145 Most Popular Names for Tabby Cats

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Tabby cats are some of the most common household pets, and their distinctive black, orange grey and brown striped coloring opens the door for some really awesome cat names. Here are some of our favorites.

Male Names for Tabby Cats (A-Z)

orange tabby

Garfield- The orange comic strip cat is actually a tabby.

  • Alvin – From Alvin and the chipmunks.
  • Angus – Means strength.
  • Aslan – Means bold.
  • Atlas – Greek god.
  • Badger – Tabby markings can make them look similar to the ferocious woodland animal.
  • Bandit – For a notorious cat.
  • Beech – A pride cat.
  • Beetle – For a nice cat.
  • Belfast – largest city in north Ireland.
  • Benito – A blessing.
  • Blink – For a cat with unique eyes.
  • Buckwheat – Tabby markings can remind you of a field of wheat that is ready to harvest.
  • Bullseye – Your cat may have a bullseye marking on their fur.
  • Bumblebee – The distinct tabby markings could also remind you of a bee.
  • Cash – A hollow looking cat.
  • Cecil – A blind cat.
  • Chester – For a cheerful cat.
  • Chico – Spanish for boy.
  • Cinder – This is a strong pick for darker colored cats.
  • Clem – From Clement.

More Boy Names for Tabby Cats


Fritz – From fritz the cat.

  • Conrad – Means honest.
  • Dash – For an active cat.
  • Deer – For a timid cat.
  • Domino – Ideal for a striped cat.
  • Doyle – For a shy cat.
  • Earl Grey – The British tea is just about the same color as the average tabby cat.
  • Elton – After the classical musician.
  • Fallow – A cooperative cat.
  • Figaro – Geppetto’s cat in Pinocchio.
  • Fritz – From fritz the cat.
  • Fuku – Japanese for lucky.
  • Garfield – The orange comic strip cat is actually a tabby.
  • Hei – Japanese for wisdom.
  • Hoover – For a cat that loves chicken.
  • Hunter – It’s a human name with fierce connotations.
  • Jafar – From Aladdin.
  • Leo – It’s short for leopard and also means lion.
  • Leopard – This works best if you have a spotted tabby cat.
  • Mars – Roman god of war.
  • Monet – After Claude Monet who was a cat painter.
  • Quintin – This is a play on harlequin, which is a pattern that some tabbies have.
  • Sable – This is the name of a ferocious carnivore from the weasel family.
  • Shadow – If you have a darker colored tabby, then this is a good choice.
  • Spock – A cat with pointy ears.
  • Tao – like Chinese.
  • Taz – The Warner Bros. cartoon character has a name that sounds like a play on Tabby.
  • Tiger – We had to start with this one. It’s just such an obvious name for a tabby cat.
  • Yeti – A good name for a cat with extra toes.

Female Names for Tabby Cats (A-Z)

tabby cat

Nutmeg- This is a sweet spice that is similar in color to many tabbies.

  • Abby – This is a lovely play on “tabby”, and it means “father’s joy”.
  • Agave – Striped cactus.
  • Amber – Nice for a tabby cat with red fur.
  • Bacio – Italian for kiss.
  • Boo – For cats that are cuddly.
  • Briana – For a vibrant cat.
  • Buttercup – Classy name for a cat.
  • Cilla – From Pricilla.
  • Crystal – For a cat that has clear blue eyes.
  • Dawn – Nice name for a cat that gets up early.
  • Dela – A pleasant cat.
  • Demetria – Greek goddess of fertility.
  • Dotty – Your tabby may have spots or dots across here fur.
  • Duchess – For a royal tabby cat.
  • Elsa – From frozen.
  • Emma – Meaning universal, is apt for tabbies since they often have an “M” mark on their forehead.
  • Erica – A classy name for an outgoing cat.
  • Fiona – The lovely princess from Shrek.
  • Gina – Means queen
  • Giselle – A simple name for a cat.
  • Harlequin – If your tabby has a harlequin pattern, why not name her after the famous doll?

