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Though technically not a breed, ginger cats are known for their distinct coloration which comes in varying shades of orange, red, and gold. With their tiger-like appearance and their friendly personalities, ginger cats are some of the most popular cats around.

In fact, ginger cats have their own holiday – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day falls on the first of September each year.

Not only are ginger cats popular among pet lovers, but some of the most famous cats in the world are gingers. Think Orangey, the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Puss in Boots from Shrek, or the quintessential tiger cat, Garfield.

What Makes Ginger Cats So Special?

ginger cats

Because ginger cats are not a distinct breed, it’s difficult to make generalizations about their personalities and temperaments. That being said, all ginger cats do share one key characteristic, aside from their orange coloration, of course: they are tabbies.

The term “tabby” refers to a specific coat pattern that involves a combination of stripes, swirls, and spots of color. This pattern is common in both wild and domestic felines.

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In fact, all domestic cats carry the tabby gene, though they may not always exhibit an obvious tabby pattern.

Every ginger cat is unique, but because they all carry the tabby gene, they have certain characteristics in common. For example, all tabbies have a distinctive M-shaped marking on their foreheads. The rest of their patterning is determined by genetics.

Ginger Cat Appearance

ginger cat personality

The biggest example of a wild ginger cat is the regal tiger himself. Tigers are a prime example of the tabby pattern at work, though there are a number of different variations.

The tabby pattern is common among big cats, especially among the closest genetic ancestors of the domestic house cat – African, European, and Asiatic wildcats. As such, tabby patterning can be seen in a wide variety of domestic cat breeds including the American Shorthair, Persian, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, and American Bobtail, among others.

There are five different versions of the tabby pattern you might see in ginger cats:

  • Classic Tabby
  • Mackerel Tabby
  • Spotted Tabby
  • Ticked Tabby
  • Patched Tabby

Covered in a swirling pattern of varying shades of orange, the classic tabby is one of the most recognizable ginger cats. These cats have a bulls-eye-like pattern on the sides of their bodies, similar in appearance to a marble cake. The American Shorthair often exhibits this pattern.

The mackerel tabby is also known as the tiger cat due to the series of narrow stripes that run down its sides. These stripes branch out from a ban of color that runs along the cats spine, giving it the appearance of a fish skeleton – this is where the name “mackerel” tabby comes from.

While most tabby colorations involve stripes, the spotted tabby is covered in spots of varying size and shape. You can easily see this pattern in the American Bobtail and Ocicat breeds.

Ticked orange tabbies are unique in a different way. They don’t typically show visible stripes or spots on their bodies, except sometimes faintly on the tail and legs. Instead, their coats are made up of agouti hairs which exhibit bands of pigmentation. The Somali and Abyssinian cat breeds are prime examples of the ticked tabby coloration.

Finally, the patched tabby is also known as the bi-color tabby because these ginger cats exhibit areas of tabby pattern as well as areas of solid color or another pattern.

The Intriguing Genetics Of Ginger Cats

Female cats have two X chromosomes while male cats have one X and one Y chromosome. The gene for ginger coloration is carried on the X chromosome.

When it comes to coat color, cats inherit a combination of genes from their parents. Interestingly, the wide variety of colors you see in cats comes from just two primary colors: black and red (or orange).

Kittens inherit two copies of each gene from their parents which can be either dominant or recessive. The ginger gene “O” is dominant which means a kitten needs only inherit one copy of the ginger gene to display ginger coloration to some degree.

Whether a kitten displays full or partial ginger coloration depends on how many copies of the “O” gene the kitten inherits. Male kittens need only inherit the dominant “O” ginger gene from their mother to be fully orange while female kittens need to inherit it from both mother and father.

Male kittens that inherit the recessive “o” gene from their mother will be born calico or tortoiseshell and females that inherit “Oo” can be either ginger or calico.

Because females inherit two X chromosomes, there is a higher number of possible genetic combinations. As a result, only about 20% of ginger cats are female. By comparison, about 80% of ginger cats are male.

Personality And Temperament

ginger cat temperament

Many different cat breeds exhibit some degree of ginger coloration, so it is difficult to make sweeping statements about the personality and temperament of a ginger cat.

Even so, ginger cats have a reputation for being friendly and easy-going. In fact, a survey conducted by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that cat lovers were more likely to assign positive personality traits to orange cats than white or tortoiseshell cats. Ginger cats were widely regarded as friendly while tortoiseshell and white cats were described as more aloof.

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How you raise your ginger kitten plays a role in developing his personality, but the kitten’s breed makeup is a major determining factor as well.

Here’s a quick list of distinctive cat breeds that frequently show ginger coloration:

Wish you could learn more about the genes that make your cat special? Cat DNA testing could be the answer. Click here to read our review of the Basepaws cat DNA test kit.

7 Famous Ginger Cats

  1. Orlando – Also known as the Marmalade Cat, Orlando is the cute orange star of a series of illustrated children’s book by Kathleen Hale, first printed in 1938. Inspired by Hale’s own ginger cat, Orland, this 19-book series follows the escapades of Orlando and his feline family. The first book in the series, Orlando (The Marmalade Cat): A Camping Holiday was an instant success and the series ended in 1972 with Orlando and the Water Cats.
  2. Orangey – A marmalade tabby cat named Orangey (also Orangey Minerva) was the ginger cat that starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn in 1961. Orangey first debuted in the 1952 movie Rhubarb and went on to become the only cat to win two PATSY awards (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year) in 1952 and in 1962. Despite his fame, Orangey was often described as mean.
  3. Orion – This bi-color ginger and white feline carried a galaxy cluster around his neck in the 1997 film Men in Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Orion belonged to Gentle Rosenburg, a member of the Arquilian royal family who was hiding on Earth.
  4.  Jones – Nickname Jonesy, Jones was a ginger tomcat kept aboard the USCSS Nostromo by Ellen Ripley in the 1979 film, Alien. Jones and Ripley were the only two survivors of the ships run-in with a Xenomorph which ultimately led to the Nostromo’s destruction.
  5. Garfield – Known for his laziness and his love of lasagna, Garfield is an American comic strip character created by Jim Davis. A ginger cat with tiger stripes, Garfield belongs to owner Jon Arbuckle and spent his days terrorizing his canine family member Odie.
  6. Puss in Boots – After his first appearance in Shrek 2 in 2004, Puss in Boots became a main character in the Shrek franchise. This sassy ginger cat wears boots, a cape, and a floppy hat while carrying his sword in a belt around his waist.
  7. Milo – The Adventures of Milo and Otis is a 1986 Japanese adventure comedy about two animal friends – a ginger tabby cat named Milo and his best friend, a pug named Otis. In 1989, Columbia Pictures removed 15 minutes from the film and released it in an English language version.

12 Fun Facts About Ginger Cats

Ginger cats are often called tiger cats due to their orange coloring and striped pattern. They are also called Marmalade cats.

  1. The ginger cat is not a distinct breed but a coloration. All ginger cats display some kind of pattern in their orange coats – they are never solid orange.
  2. Ginger cats get their orange color from a specific pigment called pheomelanin. This is the same pigment that is responsible for red hair in humans.
  3. All ginger cats are tabbies. The tabby pattern is one of the most common exhibited by both wild and domestic felines and is easily distinguished by an M-shaped marking on the forehead.
  4. Ginger cats can have either long hair or short hair, depending on their breed.
  5. Certain breeds are more likely to exhibit ginger fur than others. Some of the most common ginger cat breeds are the Abyssinian, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Munchkin, and Persian.
  6. The lifespan of an orange kitten is not specific to their coloring. They have the same average lifespan as does the particular breed of felines they belong to.
  7. Orange cats have a reputation for being friendly and affectionate, more so than other patterns like the tortoiseshell cat. Individual temperament is largely determined by the cat’s breed, however.
  8. Roughly 80% of ginger cats are male. Female ginger cats are less common because they must inherit two copies of the ginger gene from their parents to exhibit the orange coloration.
  9. Most ginger cats are solid orange with tabby markings, though you may also come across bi-color ginger cats which are typically orange and white.
  10. Many ginger cats develop black freckles on their faces. They most commonly appear on the lips, nose, and gums.
  11. Ginger tabbies are popular in film and TV. Some of the most famous ginger cats include the comic strip cat Garfield, Milo from Milo and Otis, and Orangey from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Do you have a ginger kitty? Tell us all about him/her in a comment below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all ginger cats male?

No, the ginger coloration can be seen in both male and female cats. That being said, male cats need only inherit one copy of the ginger gene while females need two. The ginger tabby coloration is three times more common in male than in female kittens.

Are ginger cats friendly?

While it is difficult to make generalizations about ginger cats because they are not a specific breed, some research suggests ginger cats are perceived as being friendlier than other colorations like the tortoiseshell. That being said, every cat has its own unique temperament.

Do ginger cats make good pets?

Ginger cats are incredibly popular, and many cat owners describe their ginger cats as friendly and affectionate. Individual personality and temperament may vary, however, so your cat’s breed makeup may influence his or her personality.

How long do ginger cats live?

The Average life span for an indoor ginger cats ranges from 10-16 years. The average life span for an outdoor Ginger cat ranges from 7-11 years

How rare are female ginger cats?

Only about 20% of ginger cats are female

Why ginger cats are the best?

That's because they are 100% pure awesome

What color eyes do ginger cats have?

Ginger cat possess a wide range of gorgeous eye colors such as Blue, green, yellow and brown.

Why are ginger cats usually male?

Because females inherit two X chromosomes, there is a higher number of possible genetic combinations. As a result, only about 20% of ginger cats are female. By comparison, about 80% of ginger cats are male.

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    My little tabby kitten (Billy … short for silly billy) is 9 weeks old.

    Following please find a description of his temperament:

    ?extremely intelligent
    ?cuddliest kitten ever
    ?loudest purr ever
    ?would gladly rip the
    skin off my arms and
    hands if he was
    allowed …. so savage.

