300 Best Orange Cat Names: Male, Female & Unisex Names

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orange names
An orange kitten is unique on its own. That’s why you should find a name that would be a a good fit.

Whether its a male or female, finding the best name for your beloved ginger cat or orange tabby cat can be a really hard task, especially when their name should have something special to say about their unique orange fur or character.

Names for Orange Male Cats

  • Rusty – Reflects the cat’s vibrant, rusty-colored fur.
  • Simba – Inspired by the lion king, perfect for a regal cat.
  • Copper – Named after the shiny copper metal.
  • Leo – Short for “lion,” symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Ginger – Classic name for a cat with orange fur.
  • Cheeto – Playful and reminiscent of the popular snack.
  • Apollo – Named after the Greek god associated with the sun.
  • Pumpkin – Perfect for a cat with a pumpkin-orange hue.
  • Phoenix – Signifying rebirth and the fiery orange colors.
  • Oliver – A timeless and charming name for any cat.
  • Mango – Sweet and fitting for a cat with tropical orange tones.
  • Caramel – A delicious name for a sweet-natured cat.
  • Tigger – Energetic and playful, inspired by Winnie the Pooh.
  • Rio – Evoking the vibrant colors of a tropical paradise.
  • Sunset – Captures the beautiful hues of an evening sky.
  • Citrus – Fresh and zesty, like the fruit it’s named after.
  • Marmalade – A sweet and sticky name for an orange cat.
  • Rambler – Reflecting a cat’s adventurous and roaming nature.
  • Cinnamon – Named after the warm spice and color.
  • Tango – Perfect for a lively and spirited orange cat.

Names for Orange Female Cats

  • Amber – Reflecting the warm, amber-colored fur.
  • Peaches – Sweet and fitting for a cat with peachy tones.
  • Sunny – Perfect for a cat that brings sunshine into your life.
  • Clementine – Named after the vibrant citrus fruit.
  • Apricot – A delightful name inspired by the orange fruit.
  • Tigress – Feminine and powerful, like a female tiger.
  • Butterscotch – Sweet and golden, like the candy.
  • Nala – Inspired by the lioness character in The Lion King.
  • Honey – Sweet and affectionate, like honey itself.
  • Marmalade – A sticky-sweet name for a lovely orange cat.
  • Coral – A beautiful name inspired by the vibrant coral color.
  • Pumpkin Spice – Perfect for a cat with spicy orange tones.
  • Tangerine – Named after the bright orange citrus fruit.
  • Scarlet – Reflecting the deep red-orange hue of scarlet.
  • Maple – Warm and autumn-inspired, like the maple tree’s leaves.
  • Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, a regal and powerful name.
  • Poppy – Named after the vibrant orange poppy flower.
  • Saffron – A spice-inspired name for a cat with rich orange tones.
  • Tango – Perfect for a lively and spirited orange female cat.
  • Aurora – Inspired by the beautiful hues of the northern lights.

Orange Tabby Cat Names

Pooh- From the cartoon ”Winnie the pooh” in which pooh is an orange fluffy bear.

  • Orange– Very straight forward and right to the point.
  • Portokale– Means orange in greek.
  • Ember- Only for the fiery orange ones.
  • Alani- Which in Hawaiian is the orange blossom tree.
  • Amber- In glassware, it’s a dark orange color.
  • Dorito- Our favorite orange snack.
  • Garfield- Τhe famous cat from the movie ”Garfield” whose color is orange.
  • Paprika- It is a sweet orange spice.
  • Peaches- Orange fruits that are delicious!
  • Poppy- Referring to the red/orange poppy flowers.
  • Pooh- From the cartoon ”Winnie the pooh” in which pooh is an orange fluffy bear.
  • Prince harry- Since prince harry has orange hair.
  • Pumpkin- Our halloween special…a pumpkin!
  • Red- What is there to say?!
  • Rosy- Gaelic, meaning ”Red king”.

Tabasco- Hot sauce made of tabasco in colors of Fiery red and a tone of orange.