Girl Names for Tabby Cats

Nessa – Short for Vanessa.

  • Honey – Save this name for the sweetest tabby cat you have.
  • Jasmine – The cartoon character from Aladdin had a striped tiger as a pet.
  • Livia – From Olivia.
  • Lolly – For a cute cat.
  • Maia – Greek goddess of spring.
  • Marbella – You could go feminine with the idea of marble coloring.
  • Mila – A graceful cat.
  • Misty – For cats with misty eyes.
  • Mocha – For a brown tabby cat.
  • Nessa – Short for Vanessa.
  • Nutmeg – This is a sweet spice that is similar in color to many tabbies.
  • Paris – After the city of love.
  • Pearl – For a cat with pearly eyes.
  • Pickles – For a green-eyed cat.
  • Quinn – This is an affectionate version of harlequin.
  • Paisely – This is a form of intricate Indian artistic designs.
  • Raya – In Spanish, this means stripes.
  • Rena – Means gentle.
  • Ruby – A precious stone.
  • Shira – The tigress in ice age.
  • Tabs – This is an affection form of Tabby.
  • Tabitha – Here is a more formal and human sounding version of Tabby.
  • Tapestry – The ornate drawings have a name that is a play on Tabby as well.
  • Venus – After the planet Venus.
  • Wanda – Meaning wanderer.
  • Yasmin – A white flower.
  • Zebra – The distinctive tabby marking is similar to those of the African animal.
  • Zina – Means radiant.

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Unisex Names for Tabby Cats (A-Z)

tbby cat names

Tabs- This is an affection form of Tabby.

  • Aldo – For an old cat.
  • Allegra – For happy cats.
  • Allegro – Means speed.
  • Alto – For tall cats.
  • Argo – Greek for swift.
  • Attabiy – Tabbies actually get their name from a silk made in Bagdad in the Attabiy district.
  • Blake – Cool name for tabby cats.
  • Cappuccino – A coffee lover’s ideal name for a cat.
  • Carmen – Means song.
  • Cassidy – For a cat with curly fur.
  • Charlie – Means independent.
  • Cheetah – This is another name that works best when your tabby is spotted.
  • Checkers – Your cat could also have a checkered pattern that demands you pick this name.
  • Cider – For a cat with golden eyes.
  • Cinnamon – You might pick this spice as a name if your cat has a reddish hue.
  • Cocoa – The warm, comforting drink is a brownish color similar to some tabbies.
  • Copper – This reddish metal is perfect for cats with a reddish-brown coloration.
  • Cypress – A shy cat.
  • Dakota – Means friend.
  • Doe – For a calm cat.
  • Dylan – Means child of the sea.
  • Eden – Means paradise.
  • Emery – Means brave one.

Cute Names for Tabby Cats

cat sleeping

Pepper – The distinctive grey and white look of pepper may perfectly describe your cat’s markings.

  • Expresso – For a smooth cat.
  • Gemini – A zodiac sign.
  • Hiro – Japanese for generous.
  • Hodgepodge – It perfectly describes tabby markings
  • Honey – For a golden tabby cat.
  • Hoshi – Japanese for star.
  • Kadin – Means friend.
  • Kelly – Means warrior.
  • Lee – Means one who dwells in the woods.
  • Lumi – Means light.
  • Marbles – The marble pattern on a cat can serve as a great namesake.
  • Nevada – Means snowy.
  • Mottle– It’s another option for patchy coloring names.
  • Patches – The mottled, patchy look of some tabbies makes for a cute name.
  • Patchwork – Here is another name for tabbies with indistinct markings.
  • Pebbles – This is another one based on the look of your cat’s spots and markings.
  • Pepper – The distinctive grey and white look of pepper may perfectly describe your cat’s markings.
  • Smokey – For a cat with smoky eyes.
  • Speckle – A great name for a cat.
  • Speckles – Let’s end with one more spotted name.
  • Spot – This classic is ideal for the spotted variety of tabby.
  • Tera – A million bits.
  • Tuddles – For a doodly cata.
  • Vanilla – A tasty icecream flavor.
  • Vesper – An evening star.