    Savage and cuddly …. what a combination! Thank God for ginger male kitten!

      1. Kimberley lemesurier

        I have two ginger boys. They are very different in some ways and the same in others. I got them at 8 weeks old but were separated from mother at 4 weeks. They are now Farley is like a baby. He is where ever I am at all times. He likes to sleep on my head or face. He snuggles and tries to suckle but then bites. He cries when im not around. He is not a lap cat he prefers to get as close to my face as possible. His brother Freckle is a shoulder cat. I can walk around with him on my shoulders all day but he is not fond of being held otherwise. They play together and sleep together all the time. Unlike any other cats I’ve had they both like to sleep on their backs. Both love strangers and follow them around. I love my boys.

      1. Tina Presley

        Have a all ginger hes min hes fine all cuddles then in a strike hell have ur hand off.for no reason.spitting at ya claws ya.nasty lil git sometimes

        1. Sarah Bond

          Have a roughly 10 week old ginger girl. Have had her for a month. Others named her Pheonix, I just call her Kittykat. Rescue kitty from bushfires, very sweet, very loving and very scatty. Overly energetic in the morning, including scratching and nipping me, then occassionally chases chickens and ambles through my cattle if they’re near the house, then sleeps and purrs all day. Just a beautiful little lady. Very happy I reluctantly said ok to taking her. Hubby was not happy, now they are inseparable. :)))

      1. Kate

        I got two ginger kittens, brother and sister at 7 weeks. They had long lives, the male super friendly, the female more aloof but very affectionate and bonded to me only, and her brother. He lived 14 years and she was over 15 when I lost them. They were wonderful cats, and family to me. I miss them both.

      1. Tina Presley

        Have a all ginger hes min hes fine all cuddles then in a strike hell have ur hand off.for no reason.spitting at ya claws ya.nasty lil git sometimes

    1. sarah Fletcher

      He sounds exactly like my little Archer! He is approx 4 months and is a monkey, he can climb anything. He is a lover and a monster from one minute to the next. I love him to pieces!!

      1. Nicole G

        OmG yes, that sounds exactly like my Ginger kitten, a voy naned Honey. A psycho and a sweet face all wrapped in one!! Waits by the door for more to return to him and greets me with purring and kisses. Bit my face this morning before I left for work. Same kitty!!!

    2. Steve Summerell

      Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) is my Ginger pussy and is excellent with kids. He also is fearless with any dog and is a massive 8kg at 10yo. Very healthy and can jump a 6m fence from ground zero. Follows me around like a puppy and loves attention. Favours fresh chicken and tuna. Loves to travel in the car.

    3. Katie

      I just adopted a orange Tabby from a shelter exactly how you described him, he’s two years old and the name he came to us with is “Billy”.

    4. Brianna

      Our little four year old tabby Pumpkin passed unexpectedly last weekend. He was our family cat, he loved everyone, and was extremely affectionate yet so unique in so many ways. He was funny and his personality was something I never saw in another cat. But we are hoping to get another orange tabby one day soon they’re the best

    5. Shirley J

      I have adopted a ginger cat through KATA. I was fostering him with two of his siblings but had to hold him back because he initially (@ 8 weeks) tested positive for FELV. They told me he would need to be retested in a month and if positive would be euthanized. I read that that is not necessary nor practiced by most vets now. So I made my mind up that i would adopt him if he tested positive a second time. As it turns out he was negative on second test. Still I could not give hime up because I had become too attached. He is the most friendly, playful kitty I ever had. He loves everybody. Runs to the door when the bell rings to greet them. Playful with friends cats. Not exposed to dogs yet. He’s 8 months old now. I call him Woody because he is almost indistinguishable from the wood floor & cabinets. Love him to deathI He has been great company during pandemic as I live alone. he heads for the bed as soon as I do and snuggles all night, as close as he can get.

    6. Gail Ann Linford

      Hi I have a male ginger called Tilly. He is also silly, cute as a button, funny and sometimes I call him physio kitten. He’s hilarious and he plays with my 11 year moodle dog named Pepe. Tilly is now 5 months approximately and he’s been the answer. My other cat named Bella and has been raised with Pepe. However she does not want to play any more so hence I got Tilly. We call him Pepe’s kitten especially when they are being naughty. Lol go the gingers

  2. steve

    ha ha, this page is so right about ginger cats.

    my ginger boy is super laid back ridiculously friendly and very confident, he owns the street and is definitely top cat in the neighborhood.
    my other 2 cats tolerate my jack Russel but im ginger is good friends with him.

    i dont know if its a ginger thing but he also has a purr 3x louder than any cat ive ever had!

    1. Susan Riley

      I have a Jack Russell Shorty who is good friends with my ginger boy. She loves all the cats and I thought it was because she thinks she is a cat. But with a new ginger girl I find they are becoming good buddies as well.

    2. Kim

      My ginger is just as laid back yet super energetic, I’ve had neighbours come up to me telling me about how he chases the dogs like a game of tag haha.

      He’s such a people’s person that I often forget he’s a cat and not a human, even though he acts like it. And he surely lives up to his name, I’m constantly asking my hubby “where’s Wally ?” Only to find him hiding in some cupboard or one of his boxes

      I love ginger kitty’s even more now thanks to this nugget

  3. Princess

    I recently got a ginger cat and I’ve been having trouble with it and its been hiding a lot, doesn’t like coming out. I’ve only had it for 3 days, Its starting to settle in and I agree with this information.

    1. Victoria

      Hi Princess, we adopted a 2 year old ginger male in late January 2018. He hid or more so stayed in his ‘settle in’ room for about a fortnight. He then finally came out and he is the funniest most sweetest cat I’ve known. He also gets along well with our 6 year old male Ragdoll.

    2. Simms

      It takes time for some cats. I have a white and ginger foster cat which I’ve had for a month.

      He hid behind the sofa for a week, eating his food when I left the house or at nights time.

      He then began to com out into the loungr area, sleeping snuggly in the corner behind the TV. I would wake up in the morning with him miaowing outside my bedroom door.

      He then began to sit or lie comfortably in the lounge to waiting

      He loves head and chin rub and scratches and a good old groom purring for eternity.

      This week he has jumped on the sofa to lie beside
      me or on me in cloud nine.

    3. Debra Brady

      I have a tabby we had to rehome. It took him almost a year to purr and not bite but with a ton of patience he is now fairly cuddly and purrs and doesn’t bite any more. Prev owner showed love by roughly petting, scratching and snuggling with him so he was a nervous wreck.

    1. Joshua Fettig

      I have a female ginger too, which is really rare as you can tell by most of the comments
      Involve male gingers. My Abby is the sweetest most sensitive cat I’ve ever had. Saved her from a kill shelter 11 years ago when she was 10 weeks old

      1. Stacey-Rae

        Hi I also have a female ginger kitty cat named Molly who is also 11 years old, she is the absolute sweetest cat I have ever had and we have a special bond. She is very fluffy especially around her bum and her tail with the tip of the tail being white her overall coat is a rather light ginger colour. She is super friendly to almost everyone and never scratches or bites at all. She has been known to catch a few birds unfortunately but she also catches mice around the house. I love her to bits.

        1. Matthew

          I had a cat female cat called Mittens.She was orange and white.He r tail was 2″ in diameter with fur. I had to giver up, I cried my eye’s out, all over the window sill. I still think about her.Miss her lots.

  4. Jannet

    My ginger boy would have to have the loudest meow ever. Loves his food and makes happy, loud yum yum noises when he eats. Super cheeky, curious and mischievous. Very clever and independent. Loves attention and a pat on the head. Doesn’t like cuddles, being picked up or sitting on your lap. He is also tall and long!

    1. Janet

      Hi Janet! My Roscoe would fit your boy’s description exactly! He is also extremely funny; he seems to perform for me for the sole purpose of making me laugh. As he has gotten older he has been enjoying lap time.

    2. Gerri

      My male ginger was abandoned at approximately 3 weeks old, he’s 7 now. He’s not very friendly. He will allow you to pet him maybe 3 seconds then he bites. He was aknotted mess and I had him shaved this summer. He spends over half of the day under our bed. He eats and drinks fine. He will not pee in the box, he pees in front of it. I got him puppy pads and he’s good. He’s very strange but I love him.

  5. Margaret Antony

    My stunning looking ginger male cat named Darcy went missing on the 21st august 2014 he has stripes and circles in his coat and is slim. I searched miles for him walking miles a day and advertising and making lots of phone calls to vets and rescue centres and on the internet. He was only two and a half and would now be six and a half. I pine for him every day and just want closure so I can stop feeling the constant heartache. My elderly neighbour told me that a few days after darcy went missing that a man in a white van went into a doctors practise in Docking close to brancaster pe318aq where I live and ask if there was a vet practise nearby as he had picked up a injured cat and needed to find a vet. this is the only information I have ever had .If this is true I would worship this man for information even if he found a vet and gave darcy a home . Just to know if he is allve and happy or if he is dead as he is on my mind daily and I will never give up hoping and looking for him as I adore him.

    1. Nicky

      Did you ever receive news of Darcy?
      Our two and a half year old ginger boy Hendrick was hit by a car last Friday and was so seriously injured we were advised to put him to sleep but it was a serious paralysing fracture not internal or head trauma so he was on the face of it ‘fine’ – dont know what is worse – having to make a decision like ours looking into his eyes or living not knowing like yourselves. Both are awful 🙁

  6. Mohamed el Habib

    i agree with this article i 100 %, ginger cats are really DOG-like. My crazy friendly wild savagely aggressive and cudly at the same time ginger is called “RODMAN” i named it after the legendary basketball player dennis rodman because they do share lots of things in common, rodman is the best cat i’ve ever had in my life so far. RIP my friend you’ll be remembred for ever in my mind and in my heart.