  • Roughy- Like the very scary looking orange fish.
  • Rusty- The color of oxidized metal…orange and red.
  • Rufus- Means red in latin.
  • Rojo- Means red in spanish.
  • Saffron- Another orange spice which comes from the flower ”Crocus Sativus”.
  • Russet- A dark brown color with a reddish- orange tone.
  • Sandy- Sand is golden and many times under the sun seems to be having a tone of orange.
  • Scarlet- A brilliant red color with a tone of orange.
  • Sherbert- An iced dessert, only for the sweetest kitten.
  • Tiger- Might lack the size,but its spirit matches that of a tiger.
  • Tulip- A flower which comes out in many colors including the beautiful orange/red.
  • Treasure- In the pop culture, treasures are usually depicted as gold/orange.
  • Vincent- Like the famous artist ”Vincent Van Gogh” who was a redhead.
  • Tabasco- Hot sauce made of tabasco in colors of Fiery red and a tone of orange.
  • Charmander- The cute little pokemon, as orange as fire (and he has a tale with a little flame on it too!)

Monarch- Referring to the monarch butterflies,perhaps the most beautiful butterflies out there…and they are orange!

  • Nemo- Like the very popular cartoon clown fish nemo.
  • Black- A kinda funny reference name to the ”orange is the new black” TV show.
  • Kenny- The character from the cartoon series South Park, that is always wearing an orange suit.
  • Carrot- A classic orange vegetable.
  • Haz- Short for Hazman suits, which are usually orange.
  • Pennie- All pennies have a light brownish orange color.
  • Ernie- The orange muppet from sesame street.
  • Beeker- Another muppet with orange hair.
  • Sacral- Reffering to a chakra, this particular chakra is depicted as orange.
  • Foxy- Matches a kitten with a big fluffy tail perfectly, just like a fox.
  • Bell- An orange colored pepper.
  • Monarch- Referring to the monarch butterflies,perhaps the most beautiful butterflies out there…and they are orange!
  • Mango- Just like the mango fruit.
  • Dono- When your cat resembles Claudia Donovan’s orange hair.
  • Αpri- Orange like an appricot.

Chipmunk- It’s so cute when your cat has a tone of orange on its side, just like a chipmunk.

  • Lilie- Resembling the fire red and tiger orange colored flower.
  • B- ball- Referring to an orange basketball.
  • Nectar- Like a nectarine fruit..
  • Clementine- How sweet and juicy is your cat?
  • Sunset- The time of the evening when the sun meets the horizon and the orange color is just so beautiful!
  • Tic- tac- Everyone’s favorite tic- tacs are the orange ones.
  • Coral- The color is kind of pink with a tone of orange.
  • Chipmunk- It’s so cute when your cat has a tone of orange on its side, just like a chipmunk.
  • Crimson- Very light red color.
  • Katom- Orange in Hebrew.
  • Kamala- Orange in Bengali.
  • Karaka- Orange in Maori.
  • Daidaiiro- Orange in japanese.
  • Fanta- Liking everyones favourite soda.
  • Flame- What is there to say..?!

Cheeto- Another one of our favourite orange snacks.

  • Ginger- Those who have red hair and in this case have plus 7 souls.
  • Nacho- Very similar to the Dorito but a little more light in color.
  • Oren- Orange in welsh.
  • Macaroni- The world’s most tasty food whose colors are light and might sometimes even resemble orange.
  • Simba- The Lion from the movie ”Lion king” that as an adult has red hair on his head and golden haired body.
  • Sunflower- One of the most beautiful flowers, with a yellowish orange color.
  • Rajah- The orange striped tiger from ”Aladin”.
  • Stimpy- The cat from ”The Ren and Stimpy Show”.
  • Aslan- The majestic lion from The ”Chronicles of Narnia”.
  • Toulouse- From the movie ”Aristocats”.
  • Crookshanks- The orange haired witch’s pet in the ”Harry Potter” Movies.
  • Jeruk- Which means orange in Indonesian.
  • Ed Sheeran- Name of the red- headed famous singer.
  • Marmalade- A fruit preserve which sometimes has an orange color.
  • Sun- Just like our sun which is orange and yellow.
  • Jupiter- The only orange colored planet in our solar system.
  • Mars- Has brownish red that resembles fire colors.
  • Cheeto- Another one of our favourite orange snacks.
  • Mimosa– Name of the yellow/orange mimosa Cocktail.
  • Conan O’Brien- Referring to the late night show presenter and his orange hair.

