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Best Cat Food For Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue cats are delicate creatures that desire attention and love. Their dense, luxurious coats, vivid green eyes, and dignified personalities make the Russian Blue a distinctive, delightful pet. But what should you feed your Russian Blue cat? In this article, we explore the best cat food for these regal felines. At A Glance: Best Cat Food For Russian Blue...

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51+ Popular Russian Cat Names And Their Meanings

Russian cats are among the most popular cat breeds around the world. These  majestic and mysterious creatures are taking cat owners by storm. Some of the most beautiful and famous cat breeds originate in Russia. Top Russian cat breeds such as the beatiful Russian Blue, and the extraordinary Petersberg Sphynx with is long and narrow head, very large ears, and...

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Why Is My Cat Thin At The Back End?

Do you commonly wonder why you have a thin cat? Part of responsible pet ownership is making sure our cats are a healthy size and weight for their age and breed. After all, we all want our pets to be happy and healthy. Keeping a close eye on your cat’s condition is a good habit to get into. Doing so...

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The 9 Friendliest & Nicest Cat Breeds In the World

Although cats have earned a reputation for being independent and aloof, cat lovers know that this generalization is not entirely accurate. Many cats are extremely affectionate with their favorite human companions, and some are outgoing and friendly with just about anyone.  What Are the Friendliest, Nicest and Most Social Cat Breeds? If you long for a friendly cat to be...

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10 Key Questions To Ask Before Adopting A New Cat

Adopting a cat, kitten, or any other pet is a lifetime commitment, so it’s important to do your homework. Too many people think cats are disposable; hence the populations of community cats and full shelters. Asking yourself the following 10 questions will help you to make a wise decision. Additional Tips If you decide to adopt a cat, here are...

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are brown cats considered rare?

Are Brown Cats Considered Rare? 

Cats come in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns. Some cat colors and patterns are very common and others are rare. If you’re wondering if brown cats are considered rare, the answer is, it depends!   Some brown colors and patterns in cats are fairly common, but some brown cats are quite rare. Read on to learn about the...

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cost of owning a cat

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Cat In 2023

You can care for a cat for as low as $162 per year, but it’s common to spend about $800 annually. Read on for our detailed breakdown of your annual and lifetime costs. In their oft-cited “Pet Care Costs” publication, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) estimates that a new cat will cost $1,174 in...

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150 Awesome Irish Cat Names For Your Lovable Kitty

Ireland is a magical place. The Emerald Isle is famous for its beautiful green landscapes, its rich history, and its deep connection to Celtic lore and mythology. If you have Irish roots or are a fan of all things Irish, then you'll enjoy our list of 150 Irish cat names. We have included much of the original Gaelic spelling, which...

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