  7. Dorothy Virgadamo

    I agree with this article. Ginger cats are friendly, affectionate, intelligent, courageous and independent. They are also dog-like and cuddly. I had one Ginger cat for sixteen years. He passed away from old age suddenly. Now I have another Ginger cat. Once you have a Ginger cat, you have a comrade by your side. There is a strong love given by Ginger cats. Once you have a Ginger cat, you will never want any other type of cat. Ginger cats are the best.

    1. Jennie Hale

      I agree! I have a Ginger Tabby….on my lap! I sit, he sits… snuggles, plays a lot too ! Yet I also will add the same about Tuxedo cats- at least the ones I’ve had-they’re a little more eccentric and super particular, yet also very loyal, affectionate, Love you, and protective…. and often dog like too, foodies, funny/goofy – super tuned into you/ smart beyond belief…. especially as they do love orange tabbies too. They’re very compatible! My tabby and tuxedo are like twins a lot! They even have the same sway when they walk!!! love same toys.. My tabby is very distinguished like a tuxedo- and a real gentleman….like he’s wearing a tuxedo… he does wear a bow tie! 🙂
      anyway, I just thought I’d let people know- I hear tuxedo’s get overlooked more like black cats… and make great tabby friends !
      Tuxedos keep appearing in my life ever since my first childhood cat- might I add he was so tolerant, I even put doll clothes on him!
      Obviously, their may be variations, but I’ve had three of the symmetrical tuxedos by varied rescued chance now (one from his time being up! at one!) , and three best friends, to a few tabbies and a almost Chartreaux- who are almost like tuxedo’s and tabbies even, and very elegant yet down to earth, they love their “pet” (owner) at least mine- I still feel her presence all the time like she’s watching over… I think they are fairy godmothers !! 🙂 they like to be your best girlfriend. My tuxedo Adored her! I’ve not had one with a ginger though….but they tend to be tiny like the tiny ginger tabbies- so that might be cute, if you have one, get along with a ginger tabby..
      anyway, I don’t know what to do without a tabby either. Especially I even had a dream of meeting another ginger tabby. They appeared in my life for awhile now too. I think it’d be fun to have a few !!! especially siblings… Imagine…..
      The grey males are very sweet too btw. and rare, like orange girls…
      everyone- look up Summer and Splash on you tube… a ginger tabby girl kitten and her mom Summer-
      like you all say, she’s really sweet!
      The vet always says how nice and sweet my tabby is too…. they would know!!

  8. Mandy pearce

    My ginger male is 14 years old a very friendly boy who hunts rats and mice and purrs very loudly hes asleep on my bed at the moment .love him so much hes a beautiful boy

  9. Claire

    I have 2 black and white girls and a ginger and white with 3 legs.He is extraordinarily friendly and people seem to adore him. I’m not sure if it is that fact he’s ginger or legless or so friendly that makes him special.

  10. Ed.

    My little lad…well he is nearly 2 and half now is a very cheeky Ginger. He knows the word sit, fridge, ham…he is a mega ham fiend…he also knows the word no, and he hates it he gets in a right mood. He tolerates a bath…just and loves kisses, he also likes to play and can be hard at times with his leaping and nipping-many a bruise on my upper arms.

    He came to us as a 4 month old, a stray, he bounded up the drive to me and my wife and decided to follow us into the house and he just stayed…we are not cat people but he melted our hearts on the spot.

    He is spoilt rotten with with toys that he never plays with…a £50 scratching tree with house that he never bothered with…but, that is the way it goes. He does love chasing you and chasing after a ball.

    They say cats do not really respond to a name…well, Tigs certainly does, he comes when called or whistled.

    We couldn’t be without him now, our lovely Ginger boy.

    1. Sarah Martin

      Ed, your boy sounds just like our Ron! He came to us as a stray and now rules the house! He also knows his name, no, fridge and is also totally obsessed with ham, never seen anything like it lol!
      He’s like a little dog, knows the sound of my car and waits at the gate when I get home from work….. best little guy ever. He likes to nip my husband, a lot lol, sleeps on our bed and loves to lick my toes… such a strange cat but just the best! Gingers rule?

  11. Claire drake

    My ginger boy Gorgeous died on 7th July 2018 age 15 or 16. I am devastated because he was all these descriptions and more! He stole my heart and took it with him.

    1. Teri Logsdon

      This made me sad about your ginger boy passing. Our hearts never heal from the loss. I have Lampasas Community Cats-TNR in Lampasas, Tx, we have a Facebook page. We have a beautiful Ginger Girl up for adoption and her name is Honey. Honey is 3 years old and is as sweet as honey too.

      1. Joanne burke

        We have a beautiful 6monrh old female gingers that’s also persian that’s looking for a good home,she’s such a sweetie but we already have 2 male kittens from the same litter so we just can’t keep her.if U maybe interested in adopting her feel free to send an email

    2. Asuna UwU

      im sorry for your lost it really does suck though i hade a black cat a i felt unlucky when he pasted at 8 months it was a her but she was called kirito I still feel bad but there will be something that will help you out there for me it was my cat asuna

      have a nice day :3

    1. Jennie Hale

      Wow! That’s really cool!!!
      If you have any tips let us know!
      I have a 14 year old who the vet tech thought was a kitten only recently (well, maybe a 16 month year old kitten..full grown .)
      She’s super healthy even on her own, loves cat grass etc… active…once I think she knew this cat food added weight and she played more!

  12. Carolynn draeger

    Our beautiful Ginger is a female, she is very unique and she knows it. she is very ladylike and a wonderful mother to 5 beautiful kittens 3 rowdy ginger brothers, a beautiful calico and a darling grey tabby.

  13. Robin

    I just got a 7 week ginger tabby we named Oliver. Someone rescued him from a bridge that goes over a gator infested lake and he was clinging to the cement divider. He was a bit banged up but otherwise in good health. This is my first ginger after having cats since I was 5 years old. He is a total love bug!

  14. Salman Mahmood

    I just bought a ginger cat but I don’t kno what breed it is but its full orange with darker shade of orange stripes in legs and tail even in belly. Very playful. Can you tell me what breed it is?

    1. Ed.

      He isn’t a breed, he is a tabby cat and sounds like a Mackerel pattern (my cat has the same pattern) he will have the usual ‘M’ on his forehead.

  15. Marina King

    Found nothink about what I was looking for about my ginger and white cat . Were ever he sits he leaves and orange mark and he is the only one of my cats that happens to as my other cats are tabby / brindle.
    So why dose my ginger cat do this.?

    1. Ed.

      Could be scent marking from his anal glands, cats have two glands in this region and they use them to mark territory or an object-saying: this is mine-does he bottom scoot across the floor, lick his behind a lot? If he does then it could be that he is having issues in expressing (releasing) the fluid in them. This is normally done when a cat defecates or is deliberately marking.
      Problems can arise so if you are in doubt get him checked over by a vet.

    1. Ed.

      Hi Gerrie, sounds like it could be territorial or jealousy regarding their slave…owner. Are they both neutered? If not that sounds like it could be the cause-adult males will growl and fight especially if it mating season.

  16. Jodi sciberras

    We have two rescued ginger boys. One is named Blue 5 years old and the other is Boss one year old. They are the most beautiful loving cats I have ever owned! Both of them were left as babies in the side of a road. My whole family is grateful to have these two little gingers in our lives. They play, talk, interact. I have grown up kids who love to come home sometimes just to hang out with the cats! They walk outside with us like dogs never leaving us! Blue has even attacked a snake to protect me! ( just a small one… we live in Australia) ginger cats should be revered as they are supremely special!

    1. Jack “E”

      I most agreed with you in all of what you saying. I was never a cat person, but Obi my daughter’s 5 years old cat change my mind. He acts like a dog, he loves being around us, he ask for food and water if he needs it, and also complains if he needs to let us know whatever he is upset about. He also knows when and which one of the family members needs more cuddles at a time. He needs to be around people, he doesn’t like to be alone. He eats lots of food and hates his plate to be empty at any time, that’s why he looks like Garfield. I love him very much

  17. Rayna

    I have a ginger cat, and he’s got a pure white tummy and neck, and the rest of him is ginger with darker ginger streaks inside the lighter. We named him Simba after the lion king 😛

  18. Cameron

    LOL my cat Ginger is about 9 weeks old and I love how in the passage it says that they don’t like to be told what to do yeah I got that now I learned that the hard way but he’s like me LOL hard-headed

  19. Terra

    My sister and i adopted a ginger kitty when he was 11 weeks old and we named him Rhou or RhouRhou when we baby talk him. This is are first cat since we have always been a dog family and at first i wanted to adopt a pup instead but i swear Rhou was born to be a dog. He loves to swim and fetch and begs for snuggles in the cutest way. He was supposed to be my sister’s cat but he follows me everywhere and loves to be picked up and snuggled and has the loudest pur with cute little chirps here and there. He’s my furbaby now

  20. Donnamarie

    I adopted my Oliver, my beautiful, wonderful ginger male many years ago when he was only 2 weeks old. I found him in the parking lot of a restaurant near a farm in the winter time in the northeast in the bitter cold. Oliver was the best cat in the world and I loved him so much. He was my best friend and he was so smart and sleek. He knew he was special. These ginger cats really steal our hearts. I’ve had many other kitty cats but my Oliver was the best!

  21. Bonnie

    I have a ginger female (“Tigger” — my then-young daughter insisted!) who is an angel, and a gift to me every day when I come home. We adopted her as a kitten, and she is the most laid-back and affectionate girl you could imagine. At age 10 now, she’s definitely dog-like…I’d say poodle-like, as she’s very clingy.