Orange Cat Names Unisex

  • Sunny – A cheerful and bright name suitable for any orange cat.
  • Marigold – Inspired by the vibrant orange flower, fitting for a lively cat.
  • Harmony – Reflecting the balanced and harmonious nature of an orange cat.
  • Citrus – A zesty and refreshing name for a cat with citrus-colored fur.
  • Caramel – Sweet and delicious, perfect for a loving and affectionate cat.
  • Apollo – Named after the sun god, suitable for a cat with a radiant presence.
  • Ember – Representing the warm and glowing essence of an orange cat.
  • Whisker – A playful and neutral name for a cat with prominent whiskers.
  • Zephyr – Light and breezy, perfect for a cat with a gentle and free-spirited demeanor.
  • Spice – Reflecting the spicy and energetic nature of an orange cat.
  • Tango – A lively and spirited name suitable for a playful orange cat.
  • Cinnamon – Named after the warm spice and color, ideal for a cozy cat.
  • Sorbet – Sweet and refreshing, like a light orange sorbet.
  • Aurora – A beautiful and gender-neutral name inspired by the northern lights.
  • Mango – Playful and tropical, fitting for a cat with vibrant orange tones.
  • Chai – Warm and comforting, like a cup of spiced chai, suitable for a cozy cat.
  • Rio – Energetic and vibrant, perfect for a cat with a lively personality.
  • Pixel – A modern and quirky name, suitable for a cat with a unique and pixelated pattern.
  • Nova – Signifying brightness and a burst of energy, great for an energetic cat.
  • Maple – Warm and autumn-inspired, like the hues of a maple tree.

Funny Orange Cat Names

Oliver- The ginger cat from the animated movie ”Oliver and Company”

  • Heathcliff- Popular cat from the 80’s whose fur is orange.
  • Honey- Only for the sweetest kittens out there!
  • Kumquat- Small Orange fruit.
  • Marigold- A flower that is a beautiful yellow and orange.
  • Nutmeg- Another orange spice.
  • Orangina- A funny and feminine approach to the orange color.
  • Persimmon- An exotic and orange colored fruit.
  • Weasley- Just like Ron Weasley the read- head in the ”Harry potter” Series.
  • Curry- A spice used in indian cousine, that has a really intriguing orange and kinda yellow color.
  • Cheddar- Our favourite kind of cheese would make a perfect name.
  • Autumn- Surely the time of the year with lots of orange colored scenery.
  • Cayenne- A spice. Great for a cat with attitude.
  • Chuck Norris- Only for the most macho cats out there.
  • Copper- A metal that has a bit of an orange color.
  • Merida- The main character of Disney’s film Brave appears to be having some locks that are orange.
  • Oliver- The ginger cat from the animated movie ”Oliver and Company”
  • Blazer- Needless to say that your cat is going to be blazing awesome with this name!
  • Sangria- A red with a tone of orange drink, originating in Spain.
  • Peter Pan- Our favorite Ginger haired pixie.

Naruto- Based on the anime ”Naruto”,much fitting a stealthy ninja kitten.

  • Daredevil- When your cat reminds you of a daredevil, that pretty much always wears a fiery red and orange flaming colored jacket.
  • Lady- bug- For a female kitten,the beautiful red and sometimes orange bug that comes out at spring.
  • Cinnamon- A spice whose color is brownish orange.
  • Mayo- Named after mayo sauce, that can be light orange when mixed with ketchup and mustard, which gives us thousand island dressing. Yummy!
  • Daphne- The orange haired character from ”Scooby- doo” cartoons.
  • Ariel- Just like the red/orange haired mermaid.
  • Hercules- A fitting name for a male kitten. Hercules is depicted with orange hair in the disney classic.
  • Ivy- Resembling the comics character Poison Ivy.
  • Naruto- Based on the anime ”Naruto”,much fitting a stealthy ninja kitten.
  • Ichigo- Another orange haired character from a Japanese anime cartoon.

Badass Orange Cat Names

tailless cat breed American Bobtail cat

Firefox- Resembling the cute cartoon fox web browser logo..