There you have it- our top picks for tabby cat names. You can find tons more if you keep looking, but we hope one of these caught your interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you name a tabby cat?

Why not go for a classic name like Shadow, Pepper, Onyx, or Earl Grey, or pick something more unique like Atlas, Badger, Bandit, or Beech?

If your tabby cat has a brown coat, consider names like Twig, Potato, Coco, Hazel, Ziti, Oakley, Woody, or Clay.

What are rare cat names?

Express your pet’s unique personality with some rare cat names, like Tisiphone, Ragnar, Velvet, Bamboo, Bernadette, Madrigal, Muse, Saoirse, Bard, Jericho, Pirate or Willoughby!

Is a tabby cat a rare cat?

Tabby cats are one of the most common cat breeds around the world, and can be found in many different breed types, making them far from rare.

What do you call a boy cat?

A tomcat is the term for a male cat, often referred to as a sire. It is also popularly known as a reference to Tom from the cartoon show, Tom and Jerry.

What are some classic tabby cat names?

Let your tabby cat stand out with classic names like Tabitha, Luna, Waldo and more!

Give them a special name they deserve.

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  1. Hallie

    My Tabby cat, aged 10, is called Tiger. My Tabby kitten, aged 10 months, is called Cookie. I also love the names Kaycee, Amee and Paislee for girls and Indie, Fredi and Xay for males.

  2. Maya Grey

    I have a Maine Coon Tabby named Gibson. He is very hyper and loves to chew things. It is as though I have a dog as a cat. Oddly strange for one fluff ball.

  3. Deborah Gregson

    Our last tabby stubby Manx was named Jessica. The kitten we got five months ago who is a Bobtail is Arya Underfoot, named by the animal shelter we adopted her from. We thought it was a funny name then learned she was a character from Game of Thrones. Her nickname is Ari and she’s a wild child that brought us such joy after losing Jessica. I know Jess sent Ari to us, they could almost be twins.

  4. Dave Phemister

    Our adopted kitty is a Flame Point Himalayan Persian
    She is all white with orange ears, mask, ends of her paws, down the middle of her back and her tail.
    Her name is REBA (after Reba McIntyre. white lady with red hair.

  5. Lorenz in Vienna, Austria

    I have always adopted an unwanted male cat since 1975, when I was 18. In 2019, I brought home my new guy from the wonderful local shelter. He had been found abandoned in a park: wet, sick, and straggly. After getting him back to good health and groomed, they found that he hates other cats, so he was suggested to me as I only have room for one feline companion.

    He came with no known history, so he remained nameless for the first few weeks. We talked, we negotiated. I found that he responded to simple, one-syllable words, and finally we agreed on Sam, as in “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By.’” He comes to me with a simple call of his name. It fits him and everybody remembers the name. I had a doctor visit last week, and his first words to me were “How is Sam”?

    I suggest you talk to your new cat, and see what kind of name to which he/she is most responsive. If he/she is adopted and has been given a name by his/her previous owner, I suggest you stick to that (unless it’s really horrid/cloying/etc.).

  6. Ozeilia Reynolds

    I have a male tuxedo tabby cat which is grey, black and white w/a swirly pattern. I’ve named him Symon; it’s basically Simon spelled w/a “y” instead of an “i”. I’ve just wanted something different for him as far as the name. That’s why I spell his name with a “y” instead of an “i”…..

  7. Jay

    Nika, nala, hazel, bengie, oliver, molly, samey, elyana, kiki, ava, blue, lali,stella,luna, kiana, kylaya, sophie, lucy, lucky, ollie, shadow, otis, lulu, moon, gizmo, Nathaniel, emilia, Mila, Mila,
    Leo, juniper Q

  8. Dawn

    Hi i am getting my new tabby and white female kitten in a couple of weeks, i am thinking of calling her Dakota which i think means friend.