  22. Sandra Miller

    I have a female Tabby with green eyes, a pink nose, a white kerchief around her neck and white booties on all four feet… her beautiful coloring of course. I got her 10 years ago as a stray someone had abandoned when she was approximately 5 weeks old. She took to me immediately, even sleeping on me every night. My neck, my head, my leg, my arm and still tries to do it now but she’s a bit big for it… lol. My then partner was so jealous as he wanted her to attach to him. HaHa. She loves attention and closeness. She is very intelligent and has learned to lay down when I tell her to,,, every single time. She is a bit sassy though, which I adore. She will mind me but has to sass just a bit first to let me know she has her own mind. She loves to stare at me and lay beside me almost all the time. She has to be really sleepy not to be by my side as she will be awake most of the time when she is. I don’t think she wants to miss a moment with me. She also greets me most days at the door when I get home and comes when I call. She’s a laid-back girl with an easy going nature who loves her lovings. Vocal,,, yes, but not overbearing with it. We chatter back and forth every day. I love my sweet Tabby girl ! She’s a purrfect pet 🙂

  23. Stuart

    I have a female ginger she is a bitch when in season would like to mate her think she would make a great mum she has just tuned two she lives in East Sussex

  24. Frances

    I’m a dog lover but sadly my beautiful dog died in april. Then in September my daughter brought a kitten home. He looked at me meowed, jumped onto my lap….there he has stayed! He grooms me, talks to me, falls asleep on me and oh boy! Does he like to kiss me. He gently bites my earlobes. He gets jealous too. If I’m talking or on my laptop he will sit facing me on my lap and use two gentle paws to pull my face down to him for a lick and purr!
    This cat was sent to fix and fill my lonely heart. He hasn’t caught a mouse yet but so far has filled my kitchen with leaves (its autumn/winter here in uk).
    I am getting him neutered soon. I appropriately named him Jaffa because he is orange and seedless lol.

  25. Joyce

    Ginger…my three month old Ginger furred kitten loveeees seeking attention, like a lot and if u don’t give to him, he runs to u Nd jumps so that u would notice him

  26. Sicili

    My Sam(Samuel L Jackson), is 18 months old. He has a yellow tabby saddle as well as face mask and the rest the softest white fur. He technically is my son’s emotional support animal as my son has Spina bifida and is paralyzed. He is the first yellow tabby we have ever had….and he is wonderful! He falls into every stereotype of yellow tabbies, from the big appetite to the black freckles in his mouth. He is also the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had and we are a cat family, having many rescues and fosters over the years. I love my ginger boy.

  27. Olivia

    My ginger cat is basically the loudest little thing ever. All he ever does is SCREAM for absolutely no reason. He is very laid back, but overall he’s just a fat crackhead. I love him.

  28. Colin

    20 : 80

    that’s some really silly maths.

    You should say 1 in 5 is female, or 1 female to every 4 males.

    Please don’t propagate the myth that cat people are foolish.

  29. Charly

    My almost 3 year old loves the dogs and humans residing in the house but anyone else he will attack when entering our home. Just got 2 baby female gingers for him as friends. Btw he is ginger as well and the most docile I’ve ever seen.

  30. Kimb

    This article certainly describes our ginger Milo. He was abandoned & starving when he found us & we adopted him. He loves his food, brings us mice presents lovingly displayed on the front mat & loves playing hide & seek with our 12 year old daughter. He’s a bit bossy & gets in a huff when he’s not fed on time.

  31. Tiffani

    My ginger boy, Agent Orange, passed away in my arms 3-nights ago. He was about 17-yrs old.-Showed up on our door step in the spring/summer of 2006, and instantly adopted my husband, our enormous gentle giant yellow lab (Oliver), and I, and, our son, from the moment we brought him home as a newborn baby. As well as our early generation Savannah cat, Klepster, who we adopted over a year ago. Orangey got his name as he was very territorial of us when he first adopted our family and home… he would spray the putter Peronist of our yard and beat up any mean strays that would try to come around. But Orangey was the sweetest, gentlest boy. Always wanted to be near and sit on us whenever we weren’t standing. He was talkative, and the moment he was touched he’d start to purr. He has given us insurmountable, truly unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. Our lives will never be the same without him. He slept on my sons
    Pillow every night (He’d tuck himself in and if we weren’t there at “bedtime” he’d come get us and stay awake through story time with our son every night.). He met me at the coffee pot every single morning, and he’d be waiting to greet us at the door every evening upon our return home from work. There is a hole in our heart that can only be filled by Orange. Struggling to accept that he is gone. I try to find peace trusting that he has reunited with his best doggie friend/brother somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

  32. Sicili

    My Ginger Boy Sam, is getting so big, with a huge appetite! I work in a seafood restaurant so he waits up at night for me to come in with shrimp, scallops and crab legs. He’s due for more shots soon so we will see what he weighs. I’m thinking 12-15 pounds now and he isn’t even 2. I love having an orange tabby❤️

  33. Jess

    I just got my first ginger kitten a month ago and this post describes him to a t. As soon as we bought him home he wasn’t afraid of my big German Shepard, it was the other way round! He’s very affectionate though but will start biting at you in a split second! He loves to eat including my dogs food which he’s obsessed with and cries, well more screams, at you when he sees you holding his bowl meaning food time. He has stripes all over him, such a beautiful boy! Our little tiger, we named him Tigger!

  34. Barbara McNeill

    My ginger Catzilla Ratkilla is, I am convinced, autistic. He detests any form of cuddling or patting, has major meltdowns if a strange human enters the house, goes hysterical if a book or shoe is not in its normal place, and uses sign language to indicate his wishes, rather than vocalising. He will eat only one kind of wet food, and before serving it, we have to go through certain rituals before he condescends to touch it. No ritual, he goes on hunger strike. All he wants out of life is food, sleep and nightly rodent-slaughter. I have accepted his eccentricities, ( but, oh, how I wish he’d let me cuddle him!) because on the plus side, he has never been ill, or run away, and has kept the neighbourhood rats under control for the last 12 years.

  35. Rgrg14

    Recently, 2 months ago, we took in 2 out of the 6 kittens that were born in our shed 5 months ago. Mom started to move them the day we were to gather them up to take to a cat haven. 2 BLACK (1 male, 1 female) 2 tuxedo (1 male and 1 female) and
    The 2 ginger boys that we now have as indoor cats.
    “Loki” is a very pale blonde cream w white tuxedo pattern and
    “Titan” is the deep burnt orange almost reddish orange in some areas w the mackerel pattern.
    And TITAN is afraid of nothing. He’s Not afraid of our two German shepherds in fact he bullies them. He gets insanely rambunctious and will “drive by” anyone or anything with a fast run and then a leap at whatever body part he sees on you. He WILL eat anything. And I mean anything to the point where we have to lock the cabinets.

  36. Dave

    My ginger cat is called Garfield, he’s amazing, I’ve taught him to come to me, jump up on the settee next to me, sit down, give me a kiss and…… Wait for it…… Shake hands. I love him so much, he’s my best friend. Is there a way I can post a short video of him?

  37. Lisa

    I saved mine and he died today he got stood on by a horse i am devastated so very heartbroken he finally found a loving home where he wasn’t lonely anymore and he got killed the price of love is so painful sometimes , so very upset cant stop crying he loved sitting on couch with me follow me every where outside , was to trusting with the horses i moved him so many times away from them I wasn’t there to help him this time gutted

  38. Steve

    Hi, my orange and white tabby named Topaz(at the shelter) is Topi to me. She picked me right off, quite bold and assertive that she wanted to go home with me. She’s a sweetie, bright, courageous and bold. Sometimes crazy and runs like such. But she loves to snuggle. She’s friendly to everyone. A wonderful friend, and I am quite lucky she demanded I take her home!!!

  39. Meow

    I am fostering an outdoor ginger tux tabby who bit me, any ideas how to train him not to? He frantically rubs against my legs and then bites if I try to walk away. He is a big guy. Very beautiful, i am so scared he will bite me for real again. I stopped him with a piece of cardboard this time and coins in a can. But the can scares him away completely.

    1. Sam

      Usually, a spritz of water at a cat is a good deterrent. Although some cats like water and this is not effective.
      Some cats are only doing ‘love bites’ and don’t actually do a real bite. It can be alarming if you are not used to it.
      I used to have an orange manx who would nip at our ankles if he wanted something. Usually it was food, sometimes water, going outside, or affection.
      Jackson Galaxy is a cat behavior expert and gives pretty good advice, you should google him, he gives out tips.

  40. Danny

    Just had to have my ginger cat, Ross put to sleep. I’m heart broken. He was the most loveable cat with all the personality traits of a dog. Loved sitting on my lap, half on, half off. Loved a head scratch, chin tickle, a good old brush and even loved a belly rub!! Never known a cat that’s liked that!! He purred so loud and now he’s gone the house feels so empty. So sad right now and 4 days before my wedding. Me and my future wife have been blubbing like crazy. He’ll be making and appearance atop the wedding cake though. He was always gonna be there, but now it’ll be even more special. R.I.P. Ross Boy. Missing you loads munchkin. Xx

  41. Jan

    We have just lost our gorgeous Tango, 27th october, he was 10 years old, he died at home and was buried in our back garden, its still so raw for us, and we aren’t coping well. He was such a cheeky cat, fantastic personality, made us laugh, made us cry.. He was hit hard by a car when he was 1, he lost his tail, broke his jaw and pelvis, he was in a bad way but we took him home and nursed to back to health.. everyday was precious and we managed to have 10 years of him, everyday.

    1. Bonnie Anderson

      I just lost my Bubbs. He was 15 and simply amazing ! So so smart more like a dog than a cat. He walked on a leash and greeted me at the door every night when I came hime from work. He talked to me and I understood everything he said. He understood me too
      Every night at 7:30 he would come and tel me it’s time to go to bed and get his treats, his face rubbed and his massage. I would say ok time to go to bed and rub a face. He would run down the hall and jump onto my bed and get in “his spot”. I spoiled his with the best food and treats
      2 yrs ago Christmas Eve he was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor they said he wouldn’t make it 24 hours
      He lived a happy normal life for another 2 yrs until this thanksgiving when his kidneys failed
      I miss my Bubbs. There will never ever be another cat like him.