  • Caramel- A fitting name for your sweet little kitten.
  • Chili- A pepper which comes in colors of red and orange.
  • Daisy- Referring to the orange daisy flowers.
  • Muffin- Just like a sweet little muffin that comes in a typical brownish and orange color.
  • Pebbles- An orange haired character from “The Flintstones” cartoon.
  • Sunkissed- What is there to say?! A kitten that has been kissed by the sun and got blessed with its beautiful colors.
  • Tin- tin- The famous comic hero with orange hair.
  • Pharaoh- Brings in mind the orange colors of the Egyptian desserts.
  • Cheyenne- Stands for the orange cheyenne pepper.
  • Flash- The Marvel super hero with his Red/Orange suit, the best name for a fast and frisky kitten!
  • Firefox- Resembling the cute cartoon fox web browser logo..
  • Lantana- A tropical plant that is orange in color.
  • Hobbes- The orange cat from ”Calvin and Hobbes” comic.
  • Vatra- means fire in Croatian.
  • Lois- As in Lois from the Family Guy cartoon.
  • Mai- tai- The mai tai cocktail is orange.
understanding your cat's senses

Archie – Stans for Archie Andrew in the comic.

  • Pineapple- A mostly yellow fruit but with a tinge of orange.
  • Sophie- Named after the famous actor from Game of Thrones and her remarkable fiery orange hair.
  • Citrus- Most citrus fruit are orange in color.
  • Fuego- Means fire in spanish.
  • Tann- Has your kitty been sunbathing for too long?.
  • FireFur- The name says it all. A cat whose fur looks like it’s on fire.
  • Flare- Look up in the sky! Its a flare!…. Naahhhh… It’s just my kitten sitting on the ceiling fan.
  • Firefly- Those beautiful bugs that light up the darkness.
  • Hocus pocus- From the all time classic movie with the orange haired witch.
  • Igni- Short for ignition or ignite.
  • Archie – Stans for Archie Andrew in the comic.
  • Chester- The official Cheetos snack mascot.
  • OJ- Short of orange- juice. So funny and so catchy!!
  • Floga- Flame in greek.
  • Pepper Ann- The red- head character from late ’90s Disney cartoon.
  • Firecracker- A nickname for an oranged fur kitten with an explosive spirit.

Bumblebee- The orange/yellow transformer in the ”Transformers” movie and cartoon.

  • Pippin- The orange haired hobbit from The lord of the rings.
  • Merry- Pippin’s brother. Also orange haired!
  • Mad Hatter- The crazy orange haired character from ”Alice in wonderland”.
  • Ignis- Means fire in Latin.
  • Bumblebee- The orange/yellow transformer in the ”Transformers” movie and cartoon.
  • Slammer- Named after the alabama slammer red/orange cocktail.
  • Roni- A cool name for an orange cat.
  • Ferret- Just like a reddish fire ferret, with its amazing fur.
  • Jamra- Means ember in Arabic.

Unique Orange Cat Names

  • Zephyr – A unique name, meaning gentle breeze, for a free-spirited cat.
  • Aurum – Latin for gold, perfect for a cat with rich, golden-orange fur.
  • Citrine – A unique gemstone name for a cat with a bright citrus-colored coat.
  • Nebula – Inspired by the cosmic clouds, great for a mysterious orange cat.
  • Solstice – Signifying change, ideal for a cat with varying shades of orange.
  • Zinnia – Named after the vibrant orange flower, perfect for a lively cat.
  • Ember – Evoking the glowing embers of a fire, fitting for a warm-colored cat.
  • Marigold – A unique and beautiful flower name for an orange cat.
  • Quasar – A high-energy celestial object, great for a lively orange feline.
  • Mango Tango – A playful and unique name for an energetic orange cat.
  • Cayenne – Named after the spicy pepper, perfect for a feisty orange cat.
  • Solaris – Latin for “of the sun,” ideal for a cat with radiant orange fur.
  • Phoenix Fire – A powerful and unique name for a fiery orange cat.
  • Lumina – Meaning light, perfect for a cat with a bright orange glow.
  • Mandarin – Inspired by the vibrant orange citrus fruit.
  • Cosmo – Short for cosmos, symbolizing the universe, great for an adventurous cat.
  • Vermilion – A unique name representing a brilliant shade of red-orange.
  • Tigris – Latin for tiger, suitable for a majestic and striped orange cat.
  • Copperfield – A unique twist on the metal name, perfect for an enchanting cat.
  • Kaiju – Japanese for “strange creature,” fitting for a uniquely orange cat.

