What is the rarest cat name?

The rarest cat name is likely Heathcliff, according to our list of top 100 rare cat names.

Other uncommon cat names for boys include Oatmeal (Otis), Oblomov, Odor, Oh No!, and Okie Dokie; while unique girl cat names include Velvet, Bernadette, Madrigal, Muse, and Saoirse.

Why are calico cats unique?

Calico cats are unique because of their tri-color coat, which typically consists of white, orange and black, but can also feature variations in shades such as cream, blue-black, reddish or brown.

On top of that, Calicoes have personalities all their own that are influenced by a range of factors, making them some of the most colorful cats around.

Why are calico cats considered lucky in many cultures?

Calico cats are widely seen as lucky in many cultures due to their unique and captivating tri-colored coats.

Their coats are made up of three distinct colors, usually black, white, and orange. The combination of these colors is thought to bring good luck and fortune to those who own them.

We hope one of these options will inspire you with the right name for your calico beauty.

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  1. Jane carr

    Another name should be java from Starbucks because calico cats look like the Starbucks drink java chocolate chip for a girl cat or kitten and luna for a girl and cball for a boy

  2. Jo Ann

    I have two calicos and the black , brown, white is always into stuff and her name is Trouble my other one is White , black , brown and she is shy and sneaks around so her is Sneaky. They ate so much fine . Love them great companions