  42. Nellie McConnell

    We have 6 month old litter mates, Marigold and Oscar. Marigold is larger and more daring she does everything first. Oscar is the runt in litter. They are so friendly, even to our 3 year old granddaughter. Everyone who meets them loves them. They are just too cute! I wanted a female ginger and the local shelter posted photo of one. She was cute and I wanted her but the little boy stole my heart. My husband said let’s get them both and we did. Our 13 year old granddaughter was with us and wanted to name her MARIGOLD from a comic she reads. i choose Oscar for our little boy.

  43. TonyaBingham

    My niece was about to have her baby and needed to re-home my baby pookie. He is so sweet he will put his paw on my cheek when I’m rubbing him. Him and my pit bull love each other. I wish I could post their video. Pookie loves to sit and wait on me to come out of the bathroom then while I’m walking grab my leg. He is all these things in this article. He is always purring and it’s so loud. I’m so happy I brought him home. ????

  44. Vicki S

    We have two ginger girls, Loki and Tulip. Tulip was a kitten posted for adoption on our neighborhood page. I fell in love. Then we got Loki 6 months later. She is a fluffy long haired baby, whereas Tulip is a sleek deep orange with white legs and one white shoulder. I call her Flashdance sometimes. I love my girls. Their personalities are night and day!!!

  45. Robert Polland

    My orange and white cat ( BENNY BOY ) so called because he reminds me of Benny from top cat … never out of trouble and sometimes comes home smelling of cigarettes and coal ?? He is super friendly with everyone .. loves catching butterflies then letting them go .. he wont budge if a dog walks towards him he would rather face him down or try to be his friend .. hes very brave but hates the rain .

    1. Rhiannon

      We just got a little orange boy with his two long haired dark fur sisters, he has small white socks and a mackerel pattern. He likes his space so we give it to him but when he feels affectionate he’s the cuddliest little kitten in the world. He likes to hide under things to show he doesn’t want to be handled and we always take care to leave him be when he’s like that. I think it really helps him know we want nothing but the best for him. He likes to cuddle with his sister’s and with his humans and will sometimes try to groom us. He has the sweetest personality, but sometimes he just wants space. His name is Oliver after the little cat in the Disney movie Oliver and Company but he mostly goes by Ollie. He gets along well with other cats I think because he has stayed with his sister’s which makes him sociable. Ash and Robin (his sister’s) bully him a little, ganging up against him in play fights and stealing his toys, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He’s very relaxed. He does get scared of heavy stepping but other than that is fearless.

  46. Brittany

    We just adopted a ginger who is 8 weeks old and named him Max. He is a complete lovebug and Jews fornus to hold him! He’s very brave and not afraid of anything, loves to play and explore. Our 2 year old Tortie is a bit hesitant about him so far, but hoping they’ll become good friends!

  47. Gillian Hilton

    I have a ginger/white beautiful 6 year old girl called Amber .She loves company ,and is extremely talkative .She gets into bed next to my husband every night .She adores her recently discovered tummy tickles ,she demands them now .She’s a lovely bubbly girl ,but she lets you know when she wants to be left alone ,by giving you a bit of a bite ..naughty ginger X

  48. Vivian

    We adopted two tabbies who are siblings. They are now seven months old and we have had them for two months. The female is an orange tabby with swirls on her sides and stripes on her legs and tail. So adorable she is shy sometimes and other times very friendly and loves to snuggle with either of us. She is super smart and sometimes is aloof. She plays with her brother a lot and tends to lead him with her unique activities—he copies her. He is more friendly most of the time and tends to get into trouble. The trouble is just kitten-try and he is learning slowly. She learns much faster. They live to clean each other; their short fur is so soft and beautiful. Oh yes, also he is a cream colored tabby, with swirls and stripes.

    They love climbing together the (sturdy outdoor, we keep inside) Christmas tree! They often eat at the same time. They act like twins. We are so blessed to have found them from a fantastic no kill pet rescue.

  49. Kristin Gracy

    On Christmas Eve 2019, a young ginger kitty showed up at our house. He started to run when he saw me but I spoke softly to him and he came over to me, rubbing on me so I picked him up (he was so light), and he HUGGED me and started purring louder than any cat I’ve ever heard. He is our fifth adopted stray so my husband named him FN5. Like all the others, he is neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and defleaed. He gets along so well with our other cats, used the litter box without being shown where it was and rides in the cat carrier to vet without making one peep. My other cats sound like they are being murdered on the car ride to vet. It was nice to travel in peace and quiet. I don’t think there is anything he is afraid of. He was so relaxed at the vets office; he laid down on the scale. He is now my favorite, although I love my other cats too, this one stole my heart. He was a wonderful Christmas gift.

  50. Margaret Kirkland

    I have a ginger cat. He is almodt 12 months old. He is beautiful most of the time, but grabs your feet and bites your leg as you walk by. This is becoming a problem as I am a diabetic. I’ve wondered if this looking for play. If someone can help I’d welco.e your comments.

  51. Margaret Kirkland

    We have a ginger cat and most of the time he is beautiful. But he bites us on the leg and grabs your feet. I’ve wondered if this is wanting to play. I would welcome any comments.
    Thank you.

    1. Ed

      Hi Margaret.
      It does sound like play, my cat does it, he loves pouncing and especially biting my wife’s booty-slippers. The problem is when they start to get too aggressive-play/petting aggression this can escalate into leaping and biting hard.
      One thing to do is use a distraction toy, laser pen or a long handled feather type toy- this will distract the hyper kitty, also have a bag of treats at hand so that you can then calm the situation with some dental bites or treats-not too much as you don’t want to reward the behaviour if it gets out of hand.
      If you can, ignore the cat if it is too aggressive, do not stare at it or move your hands near, turn away and leave alone. Cats get bored quickly so will play with you hard if there is not a lot going on also, this behaviour normally calms down as the cat gets older.
      Another thing to think about is that it maybe your cat letting you know it wants more play/me and mommy time but using toys to tire out instead of your legs.

  52. Ed

    As I write this, Tigs is in my arms snoring but, earlier we had a spat.
    He wanted his fish, that was boiling, he wanted it that instant and because he couldn’t he got cross-tail swish, ears back, slanty eyes and the you could see him thinking how he could be naughty.
    I told he he would have to wait, so he bashed me then hissed, I hissed back and backed down-for a moment, more bashing and another hiss and was picked up-please only do this if you know your cat, Tigs is all noise and knows when he has done wrong-he was then put outside to cool his heels.
    He came back in 10 mins later still had a small fit because his fish was in the fridge cooling, he finally got it and everything was right again in Tig’s world.
    Now I look down down at this snoring bundle of ginger fur curled up and you think how much such a little thing can be so full of cheekiness, naughtiness and yet so adorable…just given him a big kiss.

    1. Ed

      Hi Nicolas, the ratio of Male to Female gingers is around three to one.
      It is to do with the X chromosome and the ginger gene (that makes the colouring) is on the X chromosome , males need just one while females need two X’s so, the ratio of males is higher.

  53. Ed

    We feed a few strays that come by us, one is very friendly to me and likes a stroke and chin rub.

    I came back from a friends house to find her leaving me a present near the backdoor-she had brought me a mouse.

    Not to be outdone our ‘Fat ginger house cat’ brought in a rat and left it downstairs for us.

    Thanks guys, love you too.

  54. Robin

    Ruby T Cat Slayer of Mice is a ginger and white female, around her about she has a white band, so looks like she got caught dipping in the marmalade jar. She picked me at the rescue centre. She was the first cat I saw, she ran up, made such a fuss of me. I went to see the other cars, they all ignored me! I went back and she cane out meowing away and rubbing me up. I went and told the ladies in the office which cat, tea few everywhere, the said I had the wrong cat. I was dragged through and into her pen. She cane running up and sat next to me. The lady was amazed, she was normally such a grumpy cat they thought they’d never rehome her! I brought her home after passing my checks. A few months later I’m at the doctor, “where have you been, normally see you twice a week, what you been doing for…seven months?”, Nothing I tell him, he pushes me, “well, I did get a cat”, he sits back, laughs, “if I’d known it was that easy I’d have prescribed you one!”.

    So, she’s therapy cat, best friend, pet, and treasured and loved, and she’s officially good for me! Plus…while she’s out if the room, she’s daddy’s little spoiled princess too, but don’t let her know that!

    1. Ed

      Lovely story Robin.
      Cats do choose and sometimes they know that their human needs more than just a mouser. My cat knows when I am down, I suffer from depression. Or ill, he comes and has that knowing look in his eye and acts differently.
      I am so pleased you have a companion that is helping you in your needs and that she is also getting the love from a good home and loving Mummy and Daddy.

  55. Victoria Bartlett

    I am on my second Ginger cat right now. My first ginger cat was my amazing survivor Jack. Jack was a rescue that I took into my home after my Dad saw someone throw a bag out of a moving vehicle while driving in the desert. Something told him to go back and find the bag. He did and found an extremely tiny and abused ginger kitty. He brought him right to me and I couldn’t believe how itty bitty he was. He was 3 weeks old with a broken back paw, burnt eyelid, and he was starving. Jack was a fighter though and within a month I had healed his eye and had started to fatten him up through bottle feedings. He was still a hungry boy. He would steal food right off your plate if you weren’t paying attention. I’ll never forget when he was 3 months old I was eating some chicken from KFC when Jack jumped right onto my plate and stole my chicken breast. He grabbed it and ran even though it was almost as big as he was. We tried to get it back from him but he was growling like a wild animal. He won that battle and every time we had chicken my daughter would say guess what, chicken butt, guess why, chicken thigh, want to know the rest, Jack stole Mama’s chicken breast. He was a sweet boy that loved you on his terms. He would cuddle when he wanted to cuddle, but if you picked him up and tried to give him attention you might get a wild beast in your arms. He had the tiniest meow that I’ve ever heard and the loudest purr. The older he got the more attention he wanted. Poor guy was a little too adventurous for his own good. He had been attacked by a dog when he was a year old that required some drains placed on his head and some stitches. It added some character to his gorgeous face. On his 10th birthday he got between a dog and his little brother, and while fighting to protect him Jack had been bitten on his ears. He saved his little brother but ended up with swollen ears. His vet didn’t want to lance his swollen ears because of his age. They ended up healing on their own but he ended up with feline cauliflower ears just like what boxers get. He looked like Dobie with his curled ears and boy did he love having his ears scratched. Sadly we lost Jack on last Christmas Eve. He was 3 months away from turning 12. Three weeks after what would have been Jack’s 12th birthday we found our 2nd ginger Kitty. His name is ConorMcGregor AKA Little Man, and he is my gorgeous, talkative, instant best friend. I’ve had Conor for 2 weeks and he feels like we’ve had him forever. Whenever he leaves my room at night if I close the door he will tap on the door and do this meow that sounds just like he’s calling me Mom until I open the door. He loves me and I instantly fell in love with him the first time I held him. I look forward to years and years loving my precious Conor just like we had with our wonderful ginger cat Jack.