Orange and White Cat Names

male orange tabby cat

Stormy- Strong weather names make great choices for male cats.

  • Blofeld- The white cat belonging to James Bond’s nemesis has no name
  • Casper– The friendly ghost offers another good name for pop culture lovers.
  • White Lightning- This is another powerful name that is fitting for a white, male cat.
  • ce Man- Whether you are naming your cat after a character from the X-Men or from Top Gun, the name fits white cats.
  • Bear- Pick this one when your cat reminds you of a polar bear.
  • Yeti- You could choose a name that belongs to the abominable snowman.
  • Snoopy- Why not pick the name of a famous white dog for your white cat?
  • Everest- You could name your cat after the highest peak in the world.
  • Avalanche- The falling wall of snow and ice is another strong snow name for cats.
  • Nimbus- You may want to name your cat after the fluffy, white cloud.
  • Stormy- Strong weather names make great choices for male cats.
  • Q-Tip- This is a fun name for any white cat.
  • Blanc- It’s French for white.
  • Shiro- This one means white in Japanese.
  • Blizzard- The power of a snowstorm is an evocative name for a male kitty.

Black and Orange Cat Names

  • Shadow Blaze – A mysterious and fiery name for a black and orange cat.
  • Nocturne Ember – Combining the night and fire, ideal for a unique feline.
  • Onyx Citrus – Blending the darkness of onyx with the brightness of citrus.
  • Midnight Flame – Signifying the dark night and the burning orange glow.
  • Raven Spark – A combination of the black bird and the spark of orange.
  • Panthera Ember – Inspired by panther and ember, perfect for a majestic cat.
  • Sable Sunburst – Mixing the dark sable with a burst of vibrant sun-like color.
  • Obsidian Blaze – A dark, volcanic-inspired name with a fiery twist.
  • Twilight Ember – Evoking the transition between day and night with an orange twist.
  • Charcoal Flame – Blending the dark charcoal hue with the warmth of flame.
  • Eclipse Citrine – A celestial-inspired name for a cat with dark and bright hues.
  • Phantom Phoenix – Combining the mysterious phantom with the fiery phoenix.
  • Midnight Tiger – A fusion of the dark night and the majestic tiger stripes.
  • Shadowfire – Representing the dark shadow and the fiery nature of the cat.
  • Nyx Ember – Taking inspiration from Nyx, the goddess of the night, and ember.
  • Inky Inferno – A playful combination of inky darkness and a fiery inferno.
  • Panthera Sunset – Symbolizing the panther and the beautiful hues of a sunset.
  • Vesper Ember – A unique name blending evening (vesper) and ember.
  • Stealth Blaze – Combining stealthy blackness with a burst of fiery orange.
  • Noir Phoenix – A sophisticated blend of black and the mythical phoenix.

Light Orange Cat Names

  • Sunny Ray – Perfect for a light orange cat that brightens your day.
  • Peach Sorbet – Sweet and light, like a refreshing peach sorbet.
  • Apollo Glow – Inspired by the sun god, ideal for a cat with a radiant glow.
  • Honeydew Hues – Light and sweet, reminiscent of the soft orange hues.
  • Apricot Breeze – Light and airy, like a gentle apricot-scented breeze.
  • Morning Zest – Reflecting the energetic zest of a light orange morning.
  • Aurora Blaze – A name inspired by the beautiful light orange hues of the aurora.
  • Creamsicle Dream – Soft and dreamy, like a creamsicle in the sunlight.
  • Peaches and Cream – A delightful name for a cat with creamy, light orange fur.
  • Champagne Glow – Elegant and sparkling, like a light orange champagne.
  • Buttercup Shine – Soft and radiant, like the shine of a buttercup flower.
  • Golden Whisper – A subtle and golden name for a cat with a light orange coat.
  • Tangerine Zephyr – Light and breezy, like a gentle tangerine-scented wind.
  • Coral Essence – Capturing the essence of the soft, light orange coral color.
  • Mango Mist – Light and misty, like the aura of a ripe mango.
  • Lemon Sherbet – Sweet and refreshing, like a light orange lemon sherbet.
  • Chiffon Flame – Soft and flowing, like a chiffon fabric in a flame-like hue.
  • Citrus Whirl – A playful name for a cat with a light orange, citrusy swirl.
  • Ambrosia Glow – Radiant and heavenly, like the glow of ambrosia.
  • Vanilla Sunset – Soft and warm, like the hues of a vanilla-tinged sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some famous orange cats?