  56. Jiongi

    Mine is awesome he isn’t afraid of anything i bought a dog home he didn’t run away he stared at the dog and when i carried the dog and brought near him he tried to fight the dog he’s so courageous

  57. Wendy Hunter

    My female brown tabby gave birth to 4 ginger kittens on xmas eve 2019 and she had 1 boy and 3 girls!!! ? they are all wonderfull friendly loveing cats – i have dad also hes a ginger tom. I love them all ❤

  58. Tim

    We have a pale ginger cat named Leonardo. He is a character. He has a very loud purr. He was fearless as a kitten. We once caught him stalking a kangaroo! He is clever. We first realised this when he cupped his paw under the tap to drink water. He also opens the sealed container of biscuits with his teeth and then scoops the biscuits out with his paw. If this fails he knocks the whole container on the floor so the lid comes off and he can free range. He’s also quite vocal. I tend to over feed him. One day my wife noticed he had too many biscuits in his dish, which he had temporarily left. She started taking biscuits out and he came out of nowhere meowing in protest. He loves being towelled down if he gets caught in the rain (or in a light shower). His most distinct personality trait is that he is obsessed with my wife. If she goes for a short walk he often follows. Otherwise he waits at the end of our drive until she comes home. He tolerates her carrying him the whole length of our drive. He hops onto the edge of the bath when she’s in there. He sleeps on her chest and loves sleeping on our bed (when she’s in there). He is quite placid but on a very rare occasion can grab hold with his claws. I believe he thinks he is playing. Our previous cat was also the same colour and had a similar personality. When we lost him we just had to get another pale ginger tabby.

  59. Robie

    I I have a cat named Todd he’s very unique strong-minded and determined he believes he is a dog he walked on a leash and when he wants to go for a walk he will go to the door stretches his paw out towards the door knob then sit and wait for you to put his harness on him to go for a walk he’s not afraid of any dog no matter how big when I take him to the pet people are amazed cuz he walks in and looks at big dogs looks at him like what’s up dog he is so confident and he has a personality like no other cat that ever had he was given to me by my daughter after I lost my cat Alby which was a Siamese Lynx Point he was told you was Egyptian Mau he is a very light colored cream Orange mostly White in fact when he wants food he will go to the Pantry door asbestos tile just like for a walk but he will make the sound Mau mau which means food the way I see it I say that word he will automatically go to the vault he actually thinks he can talk also very strange cat if he gets mad at you is the ears go flat he will put his head down and come straight at you and has a tendency to bite my ankles when he’s very mad he’s a very confident cat and he rules the roost I have another Lynx Point cat and I saved his life and Todd didn’t like butter very much Butters easy-going and Todd acts like he don’t like him when butter comes by God will smack him for no reason at all just to let him know that he’s a boss Thunder is in a situation God is the first one there Tubac Inn in any situation you mess with butter you get Todd and Todd does not play in fact of a dog comes over which my sister seems to bring toddler smacking every time he goes by her pitbull or her Chihuahua doesn’t matter which like I said he thinks he’s a dog and is not afraid of any dog that’s kind of scares me I’ve never had a cat like him he will come up when I’m laying down satisfy I’ll put it on my face I then have to cuddle my arm so he can lay down he will put his foot in the air for me to hold then I have to take my other hand and cover his face so he can go to sleep he’s a character if I don’t do that he will gently by my hand and make me put my hand up her seats key Pizza Time when you can love him and let you know if he does not want to be cuddled it’s on his terms always he tells you everything he wants but he’s very soft-spoken he’s not loud he does the most extreme of heights anywhere high in the house that’s his spot sometimes he likes to get out on me and he makes me go through hell he gives me calling him and won’t come out for me and watches me eat so much fun in panic mode I fear of losing you he is my best friend but if I have someone else call for him he’ll come out like haha you can find me like I said is very different he lets me know he is my best friend and thinks he owns me which he does he has my heart if I walk to the mailbox yes to either go on his leash like a dog or he’ll write on my shoulder same goes for the cars he does a car does laying in the back window for writing on my shoulder he has a certain spot in a chair if someone comes over and sits in that chair he will let them know that he wants them to get out if they don’t they will be smacked up on the head like you better get out of my chair he doesn’t scratch or hurt usually it’s no claws just a big thud with his pads of his paw he does talk and in a way you can actually understand him strange As It Seems he doesn’t all the time so much you do know what he saying when I go to the store he has to have the bags I come home and take things out of the bag I put the bag on the ground holding it and he will run into it and expects me to pick him up and swing him around sometimes he does break the bag and flies out but he comes right back for more he is the most strangest cat I’ve ever had I love him to death he loves to take showers if I get in the shower he would jump on the edge he don’t get direct me to water but he does get soaking wet I never had a cat that loved water like him every time I come home he expect something from me and of course always having something is favored is a plastic mouse that has a little ball in it he was tearing apart by the end of the night they’re done his other little thing is he’s fixing to have roast beef and only roast beef when he wants it it would go to the refrigerator and demands me to open the door giving some it’s his little tree he’s very photogenic and does so many crazy things like I said I’ve never had a cat like him he does so much I could go on and on about him Saturday my sister took him from me and I’ve not been able to see him for the last 8 months which kills me I talked to him on the phone a little bit and he meows back at me tell me to come and get him with this week I am going to get him at all cost my sister realizes she was wrong for stealing him and that I want him no matter what I will bring him home Todd and butter are in separable and as for me I cannot live without him I think you feel the same way I wish I could tell you all how he is he is so different from any I’ve had or ever seen it’s hard to explain him it would be easier to play video of him doing some of the stuff he does he is so confident and so sure he’s the boss he is a big dog in the house wherever he is let everyone know he is the man everyday there’s something new with him I have snakes he’s not afraid of them one had gotten out and I could not find it Todd being tied started acting funny Caleb it was really for assistant that I following He showed me where my snake was and of course the snake was really pissed off at. Todd AKA Ta Ta I could go on about him for days there’s so much to tell about him I do got to say it sounds like a lot of you have great cats and if he is a ginger I can see why you all love your Ginger cat cuz Todd is my best friend and I love you so much unconditional love every time I come in he’s happy as hell to see me and that means a lot to me he is my first ginger cat and I can see why you all love your ginger cats so much God bless you all and take care of your buddies they are very special PS I never write blogs or post but so many of you have hit my heart with what you said about your cat’s I just had to tell you about my buddy Todd I wish I could post a video or a picture to show you this unique little dude they are truly one of the most special cats out there you’ve never had a ginger cat I would suggest you go and get one you will have buddy unconditional love throughout their life there is something special about them like no other take care of your cats God bless you all

    1. Robie

      I talked into my phone 2 leave this comment and it obviously messed up a lot of words but I hope you get the general idea how I feel about Todd I would have wrote it out but I was in a hurry to go to work so many of you had my heart I had to leave a comment

  60. Nancy Jean Gilles

    My house and RV just became the “furever” home to the sweetest and gentle three yr old rescue ginger girl that we named Maisie. She is a light ginger color with classic tabby markings, and white chin, chest, belly, and stockings. She doesn’t scratch or bite and thus far, is amicable to our 3 yr old lab/kelpie mix who wants to be her new best friend. If approached slowly, she doesn’t hiss, but if Effie gets a little too rambunctious, she will swipe and hiss without making contact. Fifty years ago I had a bright colored ginger boy named Skeezix (best boat cat ever) with no white that lived aboard our sailboat with my dad for 10 years and his brother named Boots who was a bright ginger with white like my Maisie who lived with me at my mom’s house for 12 yrs. Both boys were lovers and very adventurous. They liked to play rough. My last ginger kitty named Gracie was colored like Maisie and a very sweet and gentle little girl with a love of exploration. She loved dogs and unfortunately got out after we had her a couple of years and decided to cozy up to a coyote without fear. I’ve lost kitties to hit and run and old age, but never coyotes. Each loss is heartbreaking! I’ve had many kitty cats during my 60 years and my ginger girls were and are the most gentle and sweetest of all the tabbies, siamese, tuxedo, calico, pure white, and black kitties who owned me. They were all loveable, but when the others didn’t like something, they would scratch and or bite. Gracie and Maisie were not and are not biters or scratchers. All my other cats loved being outdoors, Maisie doesn’t care to step outside, so she makes a wonderful travel companion when we travel in our RV. She made her maiden voyage a week ago with 4 hours of travel to and from campground and a week and a half in camp.

  61. Barb

    I got my ginger, Bubba, when he was 6 weeks old. He had HUGE feet! He is a big cat (27 lbs and can reach higher than my hip when he asks to be carried), and sweet and friendly. My 6 lb calico smacks him in the face from time to time just to let him know who’s boss. He just looks at her like, “whatever”. Big beefy and mellow. Gingers are the greatest cats ever

  62. Chrizelda

    Our ginger and white cat (Tiger) is huge at 6 months at 34cm height and weighing 5.5kg… highly intelligent and has no fear, very friendly and when we talk to him, he replies back his language… he wakes us up to go out at night. Is his size normal… looks like a tiger pup.

  63. Satjit S Sethi

    I am from India and my son bought home an abandoned ginger stray who had caught an infection, and was meowing in pain. My wife drove them to a pet charity who kept her there, for 4 days. When she was better, we got her home and named her ‘Truffle’. She was all bones and quite fragile. She was fine for a couple of days, and then got diarrhea. The vet advised us against deworming, in that condition and told us that the risk of infection is much higher, with strays. Subsequently, she had epileptic seizures and peacefully breathed her last, on 20-Aug-2020.
    We miss you a lot, Truffle and know that you are in a much better place :'(

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hello Sajit, it sounds like you and your family had a special experience with this little stray and certainly did your best to help her. I hope that you cherish the good memories of Truffle, even though she was so sick. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      1. Michael Olson

        We had a wonderful Ginger Tom named “Bear” and we lost him to cancer at the age of 12. He thought he was human. When we took him to the Vet on a leash he would walk in as if he owned the place, wanted to inspect everything. He was outgoing and friendly to everyone. Our daughter has a new kitten but not a Ginger. We will keep looking until we find the perfect replacement.

  64. gamercatgirl

    i have a cat named Ernie and he’s a ginger cat. my parents found him on their front door. the poor cat. and also ernie’s 15. and also my cat eats people food and i have him in minecraft too he likes my bed. :3

  65. Peti

    I have a 15 month old ginger cat who is very sweet and friendly but can be very picky when it comes to food! Also she does not like her nails being cut or having a shower. Quite a character though and loves to play and fun to have around but very much has a mind of her own.

  66. Maddi

    I have an 11 year old ginger female named Sandy. She is an awesome cat but not a lap cat or smooch cat. She likes to do what she wants when she wants and don’t dare tell her otherwise. I wish I could upload a photo on here because she is a very dark bright ginger like nothing we’ve seen before.

  67. Asuna UwU

    Sounds like my ginger kitten named Asuna she is 11 months and she literly is a cuddle monster at bedtime, sometimes I have to remind her not to scratch the furniture but I would do anything for her, and nothing can replace her nothing.

  68. waleter

    My cat ginger kitten is literally named ginger and he usually hides behind my laptop then tries to catch my fingers whenever i type, then hide again

  69. Dafydd

    I have lived in a cottage in the country for about 4 years and during this time, sometimes saw a very fluffy ginger cat but he kept his distance and usually ran away from me so I assumed he was either feral or a stray. That was until about 3 months ago.
    I found he was sleeping in a pile of leaves in an area by my outhouse, so I left him some food one day which overnight he ate. The story is that over time he cautiously accepted (adopted) me, even by bringing me “presents” now and then. He was very underweight and skinny, full of fleas and generally miserable looking, but I have de-flea’d, fed and wormed him. He looks great now, sits with me in my office all day as I’m working from home, naturally wants so much attention which of course he gets as I get the impression he has never had attention before. He is great company as I live alone but I let him out at about 6 in the evening and let him back in at 0800, he meows to let me know he want to go out – ideal. I call him Bob

  70. Royce

    Last month a ginger cat came home it was lost. So i gave food everyday. Now the cat is fixed in our home. Likes to sleep on chair. If it see one dog in compound, cat will chase tge dog. We can play few min with it. But then it will start to bite or scratch. It doesn’t do anything to female cat coming in our compound. But will not leave male cat. It likes to sleep on my legs. Wen i sit on chair. We dont leave cats to come in house. But ginger cat come in by meow. Other cat come in hiding. Our cat protects us from dogs, snakes. BUT it doesn’t like other people coming our home.

  71. John Paul Powell

    I was never much of a cat person even though our family had two cats. The mother and her baby. The Mom was 16 and the baby was 15 and passed away. The Mom was so lonely we went to the shelter and found another 16 year old cat that had been abandoned. This little guy was a ginger cat called Buster. He made himself at home the first day and got along with our old cat right away. Within days they would lay together. He become my bedtime buddy within the first week. As soon as the lights go out he is up by my head and snuggles around it. He coos and purrs and you can tell he is soooo happy. He is now 20 and still going strong. He’s got a little fat from all the love and we call him Big B now. Never thought I would love a cat so much.

  72. zenks

    I have two ginger babies , a girl and a boy , the boy is the girls child , when they were both kittens they were very playful and affectionate , they lived eachothers company.However after we got the boy (theo) neutered , his mother didn’t want anything to do with him , she hisses and growls everytime he’s in the same room as her , her personality has also changed as a cat. It’s been more than a year now and she’s still the same , we’ve tried everything to get them to be friends again but nothing works! I was wondering if anyone has any theories or answers to this , maya is 2 and a half years old and theo is 1 and a half so she had him when she was 1 , she only birthed one kitten which is very rare and she has also been spayed.

  73. sarfraz khan

    I have a 2 and a half years old ginger cat who doesn’t even scratch us and is too brave. Goes outside every night to fight other cats and comes wounded most of the times. He is very calm in the home though.

  74. David birge

    My orange tabby is and always been obnoxious
    He seems to be afraid of all other carts bigger or smaller. The only thing me seems to hunt are geckos
    When my wife comes into the room he will circle around her and often stop and sit up on his haunches trying to
    Touch her with his claws
    When I am sitting in a chair reading he will circle and stop occasionally to paw at me with claws out. Everytime I sit on the sofa he will jump next to me so close that when I move my arm I will hit his nose while he sits there staring at me
    When I push him away he looks at me he pouts then goes away and comes back a few minutes later to start over the same procedure.
    He is independent and very affectionate but is driving me crazy. He always be around me
    Is there any way to get him to stop these activities when they are not wanted?

  75. Julie

    I’m fostering a 3-yr old male ginger tabby that plays and acts like a dog. A little rough so I’m trying to teach him not to bite or scratch.

    When he’s tired of playing he will curl up and sleep next to me. I’m feeding him exactly what the animal center told me to feed him and he always acts hungry so I let them know and they are running some tests on him. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this behavior. He’s not fat but if I let him eat all the time he would be for sure.

    Right now he’s attacking chair legs and leaping around with a toy mouse. Once he saw a bird on TV and he jumped and did a face plant on the screen and slid down the wall. He has also pulled my curtains down. I’ve had to hide all my personal effects in a cabinet to keep the peace.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Julie, it sounds like your cat has a lot of energy and needs good outlets for that desire to play. Make sure that you have plenty of scratchers, appropriate climbing areas, and toys ready for him to use.

  76. Kathi Sheridan

    I have 2 Ginger boys. Milo will be 12 y/o and Taz the Spaz will be 9 y/o. Taz weighs 22 lbs and will only eat dry cat food and refuses to even look at wet food. They are constantly together and will not sleep unless they are touching each other. Taz fetches tennis balls like a dog and Milo is EXTREMELY needy and wakes me up for attention at all hours of the night. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They have my heart and soul!!

  77. Gam3r

    My ginger cat has a cute meow but the loudest purr ever (still cute)
    and he is a polydactyl cat (thumb cat) so we named him thumbs

  78. Laice Clark

    I have a ginger cat named Garfield he’s definitely a mummy’s boy lol he’s very playful but a snuggle pot too. But I could really use some advice.. hubby and I believe he has been mistreated by our old housemates daughters because he has become very skittish and hides every time he hears or sees kids. But another problem we have with him is he’s toilet trained but he’s literally going everywhere including on our bed! PLEASE help we’ve tried everything and nothing is working it’s been happening since the end of 2020 and we’ve had him since he was 7 weeks old

  79. Kimberley Wisdom

    My ginger guy, Jasper, will turn 19 years old next October 2021. We got him from the pound when he was about seven weeks old. When we brought him into the house inside his “shelter” carrier, he popped his head out of the box and proceeded to greet our four large dogs, no hissing, no hiding, just curiosity about what these things were. He couldn’t be kept in the house. He jumped down from an open 10 foot high window when he was about 10 weeks old. He jumped into shrubbery so he wasn’t hurt. My dad saw him outside once and it briefly looked like Jasper had a mustache, but it was a small snake. Definite hunter, lover of people, dogs, cats, inquisitive, and brave. He’s never seemed to be afraid of anything. Love this baby dearly and hope he lives another long time.

  80. Robert

    My ginger cat named Simba is one very independent and bold cat that loves getting into mischief there’s an interesting trait that tends to be overlooked is their intelligence

    Yes gingers are easy going and good natured of which simba is but can learn how to open doors and cupboards fairly easy if they observe their human long enough doing it

    Simba has learnt to open up the front door to let his siblings out and also raids the cupboard to knock down dry food as well

  81. Subhomita Banerjee

    Our Ginger cat, named Ginger exactly matches all described in above post. We lost him as he fell from our high rise while chasing birds who flew up in height.
    He was extremely social, always used to entertain our guests. Used to play football with small objects or balls. He was very brave and very adventurous. Very curious to know his complete surroundings. If you take him to s new house, his first assignment is to understand the new surroundings fully and only then he would recall that he is hungry and need to eat. He was very playfull and changed the full vibes of our house. There was so much to learn from him – always enjoy the present time and no worrying about anything else. Enjoy and take ample rest – these were 2 things I used to take inspiration from him.
    He will always stay in our heart forever.

  82. Lizzy

    My baby name is pretty and a male, we thought he was a female, normally I don’t like cats but when my dad brought him I fell in love, he love to go out at night once it 12 or 1,but Lately he is sleeping alot, he will be 3 come September,, he love to be pet and he hate it when you hold him, I wish I could post his picture cos he is so cute, can’t trade him for anything

  83. Kristine

    I had a ginger cat named Jake who lived to be 18. He was the best. I called him my puppy cat. He’d sleep behind my head with his chin on my forehead. I l9 ed him so much. 12 years later I adopted a 6 yr old ginger & white boy & called him Zevon. He loves all people & hates all animals. He is a big floofy beautiful guy who loves to go outside in his harness. He loves prey play. He has diabetes which was discovered 2 months ago. I am happy I have him so I can be sure he gets the treatment he deserves.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hey Kristine, thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like Jake was wonderful and sweet. Zevon also sounds like a delight to be around. If you’d like more information on treating diabetes in cats, you might appreciate this article.