Famous orange cats include Jorts the social media star, Milo from Milo and Otis, Morris the Cat from Friskies commercials, Crookshanks from Harry Potter, and Garfield.

What are some examples of fiery fur-inspired names for orange cats?

Helios, Ra, Yolks, RedGinger, and Spark.

Can you provide a few pop culture-inspired names for orange cats?

Garfield, Simba, Goose, and Matisse are all perfect names for an orange kitty!

What are some nature-inspired names for ginger cats?

Autumn, Sunset, Mars, and Jupiter are perfect choices for naming your ginger cat, inspired by the beauty of nature.

Can you give some examples of international orange cat names?

Opt for a unique international name for your orange cat - try French or German words for “orange” or look into Irish names related to red or fire.

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  1. Veronica

    Merry and Pippin were not brothers in Lord of the Rings. They are called HazmaT suits. I hope this helps. My question is 149 Roni. My name is Veronica and Roni is my nickname and my parents decided to spell it the way it is in my name, veRONIca. I am just curious if you choose Roni as in Maca…. Roni or a different reason? Me and my family have been having this debate since we came across your post. We have been looking for names For my new companion, an orange and white boy Lol

    Please let me know.. thanks for all the ideas. I had many of the same….. but not my own nickname lol

  2. Jay

    I was having trouble naming this orange cat but really you should look inside the pathway to there soul the eyes but it was a orange cat so I wanted somting more unique than Jessica

  3. Savana Lee

    We had an outside cat who had kittens, but only one made it, but unfortunately it was an orange female cat, so we struggled on finding a name. The best thing to do is to wait and find out their personalities, it will help a lot… I am honestly positive it will be a great idea!!!

    1. Merlot Rahenkamp

      you are so lucky to have gotten an orange female tabby! what a rarity! my last kitty was an orange female tabby and i named her cheeto, she was my furry soulmate but she disappeared at the beginning of june and i just got another orange tabby but he’s a boy, i named him mango

  4. Laura Richardson

    Hi I am new here and I need help with a name for my beautiful new furbaby it’s a male 10 week old ginger colored kitten he’s very playful and extremely sweet but I’m leaning towards a few names I like Pharoh I also like Copper and
    Kringer (from He-Man ) I would love some ideas if anyone has any Thankyou

  5. Danielle

    I have a kitten (who has six toes at the front and five toes at the back ) who showed up sleeping on our car engine. So I get to keep it. My mum said we could call it lemur because it had strips on its tail. I thought Leo or Leopard because of his spots on his tummy. WHAT SHOULD I CALL HIM?

  6. Sherry S

    I worked at a bed-and-breakfast in Switzerland and the owner named all of her animals after food. Like her cute black and white Portuguese water dog was named Toblerone and her orange kitty cat was named Cornflakes. We are getting an orange maine coon / Ragdoll mix kitten and my son wants to name him muffins but my husband thinks that’s too emasculating LOL. I love the name Aslan from CS Lewis’ The Lion the witch and the wardrobe but none of my family get it. So then I’m thinking Aspen because we all love Colorado Although aspen trees turn golden yellow and not orange…We promised my son he could name him. He threw out the idea of pumpkin before going to school this morning. I’m going to offer Cornflakes when he gets home to see what he thinks about that. Frosted Flakes maybe? But we don’t want the kitty to think he’s an airhead LOL

  7. Rob

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen Honeysuckle on any orange cat name lists. I have an orange and white female by that name.

  8. Natalie

    Satsuma hasn’t come up on lists which is surprising so I bet satsuma is a rare name for orange cats also Seville is another orange not really seen on lists
    I like the name squash, scorch and phoenix aswel
    All can be unisex