  84. Bill

    I have a young orange male tabby named Sunny I adopted at two months . He’s now almost 5 months.
    I can relate to some of the characteristics on some of these comments. He’s a lover and then a beast. Dual personalities. Love him so much.. I can only imagine what he’s going to be like in adulthood. He will strut around like a tough guy and then be the sweetest boy ever. Funny cat. Member of the family now- many memories to come.

  85. Christine

    I have a ginger cat and a tortoiseshell as well. My ginger boy is very demeanor, calm, affectionate and not agressive than my tortoiseshell. It’s true what the internet says. Torties are more likely to be agressive but my ginger? He never bite and scratch. I was worried at first because biting and scratching if you annoyed them is a cat nature but then it’s just his personality. He loves chin scratching and purrs really loud when you do so. If you try to annoy him, he won’t fight you but instead he will just walk away to have a moment alone. If he sees me eating something, he’ll sit down and look at me. He don’t meow loudly but just stare haha. Also when you bring him to his bed he will sleep right away. Very obedient and behave. During feeding time, our other cats are greedy with food lol. They sometimes fight to get each other’s food while my ginger boy never fights back. He’ll just give it to them and sit somewhere, waiting for me to give him a new one so he can eat it peacefully alone. It’s not good for him to eat with many as he will just end up giving his food to others

  86. mike atkinson

    My cat Teddy is the most laid back friendly cat I have had. He follows my wife everywhere, and loves human company. He has a very loud purr, and has only become vocal in his older years. He is 16 or 17 now. We got him from the SPCA.
    He has always been pretty well behaved and does not steel from your plate, but is more interested in sitting on your lap.
    Does not like being left at home alone for any long periods. Sleeps on top of my wife mostly Luckily he is not a big cat.
    Ginger tabby with black freckles on his nose.
    We are so luck he chose us.

  87. Lindy

    I adopted two cats brother and sister Bumble is a ginger Tabby, I have to say he has changed my life, I now work from home and was very lonely during the day. He follows me everywhere, he talks a lot , follows me religiously to the toilet and walks downstairs with me one step at a time. Him and is sister Bea who is jet black are constantly together they are so lovely and bring lots of happiness to me and my family my Grandaughter is totally in love with Bumble I send her daily blogs telling her about his day and they often FaceTime each other which is cute. Never thought cats could bring so much joy.

  88. Glenn

    I had a ginger male cat until recently.
    He passed away at 22. When I say ginger,
    I mean bright pure ginger . People referred to him simply as the Orange Cat. Got him from the SPCA as a tiny furry orange speck. After making many visits, and seeing many kittens, he was the only one in the cages of many that instantly raced up to me when I entered and put his little paws up onto my leg like a dog would do. He stared up at me with his bright blue eyes as if to say, “I am yours, take me with you.” So that was that.

    He was extremely friendly. All the neighbors were acquainted with him in some manner. He would try to befriend any other cats as well. He was everybody’s buddy.
    One thing he would do, is wait religiously every day at the top of my driveway for me to come home. When I was outside doing the gardening, or working on the car or house, he would keep a slight distance, and keep watch over me for hours. Even the neighbors couldn’t help notice this, and remarked about his devotion.
    Miss the little orange guy.

  89. Viv

    I have a 6 year old female ginger cat named Papaya. I adopted her from an animal shelter at 6 months old. She is the most friendly, sweet, and affectionate pet I’ve ever had. She’s an indoor cat and we are inseparable when I’m at home. Wherever I am she’s always near and she loves to snuggle. And when company comes by she’s very sociable with everyone and wants everyone to pet her. Everybody loves her. Sometimes I think they come to visit her more than me. In all the time she’s been with me she has never been aggressive, never scratches people, and never bites. Papaya is an absolute joy and the best little companion you could ever imagine.

  90. Lucy and Bill Smathers

    We have 2 ginger kitties, a brother and sister, 1 year old, Opie and Annie. We adopted them from a rescue group they are a very bonded pair. Both are extremely friendly, lovablle with great personalities and dispositions. They love people, when someone comes to visit, they get excited and greet them at the door and sniff the person all over, sniff their hair, their face and eyelashes. They are big talkers, wild and crazy with tons of energy, they love to climb and jump, and boy they can catch some big air when they jump. The boy Opie runs all over the house talking the whole time trying to wake us up in the morning. Annie greets us at the door talking real loud when when we come home. They are a ton of fun, we love our Ginger kitties, they are both pretty special!

  91. Marie

    We have a ginger and white tom cat who has just turned 24 years old. He is the most affectionate cat ever, very loyal and has the patients of a saint and endures so much being picked up by our young grandson who in turn follows him everywhere. During is long lifespan Mr tigs as we now call him out of respect for his age real name tiger he has been up a chimney, had a turn in the tumble dryer and even bought home a rather big yukkkk grass snake still alive and continued to slither around the kitchen while i stood on a chair and tiger in hot pursuit. He is now deaf and a bit senile but everyone in the village knows our Mr Tigs and he loves people very much. He has stopped now as he is an indoor cat at his age but he always use to wait at the end of the drive until we came home and then follow the car where he would wait until we got out and greet us. Mr tigs is a very long and tall cat and makes our 4 year old tabby look like a little kitten. Long may Mr Tigs reign .

  92. Michele

    My Ginger guy is Maximus, aka Big Red. He’s maximum pussycat. He found me 3 years ago walking in my neighborhood. Just strolled up to me and gave me a major dissertation as to why I should take him home. My friend was highly offended as he paid no attention her. I check him for a collar. None. I intended on posting him around the neighborhood, but later found out that he was a declawed throwaway. We checked for a chip. No responses. He is now 13-14. I LOVE HIM. He’s super intelligent, purrs like a motor boat, cuddles, knows exactly what to do do to get is irresistible way. He meets me at the door. So incredibly cool. What’s one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. MY MAXI TREASURE!!!

  93. KayCee Bee

    We have 2, a flame point male(Siamese mix), whose older sister is calico……he had a twin brother, they came from same sac at birth…..and we have a petite little tiny female, who will attack anyone trying to shake my 15 year old son awake, she’s bit his father twice for trying to wake him, he’s her favorite human.

  94. Skye

    Male cats cannot be Calico/Tortoiseshell unless they are either a chimera OR have an extra X chromosome, making them XXY instead of XY. Male Kittens that inherit the ‘o’ gene default to the other genes. If they are ‘A_’ they will be tabby based, if they are ‘aa’ they will be black based, not any form of ginger or tortoiseshell. Female cats MUST BE ‘OO’ to be ginger. If they are ‘Oo’ then they WILL be Tortoiseshell/Calico due to random X chromosome inactivation in individual cells. If they are ‘oo’ then they will be black/tabby based.

    Basically, the mother has to be Tort/Ginger, and the father has to be Ginger in order to produce female Ginger kittens, whereas only the mother has to be Ginger/Tort to produce male Ginger kittens.

  95. RR

    Thank you for this article, I sadly lost my female ginger cat who was 18 1/2 in November. Thank you for explaining the genes behind the ginger coat. When I got my cat at the pet shop the other kittens had very different colouring and there was only one other ginger. I always assumed my cat had only one sibling (the other ginger). I now know that the other cats were Calico’s and my cats siblings! It gives me great comfort to know that my cat has such a large family and is likely reunited with them in the afterlife.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Aww, I’m really glad that this information helped you to learn more about your cat and the possibilities of her family. Thank you for sharing, and I wish you peace.

  96. Nemo Bob

    A few months ago, a male ginger slipped into my apartment without my knowledge. I just went to the bathroom, and there he was, taking a drink from the toilet. I am totally unsure about his age, but, definately adult. He adopted me, and refused to leave. He has a wild sound to his voice, like, maybe he’s a wild cat or something. Took some time to gain his trust. But, in reality, it’s because I fed him and he didn’t want to be outside in the cold. He argued with me, literally, and seemed to try to intimidate me. I would just say, “I am not going to argue.” and “I am not afraid of you, give it up.” He seemed to understand me when I would tell him to just shut up and go to bed. Now, he’s the most loving cat one could have. He still does, though, bug me for attention, and when I pay attention to him, he tends to want to bite. But, never hurts, like he was doing at first. I’ve called him Grouch. Very good cat though.

  97. Ursula

    I have a 2 year old Ginger female, Kay Kay she is amazing and rules our household – she is loved by all but can be fiesty and has given all of us a war wound or 2. We recently rescured a 6 mth old ginger male .
    I have separated the 2 with gates so they can see each other but not come into contact. Kay Kay has puffed up and hissed at him but she seems to be less bothered by having him on the other side.
    Are there any tips of tricks to make this transition a peaceful one where both know they are loved?

  98. mare

    Fern is our beautiful ginger female cat. She is a cuddler with one person only, and is afraid of strangers. She was near death and rescued by my granddaughter at about 8 weeks old and is now 2. She is the master of our domain!

  99. Virginia ellis

    Hi I have a male ginger cat he’s my baby he came to me 7 yrs ago eyes was still shut now he’s a little chunky but other than that in good health …I tell you he’s my world his name is theos but I call him little man…thank you for the article about ginger cats it’s amazing as he is to me

  100. Ellen allias

    We have had 4 males and one female ginger cat. They have all been great. Every one. A sad note it that we had one of the males die at about 6 years old due to his heart. We rushed him to the Vet when we found him, no able to use his hind legs. It was his heart and we had to put him down. The vet tech who assisted said that she had to put down her male orange tabby just the week before for the same thing and that male ginger cats have been known to have problems. We currently have a 15 year old female who is super great, and a 2 year old male Our one male loved going anywhere with us and would lay out across the table at the vet’s office. So I would say they are great cats to have.